Nikki Haley Doesn’t Care About Poor, Elderly and Disabled South Carolinians

South Carolina glitz queen Nikki Haley, who is taking heat for having her daughter on the state payroll, will not expand Medicaid

“South Carolina will NOT expand Medicaid, or participate in any health exchanges. We will not support Pres. Obama’s tax increase or job killing agenda. I WILL do everything I can to get Mitt Romney elected and work to strengthen our Senate so that we can repeal this unAmerican policy aimed at moving our country in the wrong direction.”

So, Haley chooses to snub President Obama. Nothing new. However, the fine people of South Carolina – especially the poor, elderly and disabled – who voted for her should know the consequences of her actions.

By not expanding Medicaid, some people will be left to die.

A study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that residents of states that expand coverage will probably live longer, be healthier and have better access to medical care.

Medicaid expansions were associated with a significant reduction in adjusted all-cause mortality (by 19.6 deaths per 100,000 adults, for a relative reduction of 6.1%; P=0.001). Mortality reductions were greatest among older adults, nonwhites, and residents of poorer counties. Expansions increased Medicaid coverage (by 2.2 percentage points, for a relative increase of 24.7%; P=0.01), decreased rates of uninsurance (by 3.2 percentage points, for a relative reduction of 14.7%; P<0.001), decreased rates of delayed care because of costs (by 2.9 percentage points, for a relative reduction of 21.3%; P=0.002), and increased rates of self-reported health status of “excellent” or “very good” (by 2.2 percentage points, for a relative increase of 3.4%; P=0.04).

Go ahead, Nikki.

She’s doing “everything” she can to elect Mitt Romney – even sacrificing the lives of people in her own state.

  • Sally

    Yes indeed. These GOP governors are sure working for the people! The rich and white ones at least. It is a very sad day when insanity rules states, and not compassion. I do hope Haley’s parents have really really good savings accounts for their last years to pay for the health care they will need. Or will Nicki dip into her own to help out? nah.

  • Dan Skinner

    Poor Nikki… gave herself an enema and lobotomized herself.

  • Dan Skinner

    Nikki’s future is a stint on Dancing With The Stars. Maybe a roast for a Jersey Shore ‘star’. Her political future dies with each spoken word.