New Obama Campaign ad: Ordinary Americans try the new tax calculator, “We are going to be really screwed under Romney.”

The Obama campaign released a tax calculator to determine taxes paid/saved under Mitt Romney vs. President Obama. In a video just released, Americans were asked to calculate their savings under the two.

The tax calculator was created last week and it is based on the Tax Policy Center’s assessment of Mitt Romney’s plan — which has now been deemed as ‘Romney-hood’ by President Obama (the reverse of Robin Hood).

One lady responds after seeing the results, ” We are going to be really screwed under Romney.”



Recently, Romney  called for “something dramatic” to help the economy recover, but never said exactly what — just that it needs to be dramatic.

  • Ken Ashe

    Romney’s tax plan is terrible.

    • Skippydoodling

      Romney’s tax plan isn’t.

  • longslog

    I hate how married couples without children are punished for not having children.

    • duncan

      That’s quite the exaggeration

      • longslog

        Actually I used the calculator and for my family income we are taxed $4,800.00 more than a family with 2 children.

        That is punishment. That is the reality. That is fundamentally unfair. That is $48,000 in 10 years, the common range used by the Obama admin.

        • Blargblarg

          lack of reward is not the same as punishment. you’re just addicted to being a victim.

          • Triple Beam Dream

            I don’t think it’s lack of reward when money is being stolen under a new plan, not giving the middle-class enough money to raise kids could turn lower-middle class neighborhoods into ghettos.

        • Applejam

          Average cost of a middle class family raising a child for 10 years is $126,000 ($227,000 for 18 years).

          And then you have college… I’ll gladly give the government $50,000 instead, it’s both a lot cheaper and much less of a headache.

  • Skippydoodling

    Correction: it was the woman’s husband who said initially “royally screwed.” It’s not clear but she may have also said “royally screwed.” Let’s not misrepresent the important parts of this ad :-)

    I like the 50’s “let’s bake a cake” music in the background.

  • Skippydoodling

    You mean punished tax wise? The exemptions and deductions for kids are a drop in the bucket compared to what they actually cost. I don’t have kids. I feel fortunate in that respect.

  • jT Thom

    Petition to get Romney to use the tax calculator on live television? I’d sign that.