South Carolina Stubbornly Refuses More Than $10 Billion, Leaving 344,419 People Uninsured

So, it seems the glitz queen Nikki Haley and her Republican stooges will leave more than 344,000 people to fend for themselves in another political ploy against the federal government.

“We’re not going to shove more South Carolinians into a broken system that further ties our hands when we know the best way to find South Carolina solutions for South Carolina health problems is through the flexibility that block grants provide,” Rob Godfrey, a spokesperson for Gov. Nikki Haley, told the Post and Courier.

I’ll let the graphic speak for itself.  Thanks goes to ThinkProgress for the mind-numbing facts.

  • Jamie Sanderson

    If South Carolina sticks to their “guns” so to say, the federal government would step in to set up the program. However, it should be known that if this holds true and the fed does step in, the state of South Carolina and its people ought to be reminded of Nikki Haley’s blatant attempt to not care for the people on her own.

  • RoughAcres

    Can anyone say, Fort Sumter?

    Round 2 in the “Some people are more equal than others” debate….

  • James DePaulo

    Won’t that mean that the rest of us get more money if the fools don’t want it? If so, let them refuse the money. After all it’s a horrible burden to place on the 1% of the population who desire to be free loaders

  • Debi

    Wake up, Nikki Haley! There are people in South Carolina who need and want this health care. I’m one of them, and I vote!!!!!

  • Rocnjohnny

    It don’t matter if they install the ACA. If they don’t then the Federal Government will step in and set it up for the people. All it will do is show the people of SC that their Governor is more interested in following her party than doing what is right for the people.