Fox News’ jaw dropping response after revealing identity of SEAL team Six Member

August 24, 2012

Fox News decidedly released the name — the real identity — of one the members of SEAL team six, who participated in the raid which resulted in Osama bin Laden’s death. This was no mere accident – not only did the website place a target on the SEAL member’s back by naming him, but the network did as well — and their response is severely lacking in conscience, which shows their intentions were not just to begin with (aka: not an accident or slip of the tongue).

Hi! I’m Justin Fishel. I sure hope Anonymous doesn’t find out what I did.











The now outed member authored a book under a pseudonym titled, “No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden.”

The response from Fox News is jaw dropping:

“Once you write a book, anonymously or not, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

-John Moody, Executive Vice President & Executive Editor FOX News

A (devious) thought just crossed my mind:  So, from Moody’s response, if the group Anonymous dropped a massive amount of information on him, it would be ‘expected.’ As well as Justin Fishel, who is a journalist.

Moody’s response is short and to the point — comparable to, ‘we just don’t give a fuck’.

Mediaite reports:


[Justin] Fishel’s publishing of the SEAL’s name is especially interesting given that last year, he reported that SEAL Team 6?s members wanted to protect their identities out of concern for their safety. “There has been a consistent and effective effort to protect the identity of those that participated in the raid and I think that that has to continue,” Fishel quoted then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates. In that same article last year, Fishel also condemned the Obama administration for leaking key information about the raid to the press: “Rather than keeping the details secret, intelligence officials and senior administration officials briefed members of the press. It quickly leaked out that the mission was performed by 24 members of the elite and classified counterterrorism SEAL squadron, known as SEAL team 6.”


The response from Fox News is unnerving. After Gabby Douglas’ gold medal performance at the Olympics, the duo at the network wondered why there was a lack of, ‘red, white and blue’ in her uniform, while showing ‘concern’ over her lack of patriotism. After Osama bin Laden was taken down, Fox gave little credit — and if any was given, it diminished rapidly — to the Commander-in-Chief, who gave the order. While we were dancing in the streets, they were adjusting who the credit should go to. We can ponder over their reasons — perhaps Obama doesn’t wear enough flagpins. Republicans prefer to give all the credit to SEAL team six — which is understandable since they were in the line of fire, but however you wish to spin it, Obama gave the go-ahead and made the tough decisions, resulting in a bonafide, no-nonsense, ‘Mission Accomplished’.


Penguin, the company publishing the book, issued a statement to the New York Times.

Mark Owen, like every SEAL he has served with, has put his life on the line time and again for his country for more than a decade. Sharing the true story of his personal experience in “No Easy Day” is a courageous act in the face of obvious risks to his personal security. That personal security is the sole reason the book is being published under a pseudonym. We respectfully request that all news organizations and all Americans consider these facts when deciding whether to pursue or publicize his real identity.

FYI: Mark Owen is the author’s pseudonym.

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  • Just In Official

    Here’s a thought… Since Justin Fishel knows the Navy Seals’ real name, there’s a good chance he has other valuable information. Valuable as in, Osama’s followers would do well to look him up and get all the information he has on these Navy Seals, by any means possible. I mean, he outed a Nave Seal for a stupid reason, with no concern for the safety of the Seal or his family. Had he thought it through, maybe he’d have realized that he was placing a target on his own head, by showing he might have information that would be useful to them. Wouldn’t that be “Just desserts” for Justin, if the very people he sent after the Seal, came after him first?

  • acwood946

    And Justin Fishel is the scumbag reporter from HELL!

  • acwood946

    I have been pissed off all day since I saw all the news articles about FoxNews outing this man’s identity. There are no words to describe my disgust with FoxNews. Everything FoxNews has held itself out to be, they just flushed down the toilet. There will NEVER be any regaining my trust in this network. I’d as soon support MSNBC as FoxNews from here on after. I hope you do go belly up and lose ever loyal viewer you ever had. Puke on you.

  • acwood946

    FoxNews is dead to me now. I puke on FoxNews. They are not too big to fail. If everyone, every FoxNews loyalist, were to follow my lead, their outing of this SEAL, this hero, this patriot, this fellow American, will be their undoing and will clearly mark a No Easy Day for FoxNews as they go belly up. I puke on FoxNews for what they did. There is no undoing this, FoxNews. There is no defending what you did. I I puke on Oliver North for allowing FoxNews to do this because he, of ALL people should have raised the roof at FoxNews to prevent the network from jeopardizing this man’s safety and life and security. I puke on you, FoxNews.

  • MargieR

    Why is anyone surprised? I have never known Fox to show a shred of decency (or truth) in any of their reporting! It’s all about ratings and getting the under-informed up at arms about something, anything they can twist to appeal to people’s fear and prurient interests?

    • TheTruth

      MargieR, I hate to offer reality to you, but Liberal Democrats are the most under-informed people in the world. They do not care about the real world, just the fantasy they live in. You seem to be a prime example of the wide spread ignorance of that party.

  • halloween824

    Fox News wants America to fail.

  • Viral Videos

    Fox “News”, why do you hate America so badly?

  • Derp

    Fox are a bunch of cunts. Simple as that. The sooner someone bombs their HQ, the better.

    • Trevor

      Yeah, you might want to tone it down a bit. Perhaps just fire everyone there and shutdown the network. You can still use the building for a children’s orphanage or something.

      • ArmeggedonCounselor

        Make it an abortion clinic, for mad ironies.

        • ninjazebra

          We could always send in a SEAL team to ‘clean’ their HQ out, then re-purpose the building.

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