Official Behind Gov. Rick Scott’s Voter Purge Linked To Koch brothers campaign to defeat Obama

We’ve all heard right wing talking points that illegal immigrants, aliens from Mars and dead people are voting, hence, the voter purge must go on. Yay for democracy! Not so fast….

As reported on the Associated Press, the plan to purge voters began last year by then Secretary of State Kurt Browning, after meeting with Governor Rick Scott.

Republic Report notes:

Browning said he was motivated by a “Spidey sense tingling” to undergo a massive project to develop the list now being used to send letters to registered Florida voters informing them that they have been flagged as non-citizens. Although both Gov. Scott and Browning have downplayed accusations that the purge is political, a donation from a secret money group may fuel growing suspicions that the effort is partisan.

Just before Browning was selected in 2011 by Scott as Secretary of State, Browning led a group called “Protect Your Vote Inc,” which was set up to oppose fair redistricting. One of the biggest checks to Browning’s organization came from the Center to Protect Patients’ Rights, which gave $100,000 in 2010. At the time of the donation, the source of the money was shrouded in secrecy. View a screen shot of the disclosure:











And this all ties into the Koch brothers.

But as Republic Report exclusively reported last month, the Center to Protect Patients’ Rights is part of a universe of front groups financed by David and Charles Koch, the petrochemical billionaires, as well as several other billionaires, as part of an election-influencing effort. New reports this week about the brothers’ strategy indicate that they will now use this constellation of front groups to finance $400 million of a $1 billion campaign in outside money to defeat President Obama and congressional Democrats. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Mitt Romney’s Super PAC, and several nonprofits controlled by Karl Rove, will furnish the other $600 million.

This is the kicker:

The Florida Independent and the Brennan Center note that Browning orchestrated a controversial voter purge only weeks before the general election in 2008.

To even feign that undocumented workers and the deceased are voting in unrealistic numbers — a disproven assertion — while undergoing a costly purge, negating citizens of this country their right to vote, is beyond despicable. Republicans are cheering on the process of disenfranchising the Black community and Hispanics. There is nothing ‘patriotic’ in what they are doing. My ‘spidey senses’ are tingling at an alarming rate.

Big thanks to Republic Report.

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