Digg can be fixed but some users seem to want to kill it off

July 18, 2012

Though people have said on Digg and other random websites that Digg is dying or is already dead, I disagree. In my humble opinion, it is broken and could be fixed with the proper moderation and enforcement of rules. The examples I am giving are just a few of the people I have noticed violating or bending the rules — I do not have the time or inclination to list them all.

Digg in many ways is broken: Various groups ranging from The Political Goon squad known as the Digg Patriots, Political Spamming from users with multiple accounts and general spam are ubiquitous.

Cracking down on multiple accounts would be necessary; Rastas11 who allegedly has at least 3 to 5 accounts including RyteWynger, Antsey, and Kickedback — Accounts used because there is no submission limit, thus giving him an advantageous position in the newsroom, as well as double/triple digging his own submissions in multiple accounts, and even double/triple burying submissions he doesn’t appreciate politically. The behavior of the aforementioned accounts prove to be from one person or group. Amusingly, he has serious issues with holding grudges over being outed when you call him out. Besides the Digg Patriots he is the only user that behaves as though he has a Nixon-like enemies list.

There is an abundance of people that violate the terms of use in regards to abusive behavior like Sanatana who has made at least one death threat towards another on digg.

(He or she also made the same threat on this website under the name Lakawak).




Bluto36 has repeatedly (daily) used sexually degrading comments to harass people — as well as general sexism.









As for the Digg Patriots, Digg’s Political Thought Police led by Bett (Bettverboten), who has a hypocritical and highly paranoid tendency to accuse others of doing what she has done in the past, is still repeating history. Their scorned attempt to rig Digg over the fact that their far right wing articles were not nearly as popular as the submissions generally dug by the Digg community has ruined Digg’s reputation in a major way. As far as I have seen since the Digger Gate Scandal the atmosphere there has been politically tense.

The DP goons can whine and play victim for all it’s worth, but I will point my finger at them and say that a good deal of the problems can traced back to their partisan bitterness.


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  • http://www.funvblog.com Funny Images @funvblog

    Digg removed my account. I have strong profile, about 1500 followers and more than 10000 diggs still they remove. Don’t what happens with digg

  • A_dedo55

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  • Swarnplaza

    digg always be a great choice for user.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PYU6VVCY3XNFPWGIEKROM4WXBY MS

    I’m “new” to digg, but I use that adjective loosely because I will never visit that site again. Why would I waste my time? Who considers the content worthy of attention? The articles, the comments, it’s mostly garbage and I think many of you would agree. I’m leaving this lameness to the haters.

  • Nobody

    Am I the only user who dislikes being redirected to a Digg page that frames the content? I routinely dismiss that with the little circled “x”. What a waste of time…

  • http://vidinterest.com/ Nirajan Bom Malla

    “some” user will not affect the site’s growth! if those “Some” users were loyal, regular users, it would definitely do .

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