Just the facts: A list of what Gov. Scott Walker has done to Wisconsin (so far)

To add to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s many flaws which some people may or may not be aware of, I prepared a list of few significant facts since the recall election is tomorrow.

Fact: Regardless of how voters want to view his job numbers, for months the Bureau of Labor and Statistics prove that under his Governance, employment ranks the lowest in the country. The lowest. Walker released numbers which cannot be verified until the 28th. Under Walker, even if the Governor’s numbers are correct, it actually falls short of employment growth during the last year of Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle’s administration and not even a modicum of the numbers he promised: 250,000 jobs during his first term.


The state lost 23,900 jobs from March 2011 to March 2012.

The majority – 17,800 – were government jobs. But Wisconsin also lost more private-sector jobs – 6,100 – than any other state over those same 12 months, the government data shows.

Fact: While most States are recovering and jobs are on an uptick, Wisconsin is losing them under Walker’s leadership.


Wisconsin lost nearly 6,000 jobs in April according to preliminary monthly data state labor officials released Thursday, putting Republican Gov. Scott Walker on the defensive as he faces a June 5 recall election.

The new data comes a day after Walker touted separate figures that showed the state added more than 23,000 jobs last year, contradicting other reports that showed a loss of nearly 34,000 jobs in 2011.


Walker’s policies are not working.

  • April 3, 2012 Medicard Systems, Inc announced 2 workers will lose their jobs with more expected.
  • April 3, 2012 General Converter & Assemblers, Inc. announced 58 workers will lose their jobs.
  • April 4, 2012 Talgo, Inc announced 35 workers will lose their jobs
  • April 4, 2012 Joerns Healthcare Inc announced 146 workers will lose their jobs.
  • April 9, 2012 Compass Group USA, d/b/a Chartwells Operations at UW-La Crosse 270 workers will lose their jobs.
  • April 11, 2012 Care Wisconsin First, Inc. announced 10 people will lose their jobs
  • April 12, 2012 ATK – Accessories, Eagle Industries announced 130 people will lose their jobs.
  • April 16, 2012 Richardson Industries, Inc. announced 7 people will lose their jobs.
  • April 18th Lakeside Foods a Fruit & Vegetable Canning company announced 19 people will lose their jobs.
  • April 20, 2012 Sells Printing Company LLC announced 67 people will lose their jobs.
  • May 1, 2012 Mondi Akrosil, LLC announced 33 people will lose their jobs.
  • May 1, 2012 Frontier AirlinesFrontier Airlines, a/k/a/ Republic Airways Holding Inc, announced 129 people will lose their jobs.
  • May 4, 2012 Ace Distribution Services, Inc announced 11 people will lose their jobs.
  • May 4, 2012 Care Wisconsin First, Inc. announced 11 people will lose their jobs.

 Fact: Poverty and unemployment is increasing in Wisconsin, while income levels are dropping, according to recently released New American Community Survey data.

Fact: Walker claims property taxes went down.

In preliminary estimates during the budget process, the Fiscal Bureau projected the median residential bill would go up. But Walker’s administration — using actual figures reported by schools and municipal governments — announced in April 2012 that the bill for a median-priced home in 2011 saw a 0.4 percent drop.

To be sure, that doesn’t mean every homeowner’s bill went down, just that a median-valued home would see a small drop. The approach is simply a way of roughly measuring year-to-year changes.

While Walker’s claim appears on target, the overall amount of property taxes collected in the state will likely go up a bit, not down.

(my bold)

Fact: Walker said, “We gave every public employee in the state the freedom to choose whether or not they want to be in a union.”

That’s false.

Fact: Allegations in the John Doe investigation range from embezzlement to doing campaign work with taxpayer money. Six of Walker’s aides are entangled in these allegations. One of Walker’s aides, Tim Russel will face a hearing today. The former aide is accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from a county fund which was meant for military veterans. Russell worked for Walker in the Milwaukee County executive’s office.

Fact: Walker continues to deny being a target in the John Doe investigation, In March, Walker opened a criminal defense fund, becoming the first ever governor in the United States to do so. According to Wisconsin Statutes, Walker can only legally open a criminal defense fund if he “is being investigated for or charged with a violation of campaign finance laws or prohibited election practices.” However, Walker continues to say that he is not under investigation by the FBI in their John Doe probe (Walkergate) that has resulted in two convictions and four apprehensions on felony charges, all connected to Walker. So, Walker is either lying or he’s breaking the law.

Fact: During the debate with Tom Barrett, Walker stated that he did not rememberthe ‘divide and conquer’ conversation with his billionaire benefactress. That leaves to question, how many billionaire donors does Walker meet asking the Governor to make Wisconsin a Red State?

Fact: Last year, Walker tried to convince the public that money would be saved by stripping collective bargaining rights from public workers. A month later, Walker admitted under oath to Congress that “it doesn’t save any.”

Fact: Scott Walker repealed the Equal Pay enforcement law.

Fact: Walker’s budget cuts billions From public education.

Fact: Walker promised not to cut aid to public schools, but he did.

Fact: Wages are declining in Wisconsin. High-wage industries hire, but wages are falling.

And final Fact: If you vote for Governor Walker to remain in office, Wisconsin deserves unemployment and poverty levels in that State.

What fuck has Walker done to Wisconsin?

There is a lot more, if you’d like the links, I’d be happy to prepare more of them. Googling works too. 

Graph: JSOnline

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=654898513 Matthew Zimmerman

    scott walker is only good at killing a state, not only will he be recalled, he will be arrested in the john doe case that has been going on too long already. I can’t wait to see him go down for good!

  • Guest

    “April 9, 2012 Compass Group USA, d/b/a Chartwells Operations at UW-La Crosse 270 workers will lose their jobs.”

    Those losses are due to a student-backed contract change in dining operations. Just FYI.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ppdcaca Paul Meixner

    Boss Walker has been the worst thing to happen to Wisconsin workers. He is a criminal who should be re-called before criminal charges are levied against him.

    • FreakOutNation

      And yet, Republicans will still vote for him. Huh.

      • Tinytiu

        Just like your Obama huh? Your facts are wrong sir. You should Google more… HA!

        • http://freakoutnation.com/ Anomaly

          I’m not a sir.

      • Tinytiu

        Just like your Obama huh? Your facts are wrong sir. You should Google more… HA!

  • Guest

    Fact: Walker said, “We gave every public employee in the state the freedom to choose whether or not they want to be in a union.”

    That’s false.

    Allow me to combat your claim the same way you combated Walker’s; it’s false. If you want to look legitimate, don’t just say something is false, instead say why it is false and use sources. This entire list is lacking of any credibility due to the lack of actual evidence. It’s not that any of it is incorrect, it just will not convince anyone who is not already strictly against Walker already. I would say this is nothing more than baseless propaganda in its current state.

    • FreakOutNation

      Every statement is meticulously linked. Follow the links.

      • https://profiles.google.com/104174638367515583175 MikeP345678

        The heading for that particular fact doesn’t seem to be a link– it is bold and orange, but doesn’t highlight like the other headings…

        I don’t disagree with your conclusion, but would like to know the facts behind it too!

  • Convertbuff

    I would like to see on paper how Walker erased a 3 Billion dollar debt, so he says, but when elected he claimed Wi was broke. Where did all this money come from during his short time in office? Does anyone know the answer to my question?

  • http://makecash10.com/ Anonymous

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  • Tinytiu

    In 2012, the state employment numbers have shown a positive trend, with slight increases each month. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is 6.7 percent, lower than the national average of 8.2 percent, and a percentage point below from when Walker took office in January 2011.