VP Joe Biden to NAACP: “This ain’t your father’s Republican Party”

Joe Biden spoke to the NAACP convention for 30 minutes today, hitting important topics point by point. Biden began by thanking the NAACP for their leadership while noting his lifetime membership. In countering Republican Mitt Romney’s attack on the Affordable Health Care law — which was the cataclysm for the audience booing — Joe’s passionate words were met with thunderous applause.

Mitt, this is who you can learn from: Joe Biden. Like any vice president, he’s criticized but salt of the earth Joe shined today. He shined. On Obama Biden said, “He has put country first.”

Then Joe stated, “This ain’t you father’s Republican Party” which was again met with applause.

The vice president countered that Romney’s policies would hurt black working families while he detailed differences between Obama and Romney on health care, education, energy, women’s rights and equal pay.

Biden said before closing his speech: “Let me close, my friends.”

The vice-president then quoted scripture: “What you do unto the least of these you do unto me.”

Well done!

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