Mitt’s mouth is Obama’s best publicity: Dems release video on Romney’s disastrous U.K. visit

Mitt opens his mouth, sticks both feet in and Democrats release a video. The DNC just released a video enveloping the U.S. and British coverage of Mitt Romney’s visit to London, called #RomneyShambles — the hashtag on twitter was trending — and it’s still going strong — after the awkward Republican candidate, uttered gaffe after gaffe. Another hashtag #AmericanBorat is a firestorm of hilarity.

President Obama owes Mitt Romney big time for this trip. The video was created in record time, proving that Mitt’s mouth is Obama’s best publicity.


Am I the only person that suspects that Mitt Romney is a leftist plant, set in place to help us Barack the vote? The plane had barely touched the ground, when gaffes just flowed out of his mouth, Sarah Palin-style. I almost feel bad for Mitt, so a word of advice, Run Forest run!

AmericaBlog published screen shots of the U.K. coverage.

  • mr_reyman

    Mitt Romney is now, officially, an international embarrassment. Our policy of containment has failed.

  • James

    I love having sex with dogs.

    • Sean

      All righty then

  • Foob

    When the GOP decided to throw the election they let Romney buy the nomination. What I hope for is a Palin/Perry ticket. Now that would be a dream team. Depends on if you prefer dumb or weird. The weird ticket: Santorum/Bachmann. An electable ticket would be more like Rand Paul/Rubio or Christie/Rubio. Even freakin newt and his moonbase.

  • Dan Skinner

    I guess that wind up key on his back got stuck.


    What is disconcerting is Romney’s disconnect with today’s expectations of a leader. The English expected a supportive ally, they got a critical matron. My diagnosys: he has trouble relating and far prefers when others relate to him. Not a good presidential trait.


    lol. is this supposed to be satire? “Mitt Romney said London might not be fully prepared for the Olympics so he shouldnt be president”. *facepalm*. ya, i’ll just go ahead and ignore the economy, coming tax hikes, government expansion, Obamacare and gaffes including diplomatic fumbles from Obama because of *this*. riiiiight.

    • Mahhh

      Oh yeah screw foreign policy… Doesn’t matter.

  • hutami

    BWAHA! please keep talking mitt! very soon you’ll be joining Sarah Palin’s family reality shows! having lunch with Bristol in “Life’s A Tripp.”