So far: 578 days since John Boehner said jobs will be ‘priority one’ (and he’s delivered none)

We’ve had some fun with Mitt Romney’s Gaffe-a-thon lately, but jobs are a serious matter in America. I don’t mean to take anything away from the Republican Presidential candidate – also known as the male Sarah Palin — but job creation is an important issue. So, let’s move on to John Boehner. As of today, it’s been 578 days since John Boehner became Speaker of the House. After taking the gavel from Nancy Pelosi, he promised to make jobs “priority one.”

The Tea Party made me do it!









Boehner said:

So today we are unveiling a Plan for America’s Job Creators that’s focused on creating lasting economic growth and job creation. It builds on our Pledge to America and the legislative action that we’re already taking this year to create jobs, which the Democrats continue to block.

Let’s look at that. The extremist party known as ‘The House’ which was taken over by the hijacked version of the Tea Party, has obstructed anything and everything the President has tried to accomplish, including the Jobs Bill. So far, John Boehner, the weeping Speaker has not delivered. Tea Party governance throughout the country has been an abysmal failure.

Helping Americans get back to work is our number one priority, and we’re going to do everything we can to help create jobs and to boost our economy.”

(my bold)

‘Priority one’ was quickly redefined to: assaulting union rights, women’s reproductive rights and their health care, ObamaCare, ACORN, Voter suppression, government jobs, ‘Shariah law is a comin’ to Amerika’ (See: Michele Bachmann, or don’t), equality (see: most of them), education, privatizing prisons, eradicating Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and voucher programs, among others.

You’ve done enough ‘prioritizing’ Mr. House Speaker.  Most of us are aware that the Tea Party has Boehner in a testicle-grip, but that was his doing, his pandering and his appeasement to obstructionists. The ‘Job creators’ are us, the voters.

We need to end the madness; voters need to prioritize. We call it, voting out the riffraff.  It’s country before Party, not the reverse.

  • Modaud1953

    Since no one wants to comment let me brake the ice .. John Boehner says he a job creator – why dosen’t he put politics aside and give Obama some pointers on how to create more jobs than Obama has already created or saved — Is it that he dosen’t know or he dosen’t want to — all he does is TALK AND TALK AND TALK about it but he dosen’t do any thing

    • Thinkyhead

      He does more than just talk. He also goes to tanning salons and has a couple of highballs at lunch.

      • BoehnersNemisis

        At least he’s keeping someone in their job. Tanning salon employees, etc.

  • critterlover

    Their priority isn’t jobs it’s bustin the Presidents balls!

  • John Abramson

    The only thing on the Republican agenda is to tighten the leash on the poor and middle class. It’s what the moneypeople want . It’s what the moneypeople get. The government has been an auction house for a good while now. All going to the highest bidder.

  • Borderlessbob

    And Obama is only concerned with saving his own job.

  • Teto85

    So basically Boehner is pretty soft on job creation.

  • D

    Oh, you forgot not extending unemployment insurance as an “incentive” for people to go out and get those jobs that don’t exist…and take away their foodstamps while you’re at it…they just use them to take “trips to Hawaii” Really? No one ever told me I could do that with my foodstamps – is that so you can buy food there? Cause all my foodstamps ever bought is food – so my family can survive.

  • Political Bias

    Does anyone realize that the Republicans in the House have passed at least 30 jobs bills, all of which Senate majority leader Harry Reid has blocked? Everything John Boehner can do must go through the Senate and the President’s desk before it can become active. So yes, Boehner has delivered. But the delivery keeps getting shut down by Harry Reid before it can arrive to its destination.

    • Arthur Newman

      Have you read those “Jobs” bills? None of them, at all, would create any amount of significant long term jobs. Heck, a good portion of them would actually cause job loses.

  • Kenneth Williams

    Republicans are domestic terrorist.