Wall Street targeted: 50,000 IT accounts hacked and leaked by ‘MidasBank’

A related faction of Anonymous, TeamGhostShell, has been targeting China with a vengeance in operation, #ProjectDragonFly — and now meet MidasBank, which focuses on the financial aspect; this time Wall Street. Approximately 50.000 accounts have been compromised.

“I’ve been hacked!”










Masakaki states, “The list contains both current, past, and rejected IT from Wall Street. The information is as detailed as ever with many other surprises in it.”


GhostShell has been leaking left and right all kinds of targets, well we’re here to bring some sort of order to it, which is why this district will function solely to provide leaks from an economical point of view, institutional and educational, but primary, it will focus on the financial aspect of things.

With that being said, what better target to pick as a first release, than the place that puts all markets to shame in the world. Wall Street.

After asking why the IT departments were hacked, MidasBank replied, “Just like the chinese IT university, we wanted to embarrass them. they claim to be “the elite” yet theyre only coding in C/C++.” Adding, “And their official site for recruiting was so full of vulnerabilities that even a kid could breach it,   plus TGS are supporters of OWS, so it fit.”

Previously, #ProjectDragonFly began by breaching every site in their way, including national and regional sites, giving as examples, “Hong Kong (hk), Beijing (bj), Shanghai (sh), Macau (mo), Tianjin (tj), Anhui (ah), etc.”Included in the leaks are usernames, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, passports, flight numbers, private messages, project descriptions, and much more.DeadMellox states, “This is merely an introduction, after today the real fun will begin.”

So, this leak is also teemed with information.

In light of the LIBOR scandal and Jamie Dimon’s assertion that Big Banks can oversee themselves, this snafu proves otherwise.

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Any information obtained by FreakOutNation has already been made public through the Internet. 


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