Mitt’s first act as President will be to repeal ObamaCare (CBO reports Health Law shrinks Deficit)

Republicans have vehemently countered “Obamacare” saying it will actually raise deficits by “trillions,” and that’s exactly what Mitt Romney is campaigning on to garner support from the Republican base. Every statement out of the Republican Presidential candidate’s mouth, seems to work against him.

NYT reports:

 President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul will shrink rather than increase the nation’s huge federal deficits over the next decade, Congress’ nonpartisan budget scorekeepers said Tuesday, supporting Obama’s contention in a major election-year dispute with Republicans.

The office gave no updated estimate for total deficit reductions from the law, approved by Congress and signed by Obama in 2010. But it did estimate that Republican legislation to repeal the overhaul — passed recently by the House — would itself boost the deficit by $109 billion from 2013 to 2022.

“Repealing the (health care law) will lead to an increase in budget deficits over the coming decade, though a smaller one than previously reported,” budget office director Douglas Elmendorf said in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

The law’s mix of spending cuts and tax increases would more than offset new spending to cover uninsured people, Elmendorf explained.

Mitt Romney may want to rethink the statements he’s repeatedly made just after the Supreme Court ruling.

The first thing Mitt will do once in office (if he doesn’t flip flop) is repeal ObamaCare. Those are his words (for now). Romney will repeal the health care bill which was modeled after his own, when he was Governor. It’s safe to conclude that most Republicans just want to kill Obama’s signature legislation, instead of working on the economy.


  • Sally

    In the first place, the President cannot ‘repeal’ a law. Not in the job description. And by the way, Mitt Palin, you are an idiot.