Ann Romney just refused to show ‘you people’ more tax returns: “It will just give them more ammunition”

Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann told NBC’s “Rock Center” that the campaign still has no plans to release more tax returns. “We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us,” Romney said. “But the more we release, the more we get attacked. So we have done what’s legally required and there’s going to be no more tax releases given.”

What’s problematic in Ms. Romney’s statement is that her husband hasn’t released even the amount he demanded from his vice-presidential short list. On top of that, they’re asking the middle class to sacrifice, without revealing how they have been successful at closing every loophole known to man — legally, or not. We just don’t know.


Grabbed from TPM:

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 The GOP has a site, and you can reach out and contact them. It says, “how can we help.” So tell them.  Tell them that if we’re expected to pay more in taxes under Romney’s plan, we should be privy to his tax returns.

  • mdg

    Just release the tax returns.

  • Foxinsox

    do the tax returns show that Mitt has more than one wife? if it is not money then what? and who the hell says they would be curious to see what is in their own tax papers? you have to sign those….don’t try to say you don’t even have a clue.

  • SlimShanty

    Bitch probably bottles her farts and sells them on ebay as fragrance.

    • the dude

      You sound like a wonderful person.

  • Amy Nicholson Stewart

    If they release the tax returns the democrats will then just say that Romney makes too much money. Frankly, I could care less. I am more concerned that Obama made such a big deal out of his birth certificate than this.

    • Asdfasdf

      Obama wasn’t the one who made a big deal out of it.

    • Responding to a dumbass.

      ……….but Obama didn’t make a big deal out of his birth certificate? There were plenty in the Republican party who did though….

    • Backpackwayne

      What planet do you live on? They were creating all these lies about him. Not the other way arou8nd. And he then did release his birth certificate. Just as Romney should release his tax returns.

  • The Deceitful

    She’s just a cunt like her husband is a greedy, hypocritical, backwards dick. Period. They have so much to hide but want to put pressure where it does not belong. Enough of the loopholes, the cheating and the outright disdain for the middle to low class. Tax the money where it should be hit the most: These upper-class assholes.

  • Backpackwayne

    If you get attacked the minute you release something, there is a reason. You know I wouldn’t have even cared but just the fact they refuse to release tells me they definitely have something to hide.

    On another note…, wow Ann really comes off almost evil. Wow! I didn’t realize she that witch-like.

  • JamaGenie

    What I got from that interview is Mittens can’t pee without okaying it with Queen Ann. NOT the image a man who says he’s qualified to be the next Leader of the Free World should convey. Sounds like he can’t even run his
    own family, let alone a country. As for the blind trusts about which Her Highness says: “We don’t even know what’s in them” (and haven’t since…what…2002?): Come on… Seriously??? After Mittens lost the bid for prez in 2008 and there was no longer any reason for their fortunes (plural) to be in blind trusts, she wants us to believe they didn’t run right over to the trustees and say “Okay, how much have we got NOW and where’d ya stash it?”.

    And Natalie Morales deserves a medal for biting her tongue and NOT saying ‘Lady, are you for REAL?”, as her expressions throughout most of the interview indicated she wanted to.