Elizabeth Warren, “We must never again put wars on a credit card for our grandchildren to pay”

During the heated U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Scott Brown were asked questions, then wrote down their answers – the questions were on foreign policy.  The contrast between the two was telling.







One particular question stuck out:  ‘Was the War in Iraq, which ended last year, a worthwhile effort or was it a mistake from the start? About 4,500 US military members were killed and another 32,000 injured. What was accomplished in Iraq that made it worthwhile?’

While she praised the courage and fortitude of troops in Iraq, Warren, 63, said people need to learn a larger lesson from the war.

“We should exhaust all other options before going to war, and we must never again put wars on a credit card for our grandchildren to pay for,” Warren wrote. “If war is unavoidable and in our national interest, then we should be willing to pay for it as we fight it.”

After years of sacrifice by America’s armed forces and billions of dollars in spending put on a credit card for our children and grandchildren to pay, President Obama made the right decision to end combat operations in Iraq. Now we must build a strong political and economic partnership with the Iraqi government to promote stability in the region.

In stark contrast Brown answered:

Brown said that Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi president, was a “murderous dictator” who had to be stopped.

“It was the American forces that captured Saddam and gave the Iraqi people the chance to chart their own destiny, voting in free and fair elections for the first time,” Brown wrote. “While each country is a unique case, I also believe that seeing Iraqis vote and get a taste of democracy has had a positive ripple effect across the region.”

American troops did their job. Now, the US government must continue to aid Iraq and assist in a full transition to a competent, capable and functioning government and security force so that Al Qaeda cannot reemerge as a serious threat to our national interests.

I’m going to guess that Scott Brown hasn’t heard about the part where America invaded a sovreign  country based on a false premise – but that’s cool, in the name of spreading America’s version of democracy, right?

Question: ‘President Obama has been criticized for using the raid that killed Osama bin Laden as a way to boost his re-election campaign. The Associated Press reported that he used the May 2 anniversary of bin Laden’s death to help maximize a political narrative that portrays the president as bold and decisive. Is it appropriate for the president to use the death of bin Laden for his re-election campaign?’

A snippet from each answer, starting with Brown’s:

I do have concerns about the possibility that the Administration shared sensitive information about the raid, including the identities of sources and the tactics and techniques used. Not only did this put American lives at risk, but also risked the lives of the brave individuals who work and partner with the United States abroad.

Elizabeth answered:

 President Obama displayed strong leadership with his decision to order the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, and his assertive operations have eliminated many of al Qaeda’s senior leadership and weakened its affiliates. We must continue our political, military, economic, and diplomatic efforts against al Qaeda and its affiliates, and we need to continue to support the efforts of our intelligence, law enforcement, homeland security, and military professionals.

On Iran, Warren notes that a nuclear Iran would be a threat, however, opts for negotiating before beating the war drums. Crazy, huh?

“I support economic sanctions in conjunction with other countries that have placed political pressure on Iran, as well as vigorous diplomacy to try to resolve the situation through negotiations,” Warren wrote. “Like the president, I believe the United States must take the necessary steps to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon — but also that careless talk of rushing to war is unhelpful.”

Brown said that there is no greater threat to the world than Iran obtaining nuclear weapons capability.

“Evidence that Iran is working toward a nuclear weapon continues to emerge,” Brown wrote. “It would be counterproductive to embrace this dangerous ambition with the full recognition of the United States government.”

This is another area where Elizabeth shines:

Warren said the budget cuts should start with tax breaks for the oil and gas industry, loopholes for hedge fund managers and special deals that allow some multinational companies to pay no federal income taxes.

Brown said foreign aid is important for humanitarian purposes and provides leverage in negotiations involving national security for the U.S. The aid is a relatively small portion of the federal budget, but the nation should not spend anything more than necessary to accomplish those goals, Brown wrote.

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You can read more here at MassLive, including questions about Afghanistan.

Image: Politico

  • http://gplus.to/novenator novenator

    Key is to stop letting right wing warmongers dictate foreign policy and using “war on ___” as a justification for more militarism and authoritarianism

  • Guest

    Did you guys switch the names by mistake in that last paragraph, or are you and Ms. Warren in favor of tax breaks for those who need them least?

    • Nopederp

      I think it means she would eliminate tax breaks and loopholes. Same result as budget cuts: more money earned is less money spent.

    • Jay

      She is saying that budget cuts should come from the tax breaks that are being allowed, as in she believes they should be the first thing to be thrown out.

  • John Johnson

    “budget cuts start with” means eliminating those tax breaks

    • Panzerman714

      which kills middle class business…

      • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

        Can you please explain logically how slight increases in taxes to the richest 1% kills middle class business? Didn’t Bush pass a huge tax cut while he was in office? Why then did the economy tank? I’ve never heard this explained so please enlighten me.

        • Nick

          He won’t. It’s a non sequiter. They always shut up when you call them out on it.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LVC4FI2HLTSEM4T7JQAL722HJU Doug

          Slight tax increases won’t help anything. It’s only symbolic at best.

        • J_marconi

          The economy tanked because banks weren’t getting paid back for the ridiculous loans they were giving out to people.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SDEMERJUYGPPXEF3NRXW5COXWM Dan

    There isn’t anyone in politics I believe has the citizens best interests in mind, as much as Elizabeth Warren does.

    She’s like Obama 2008 with the backbone.

    Also she’s the first politician I’ve ever donated too :)

    • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

      Obama has backbone. He passed Universal Healthcare, killed Bin Laden, and saved GM. Don’t forget he was the one that introduced the world to Elizabeth Warren when he tried to nominate her to the Consumer Protection Board. That’s pretty good, give the guy a break.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LVC4FI2HLTSEM4T7JQAL722HJU Doug

        Ya passed healthcare, largest tax increase in history, killed Bin Laden- gave the order like that was difficult, Saved GM? You mean the company that will end up owing the taxpayers 35 billion and never get paid back? Some save. Warren is awesome alright when she is not lying about her own past or owning up to it but she will probably still win being these are Mass voters we are talking about.

        • Tatik

          Largest tax increase in history? Bush Sr had a large tax increase in 90. Clinton had a large tax increase. Reagan had two larger tax increases. Lyndon Johnson had two larger tax increases. Harry Truman has 3 larger tax increases, including the 2 largest in America’s history (his 3rd tax increase was 4th largest).

          I’m afraid “largest in history” doesn’t even cover the last 20 years, mate.

        • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

          The largest tax increase in history is a Fox News lie that has been completely debunked. It shows you don’t understand Obamacare at all. If a dying person goes to an emergency room now the law requires they treat him. If he can’t pay the taxpayers cover it. Obamacare requires people to have health insurance so there is no more free riders that expect to be covered by hospitals but won’t pay for healthcare. This is about personal responsibility. Please try to be a little informed. That stupid Republican talking point has been debunked for over a year. How can it be a tax increase when its going to decrease costs?

          Save GM a bad idea? So you’d let the entire state of Michigan collaspe? GM is making a profit and hiring. It would have been reckless doing what you suggest. Explain how its a good idea to let one of America’s biggest and most iconic companies go bankrupt? What message does that send? Not strength and sanity I’ll tell you that crazy person. Your solution would have been a disaster. Michigan’s economy would have collasped. It would have been chaos. Instead Michigan is on the way back. Don’t be childish.

          You are really poorly informed. If killing Bin Laden was so easy why didn’t Bush do it in 6 years? Was it a surprise he was in Pakistan? Grow up. Adults admit when they are wrong. You obviously are a childish Bush supporter who can’t admit and learn from his mistakes. Be better informed.

        • shivabeach

          What largest tax increase in history? You mean the one that less than 1% of the people in the US may have to pay? Hilarious!
          BTW, GM already paid the money back. Fox didnt tell you?

      • J_marconi

        Obama didn’t pass healthcare…the senate did.
        Nor did he kill Bin Laden. That was thanks to intel received during the Bush administration, as well as the work of SEAL Team 6.

        • shivabeach

          Sorry. But you are wrong. Obama got OBL and theres nothing you can say to change that. Very little if anything came from the OBL unit that Bush shut down well before he left. 99% of the Intel came from Obama era people. And Obama is the CIC, something hard for you to say. He got OBL And without him the Healthcare bill would not have passed. Stop being pathetic

        • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

          Try to google the words commander in chief sometime. Do you think Seal Team 6 would have gone into Pakistan without Obama’s permission? You let your hate of Obama get in the way of facts and logic. It’s pathetic how your right wing weirdos are so racist and hateful against Obama you can’t even give him credit for killing Bin Laden. When did you start hating America so much?

          • 1voiceofreasoninlynn

            Get your head out of your ass!!!
            And who said anything racist? You Dems love to play that card, don’t you? Just throw it out there to try and shut people up.

            How about requiring anyone between 18 & 65 who is receiving “assistance” from the taxpayers to perform community service for 32 hours per week to continue receiving that money after 90 days? This would be a good way to “pay back” the money, help cash-strapped towns, cities and states, and may even give them some training to get a job and get off assistance.

            It’s time for some serious austerity measures, pension reform, loophole closing, etc…

            Regarding GM, they should have gone through the bankruptcy process. It’s a process that many companies, including 7-Eleven, have gone through and come out better for it. The bailout was nothing more than a payoff to labor unions. Had they gone through bankruptcy, it doesn’t mean that they would have closed. You do understand that, right?

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            You do understand that GM has paid back the money and is hiring and profitable again right? Any plan you have is nonsenical nitpicking against a plan that has already been executed and worked perfectly. Your paranoid ravings about unions is nonsense since what Obama did is what fixed the problem. Grow up.

          • http://www.facebook.com/saje.williams Saje Williams

            Turn off POX News. Seriously. You don’t recognize your own racism when it’s staring you in the face, but the rest of us see and hear it with remarkable clarity. It’s not a defense–it’s just the truth. Bush pulled a ton of crap you let pass without comment… Hell, you folks CHEERED it all, but you condemn Obama for doing things far less injurious to our rights and privileges. This makes you a hypocrite, and unworthy of even an ounce of respect. Some of it’s because he’s a liberal, but most of it is because he’s not a White guy.

            We can’t reason with the unreasonable, though many of us continue to try.

          • 1voiceofreasoninlynn

            For the record, I’m not a Republican. I also watch CNN.

            Please provide some evidence of racist behaviour though, if you can.

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            The Birther nonsense? That has been debunked only a trillion times yet for some reason it continues to be an issue. How about all the times Obama has been interupted by right wing politicians and media members? How about Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the Republican Party, who plays “Barck the magic negro” on his show constantly. Maybe go read the comment section on yahoo on any Obama story or any story involving black people? Enough for you?

          • 1voiceofreasoninlynn

            The only legitimate claim of racism that I can see in your examples is your statement that Rush Limbaugh, who is NOT the leader of the Republican Party, plays “Barck the magic negro” on his show. I wouldn’t know, because I don’t listen to him and this is the first time I’ve heard that accusation.

            So, other than one example, you really have nothing. The “birther” issue isn’t racism, it was a legitimate questioning of a candidate’s ability to legally be president… and it’s over.

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            Yeah, I’m sure there is nothing racial about the first brown skinned President having to prove he is a real American over and over again to idiots. I’m sure that had nothing to do with race. Idiot. Rush Limbaugh is to in charge of the Republican Party. He has the highest rated political talk show and its all Republicans. Please name one Republican who has critized him for the “Barack the magic negro” song. Also, if you are unaware of current events you should shut the fuck up and learn something instead of talking out of your ass.

          • 1voiceofreasoninlynn

            Since you want to go that route… GO FUCK YOURSELF.

            What a dumbass.

          • 1voiceofreasoninlynn

            So, by your reasoning, Bill Maher is the leader of the DNC.

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            Bill Maher doesn’t get nearly the ratings of Rush Limbaugh. Bill Maher was punished for what he said. He lost his ABC show for his comments about Al Queda. Rush Limbaugh has never been called out by any Republicans or punished by his employers for his racism and sexism. That’s because Republicans love racist and sexist people. That’s because Republicans are generally racist and sexist. If you don’t like the truth, change your party coward. Plus you are tottally a Republican, you talk in talking points.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPAU2GESLB2HX7CJG7574LSOXI ManBearPig

    Democrats start war, republicans end them. Democrats will talk like they have no war agenda, but then they get into office and suddenly were in a conflict. Harry Truman(Korea) , John Kennedy , L.B.J. (Nixon ended Vietnam). Clinton raided Bosnia. I wont include FDR for WW2, but i will say we were attacked by japan. There are plenty of people who will say he knew about the convoy of Japanese heading to Hawaii. Lmao, O yea I forgot to mention Warren is a joke to begin with. She lied about her heritage to gain minority status to get accepted into Harvard. She claims 1/32 Cherokee blood. Are you kidding me? She is also the one who says if your a successful businessperson, you didn’t make it by yourself.

    • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

      Well sane people don’t really think Democrats and Republicans are still the same from the time of the Vietnam and Korean War. Normal people with functioning brains would look at this thing called recent history and realize Bush and his cronies lied to get us into the Iraq War. Since the Iraq War was insanely corrupt and mismanaged I think normal people agree with Elizabeth Warren’s point. If you look at recent history the Democrats have been the party of badass warriors while the Republicans look like a bunch of fools. Clinton saw the Twin Towers get attacked yet he caught the mastermind and threw him in prison. Bush let the Twin Towers get attacked but needed Barack Obama to kill Bin Laden. Republicans love to pretend the Iraq War wasn’t a huge mistake because Saddam was killed but Obama used diplomacy to kill Qaddiffi. The Iraq War nearly bankrupted our country while Libya cost us nothing. At this point if you are still a Republican you are a crazy person. You prove you are a crazy person by thinking FDR would let the Japanese sink his entire fleet. If he knew the attack was coming why wouldn’t he have trapped the Japanese and crushed their attacking force? Logically I think people would have been pretty pissed Japan even tried a sneak attack. Even the best trap in the world would still result in deaths of American soliders and civilians. Please explain FDR’s thinking for letting his fleet be destroyed crazy person with no common sense?

      • Greg Turner

        No No No No No No No No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…Fuck you.
        Do NOT even try to give Obama credit for killing Bin Laden. He did nothing about that situation. That was the United States military and the United States Navy SEALs at their finest. The government had nothing to do with the SEALs; Obama happened to in office when we found him. Nothing more, nothing less, do NOT try to attribute that act to Obama.
        Libya cost us quite a bit of money…
        And as far as knowing about the Japanese attack…go do some reading. We will probably never know, but there are indications that we knew the attack was coming. Including the message sent out that finally warned of an attack, but it was received too late. Furthermore, why do you think in this attack ALL (!!) of the aircraft carriers were out at sea and not present where there was a possible attack? Think about it…

        • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

          You need to do the reading. Obama made that call. Obama took the risk. Obama said they needed the 2nd helicopter in case something went wrong. If something went wrong it would have fallen on him. Obama made the call and killed Bin Laden. Taking credit from him shows a lack of knowledge or the inability to give Obama credit for anything. Bush had the same chance Obama did and he let Bin Laden go. Have you ever heard of Tora Bora? Try and google it if you think the President doesn’t make a difference. Obama is the commander in cheif. He made the call, it was a success. Obama made it a priority to kill Bin Laden. Bush said “I truly am not that concerned about (Bin Laden)” in March of 2002. Having an idiot in charge is why Bin Laden didn’t get killed until you had an adult in charge. If it was so easy to get Bin Laden why didn’t Bush get him in 7 years? Were you surprised he was in Pakistan? Where else would he be?

          I did think about it. Explain to me the logic of letting your fleet get destroyed in a sneak attack? If they knew it was coming why wouldn’t FDR have set a trap, killed the Japanese, and saved his fleet? People still would have been mad the Japanese attacked us. There still would have been dead Americans to avenge. Explain the logic. Don’t hide behind we will never know. We have brains, we can use logic. Explain why he would let his fleet be destroyed? Any answer you give will sound like paranoid ravings of a lunatic. FDR wasn’t an idiot, he proved that by winning WW 2. Show a little respect for those that died at Pearl Harbor. Their President didn’t murder them.

        • RichardCrow

          Greg, it was President Obama who gave the order to take Bin Laden out.

          After all he is the comander in chief.

          President Obama just finished the mess that the war mongers “Bush & Co.” started.

          p.s. YOU are an idiot.

        • http://FreakoutNation.com Anomaly 100

          Orly, is that you?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPAU2GESLB2HX7CJG7574LSOXI ManBearPig

        Dr. J I can debate without using derogatory comments. Can you? I never said personally that I believe FDR knew, but It’s not out of the realm of possibility.The country was deep in the great recession, and he knew the best way to get out of It was to enter WW2. What better way to rally the county then to allow a sneak attack. Ok, where to begin. You do realize that it took years of intelligence and “water-boarding” to gain information on the whereabouts of OBL. Also, who cares about differences between Korea and Vietnam. Both were democrats, both started wars. You want to talk about unjustified wars how about Vietnam? Next, lets talk about Libya. Obama went around congress to engage in a skirmish that made no sense. That was all about European oil, nothing about Gaddafi. If he really cared about foreign dictators killing there citizens, then where is he with Syria? Assad is committing mass genocide over there, and Obama is too afraid of Russia, and China to do anything about it. Yea, real bad ass. If you vote democrat, that’s fine. I would never bash anyone on there beliefs, because that Is what this country Is about. That Is democrats though. Disagree with them, and be prepared to be called everything under the sun.

        • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

          You have no idea what you are talking about. waterboarding stopped being used in 2003. You think that intelligence lead to Bin Laden being killed in 2011? They found Bin Laden by tracking one of his couriers. I’m sorry you find me insulting because I’m annoyed you are making things up. Try to be better informed about things before posting. Pretending Nixon is some hero for ending the Vietnam War shows a stunning lack of historical knowledge. Do you have any idea what Nixon did? The secret Cambodia bombings? He escalated the war and then ended it. Syria? You are nuts. Everything is Obama’s fault huh? Obama is a restrained leader that acts in America’s interests first then in the interest of what is good. Syria is Russia and China’s problem. We don’t have to solve every problem. We don’t buy oil from Syria, Russia and China do. Obama isn’t a fool like Bush that sticks our hand in every hornet nest. Do you need a full list of how many horrors are ignored by the USA under Bush or Obama? We can’t do everything. What Obama chooses to do he simply does better than Bush or any other Republican.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPAU2GESLB2HX7CJG7574LSOXI ManBearPig

            Lmao, You are so delusional It’s not even funny. I never once said Nixon was a savior. He did put an end to Vietnam did he not? What was the greater good to into Libya? Syria is Russia’s problem? There allies. Russia sells them arms. There not a problem to them. Btw, Libya has European oil so Its ok to overthrow there dictator. Syria has Russian oil. Despises Israel, Assad is worse the Gaddafi, but we can’t do anything about. The worthless U.N is trying to impose sanctions. The U.S has to sneak around to support there uprising. Yea, Obama acts in our best interests. That’s why he puts a drilling moratorium on the gulf. Then spends billions for Venezuela oil. Also, water-boarding was banned in 2009. So to say that it was stopped in 2003 is asinine. You have no idea about foreign events. You don’t even know what is going on in the U.S. Go back to under the rock you crawled from.

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            I know this is hard for someone with a very small brain to understand but if torture worked Bush would have caught and killed Bin Laden. He had 7 years. Can you please explain that logic disconnect? Obama killed Bin Laden, Bush didn’t. It wasn’t magic. It was superior tactics and thinking. Obama is good at his job, Bush was a fuck up. Bush had his chance at Tora Bora and he let Bin Laden go. Obama had his chance to kill Bin Laden and he ended up with a bullet in his eye. There isn’t a debate anymore about who is right or wrong, we have a conclusion. Obama was right, Bush and idiots like you were wrong. Learn a lesson and try to hold it in your tiny brain.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPAU2GESLB2HX7CJG7574LSOXI ManBearPig

            Are you commenting from some mental institution or something? Because, you are totally insane. Obama, good at his job? What job are you talking about? The country Is In a mess. Lmao, and you’r still on Bush. Man, You really are crazy. What was superior tactics, and thinking? I just don’t understand where you come up with this crap. He never ordered a second chopper, I have no clue where you came up with that one. No one here has said Bush got OBL. No one. So, why do you go on and on about It. You just make It out that Obama flew to Pakistan, rappelled down the chopper. Broke down doors, and personally killed him. He made a call, and I give him credit. Though, anyone would have made that call. Hell, my little niece would have said kill the bastard. I find it funny as well that the only accomplishments you tout about your “fearless leader” are OBL, and that disastrous healthcare. Nothing else in three and a half years? That’s because hes been campaigning the rest of the time.

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            From the Daily Best article that details the Osama raid. “Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, described the latest plans. In response to Obama’s demand for a fight-your-way-out plan, McRaven had added two Chinook helicopters to complement the pair of MH-60 Black Hawk stealth copters. And the SEALs had been instructed to be prepared to engage if they were met by the Pakistani military.”

            One of the helicopters failed during the mission. If we didn’t have the 2nd helicopter Seal Team 6 could have been captured by Pakistan. If you had a basic understanding of current events people might take you seriously. Google the Bin Laden raid, read about how impressive Obama’s planning was. You should be embarrassed at being so poorly informed about current events. It should call into question your beliefs and you owe America to really make sure all the nonsense you believe about Obama is really true. Obviously whoever you are currently listening to has left you poorly informed. Read a non Fox News news source sometime.

          • Anna

            No matter how many validities you have in your claims (although you have none), you always lose if you capitalize unnecessary words and don’t know the difference between “there” and “their”. It almost makes you look like more of an idiot than your misinformation does.
            That being said, even if you did have perfect grammar, you’re still crazy and Dr. J wins.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPAU2GESLB2HX7CJG7574LSOXI ManBearPig

            Anna, what are you talking about? You make no points whatsoever, except my grammar. My spelling is correct, except for one mistake. You would rather nitpick my use of “there” instead of “their” in order to skirt around everything I said. You make no argument other then I’m wrong, and Dr J is right. O, and by the way. My capitalization of countries and people is spot on. It’s not my fault you don’t know proper capitalization,

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            I like how your first comments to me were about being civil. You haven’t been civil in a single post of yours. People are annoyed by poorly informed people who talk out of their ass. People hate hypocrite jerks like you who tell others to be civil while insulting. Don’t opine on things if you don’t even have a basic grasp of the facts. How did you not know there was two helicopters on the Bin Laden raid? That was a pretty big part of the story. Pretty pathetic that whatever news source you rely on left that part out of the coverage and left you looking like a ill informed fool. Fox News makes you stupid buddy, now you’ve been taught that lesson.

    • DreamReliquary

      When Bush ran for office he ran on the peace campaign and it took Obama getting in office to end both the war in Iraq and hopefully soon the war in Afghanistan. Frankly it’s the Dems who are talking down major conflict with Iran while you have people like Ron Paul who gets ridiculed for it on the Republican side.

      Not that I’m an Obama supporter, he does some shifty things like not vetoing the NDA and continuing the Patriot Act, but at least try to make valid points.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPAU2GESLB2HX7CJG7574LSOXI ManBearPig

        Bush set the agreement for the withdrawal. I dunno why people give Barry credit for ending the war. All he did was follow the agreement that Bush created. Also, when will people realize there is no talking down with Iran. Not with Ahmadinejad. They want no negotiations. I just don’t understand why people think you can negotiate with terrorists. Those are as valid points as your gonna get. Also may I add what president doesn’t run on a peace platform. People may say, well If this country threatens us, I will not take military actions off the table. No one says, When I get elected I will start a war. I dunno with who but, we are definitely gonna get some.

        • DreamReliquary

          He set the agreement, who knows whether or not there would’ve been a reason found to stay there if it was McCain who won the election. McCain was talking about how irresponsible it was for Bush to have signed it in the first place.

          You can continue talking up Iran all you want, it’s all the same propaganda that was used to start the war in Iraq. Saddam is crazy, he kills people in droves and they don’t deserve it. He won’t listen to reason, he’s uncooperative. Oh no, weapons of mass destruction! I wonder which middle eastern nation we’ll be starting war with in 2021?

          A lot of people don’t run on a peace platform. A lot of people try to pull off the “walk quietly but carry a big stick,” but right now it’s more like “come at me, bro” while staring directly into Iran’s unblinking eyes. The Republican party is near blowing the war horns already for crying out loud. Can we afford to keep wasting money on pointless conflicts?

  • Vagabond661

    “Let’s put healthcare on a credit card and makes our kids and grandkids pay for that instead!”

    • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

      Healthcare pays for itself. We already have universal healthcare. If you are dying and walk into an emergency room they have to treat you. When they can’t pay the taxpayers have to cover that. Obamacare gets rid of the free riders and forces people to pay for their healthcare in case they need it.

      • Vagabond661

        so why were 21 new taxes added?

        • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

          Well if 21 new taxes were added it isn’t putting it on a credit card is it? So thanks for arguing both sides to prove you don’t know what you are talking about. Try learning from a non Fox News source sometime. I like how you don’t address any of the actual points I made. Are you aware of how healthcare works in this country? Am I lying about the emergency room laws? Spoiler alert, I’m not. How is it bad Obama reformed the current system and based it on states that have high end healthcare like Mass and Minnesota?

          • Vagabond661

            you said it pays for itself. if it does, why 21 new taxes?

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            I’ve already explained this. Everyone has health coverage under the old system. We pay for emergency room visits of people that don’t have insurance. That is the current law that Obamacare is fixing. Obamacares gets rid of the free riders who can afford health insurance but choose not to purchase it. Those free riders know that if they get really sick the government will ultimately cover them. Obamacare ends that. I guess if you are really dumb you can call that a tax but I call it personal responsibility. Do you like paying for the free riders? Or do you think they should pay their fair share? Don’t you believe in personal responsibility? I just don’t think you really understand how healthcare works in this country. How are you opposed to having people take more personal responsbility for paying their fair share of health costs in this country? Do you like paying for some asshole that never bothered to get health insurance and wracks up a huge bill and dumps it on the taxpayers? That is the current system. Obamacare is trying to fix that.

          • Vagabond661

            I am opposed to the government handling it. their track record ain’t that great. I would approve of Tort Reform and selling insurances across state lines to make it more competitive, you know, like other insurances are. And by the way, with the pre-existing clause, that same guy you illustrated can pay the tax and still not get health insurance and still wait until he is sick to get coverage. It doesn’t fix squat. Just makes the government in charge of it.

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            Since you hate government healthcare so much why don’t you renounce Medicare and vow never to take it. People on Medicare love the benefits. Every single 1st world company has universal healthcare with major government involvement. Governments have a great track record of running healthcare. Name one country that has gotten rid of their government run healthcare? If government sucked at healthcare people would copy our system but they don’t. A strong smart government takes care of its people by giving them high quality healthcare at a low price. We need government to keep prices low because a for profit system uses the most profitable cure, not the correct cure. Obamacare is based off of healthcare systems in Masschusetts and Minnesota the two states that have the best healthcare outcomes on state by state level. I’m sorry Obama isn’t stupid enough to copy Alabama, he is just using what works.

            If you hate a strong central government so much move to Somalia, its a right wing paradise. No government, no taxes, no gun control. See how much you like living there.

          • Vagabond661

            My dad is on it and you are wrong. He doesn’t love it. No need to name call unless you are frustrated because you can’t come up with anything.

          • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

            Tell your dad to get rid of it then. See how much he likes private insurance for old people.

          • Vagabond661

            get rid of something he paid into? w

  • Questio

    How many countries invaded Iran? Zero.
    How many countries invaded USA? Is Iran really a threat? Isn’t it the US?

    • ciderlout

      How many countries invaded USA?

      1. Britain! F*ck Yeah!

  • Myworldisreal

    Wow… what an incredibly simplistic world view. Maybe if she asks Iran, Iraq and North Korea to be nice, they will all play in the global sandbox with us together! People like Elizabeth Warren are populists of the worst kind who have never seen war, extremism or deep seated religious hatred other than that which they watch on NBC nightly news. What’s scarier are the lemurs who follow them who have likely never left their trailer parks.

    • http://twitter.com/MicheleBach666 Dr. J

      It’s funny you call her view simplistic when your simple mind doesn’t address her point or actual words in any meaniful way. Did she say we should ask Iran to be nice and they will? Or did she say if a war is so important lets pay for it? Sounds like Elizabeth Warren understands what a war truly costs. We need more leaders like her and less like George W. Bush and the Republicans who lied and got us into an unnecessary war in Iraq while cutting taxes. That kind of stupidity bankrupted the whole country.

    • ciderlout

      Simple: fight ’em! Less simple: negotiate.

  • Guest

    so many fucktards spamming, kinda like this, only i’m actually saying something that’s true. lololol bye.

    ps. historical inaccuracies are acceptable, not being able to read (ie. questions on the tax break segment) takes away your rights to post and vote for the president, among other things.

  • The truth

    It’s funny how the 1% crowd say President Obama did not kill Bin laden. You people at any cost will always discredit anything this president does. Your IDOL GEORGE W BUSH said he was not concerned about Bin Laden during his Presidency. As far as taxes, debt, deficits let not rehash the Bush years. It was a democrat named President William Jefferson Clinton left this country with a record surplus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1717330237 Art Keller

    Nancy and I support Elizbeth Warren and are doing what we can to help her.

    • 1voiceofreasoninlynn


  • dileepadayan

    this is grade article