Meanwhile in Denver: “I actually like the name [Obamacare], because I do care!” said President Obama

Sandra Fluke introduced President Obama at a fundraiser in Denver, Colorado. It was only last year that Rush Limbaugh vilified Ms. Fluke on his show, for days at a time, over her advocation for women’s access to birth control. And now, the GOP mouthpiece is noticeably upset that he couldn’t take Fluke down, “Obama’s out there today, at a fundraiser, and guess who is introducing him? Well-known contraception expert Sandra Fluke,” the conservative radio host said.

Politico reports:

“When you mention her name, my name is what most people think of,” he continued, according to audio posted by The Daily Rushbo. “I should be getting a finder’s fee.”

“I don’t know if they give out condoms at Obama’s fundraisers,” he said, apparently answering a question from one of his producers.

Meanwhile, at the fundraiser, President Obama said after Ms. Fluke’s introduction.

Via The Political Carnival:

Sandra Fluke is “one tough and poised young lady… an eloquent advocate for women’s health. I suspect she’ll be doing some even greater things as time goes on.”

“I actually like the name [Obamacare], because I do care!”

(my bold)


I’ve learned to appreciate the term ObamaCare too, although, we should call it RomneyCare — since the health care law was modeled after Mitt Romney’s — and to piss him off.

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