Slowly they turn, one by one: Tim Russell’s camp leaked the damaging info on Gov Scott Walker

Tim Russell’s hearing was today; he’s one of six people so far entangled in the ongoing John Doe investigation, in which recent reports have stated that Governor Walker himself is a target. Russell is accused of stealing over $20,000 from a fund established by Walker to support Operation Freedom, where funds were supposed to be directed to veterans and their families (and not in his pocket).

Some very interesting things came to light during the hearing, even though Judge Hasher set the date for the trial in September until publicity surrounding the John Doe investigation settles, thus affording him a fair trial. The Judge held a conference in his chambers for over an hour and that’s when the shit hit the fan.

By now, most of you have read right wing talking points stating that it’s the evil libruls that are drumming up falsities against their revered Governor. It’s not. It’s Tim Russell’s camp who is leaking information, which implicates Scott Walker.

Esquire reports:

Then, Hansher began talking about the document that had somehow gotten into the hands of Daniel Bice. “In chambers,” the judge said, “Mr. Krueger admitted that he had given the material to Mr. Bice and that he had done so with his client’s consent. Is that true?”

“Yes,” said Dennis Krueger.

That got heads snapping to attention. Tim Russell’s lawyer — and, therefore, Tim Russell — had made public damaging information about Scott Walker and undermined the whole ethical basis of the governor’s response to charges that he had misused his public office for private gain. It is not unreasonable to assume that this either was a warning shot — take care of me or you’re going down, too — or evidence that Russell already has rolled. (Sources close to the case say that Russell already has given the prosecutors some information, but that it was more in the realm of confirmation of knowledge that the prosecutors already had obtained from other cooperating witnesses.) In either case, the John Doe investigation — and the attendant case of Tim Russell — has gone spiraling into hyperdrive. It may not materially affect the election either way, but, no matter what happens on Tuesday, Scott Walker is going to wake up Wednesday feeling just a little bit like Lon Robinson.

As he and Russell quick-stepped down the hall, one step ahead of the cameras, attorney Krueger kept saying, over and again, that “This was a public document. It was open to anyone who wanted to see it.” Which does not explain why Krueger found it necessary to slip it to the one reporter whose work has so bedeviled the Walker campaign, and on morning of a debate between the governor and his opponent. The hall fell silent again. Less sophisticated criminals sat, patiently waiting their turns.

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Slowly they turn, one by one, step by step. I’m curious as to how Darlene Wink will fare in all of this. Ms.Wink was given leniency if cooperation is given to the prosecutors.

Back on topic. Why this leak is relevant: it’s who the recipient of the leak was that’s important:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter who’s been an absolute bulldog on this investigation, published a damaging piece in which Bice said that, contrary to Walker’s repeated insistence that he had called for the John Doe investigation himself, the investigators on the case opened the investigation themselves after two years of stonewalling by Walker and his administration. Bice’s story was based on a document filed with the court in the Russell case.

That evil librul!

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  • windy33

    there is no doubt that we will hear alot more and there is no doubt that the others will not go down alone. walker is a snake and he set them up to take the fall but walker will in the end fall with them. walker thinks he is above the law and THE LAW WILL BE THE ONE THAT WILL BRING HIM DOWN. AND I BET SCOTT FITZGERALD IS IN ON ALOT OF THIS AS WELL. COULD BE WRONG BUT HE IS WALKERS BULLY AND THAT DIDN’T JUST COME OVER NIGHT.

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