Papa John doesn’t want you to have health care, lives in 40K square foot home, 22 car garage, underpays his employees

Partisan pizza maker, John Schnatter, founder and CEO of Papa John’s, is having a public hissy fit over ObamaCare, so much so that he’s announced to the world that he is forced (forced, I tell you) to raise his prices due to the new health care law. Schnatter is raising his prices 11 cents, likely in protest.

These must be hard times for John. Poor guy: John Schnatter is the founder, as well as chairman and CO-CEO of PaPa Johns International Inc., with a net worth of $240 million. John Schnatter has accumulated his net worth through his franchises in over 3400 restaurants around the world. He was born in Jefferson, Indiana U.S. In 2011, John was listed at number 17 on Forbes list as one of the wealthiest (under 40 years old).

Damn, he must live in one crappy apartment….

It’s just like my teeny tiny, itsy bitsy apartment!








Mitt Romney said after visiting Schnatter’s home in Anchorage, Ken., for a fundraiser:

“Who would’ve imagined pizza could build this. This is really something. Don’t you love this country? What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course…. This is a real tribute to America, to entrepreneurship.”

Papa John can’t afford for you to have health care. See?










John’s house:

This large and over the top mansion is owned by the founder and CEO of Papa John’s, John Schnatter. The house is 40,000 square feet and it resembles a castle. One interesting feature on this 16-acre estate is the 22-car underground garage, complete with an office for valet parking, a car wash and even a motorized turn table to move limousines. The home also has a state-of-the-art exercise suite and a huge 6,000 square foot carriage house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any information on the inside of this interesting estate. Click the link below for an aerial view.

You will need to see the aerial view, to capture the entirety of his home. My entire apartment in Manhattan, is likely much, much smaller than this man’s closet.

But, I’m sure he pays his employees well, amirite?

Good ol’ John doesn’t pay his employees enough to rent my 2×2 closet, in my teeny tiny (but comfy!) apartment. A delivery driver makes a whopping $6.41 per hour. 

It’s wonderful that this man has been able to realize the American dream — some of it, on the backs of his workers, who are insufficiently paid. But, nevertheless, I applaud his success — but his partisan views made while living in his sprawling mansion, clearly are not in the interest of the middle class.

John, people die without health care.

  • Pharacon

    Did you sell your car to get enough money to start your first business? Did you spend hours and hours slaving away to build your business up? What is the sweat of your own brow not your own anymore in America?

    • Anon

      Start a fast food chain and see what happens when McDonald’s moves in next door. The market is no longer fair game.

      • Kazanz

        Duh. That’s just an excuse though. Come up with an original idea. Fast food was an original idea started by Mcdonalds. There is always a different market you can tap into. There is always a new need.

        • Alli Girl

          White Castle and A&W were the first fast food chains…….

      • ermergerd

        Yea this is complete horse shit… If you have a good enough idea or sell good enough food people will buy it. Even if you have shit food and shit idea but amazing marketing you can still sell it.
        And to the guy who said look up the word sentient like smug douche…should we follow the same elitist you follow who have their heads so far up their own asses that they don’t even know what America looks like anymore? Either way you crack it both of the candidates are jokes and wont get fuck all done for America.

        • PaulD

          Universal healthcare is a good thing. Everyone paying taxes equivalently is also a good thing. Looking out for each other is a good thing. It doesn’t take much, especially when the most wealthy pitch in. You are not one of them. Believe me, you want universal healthcare and equal taxation for all. Ever been to Washington D.C. within a couple miles of the White House? Yah, you’re whole fucking country could look like that. But, your leadership is dog shit and you’re NOT the best country in the world any more. In fact, you’re not even close. But you could be. You’re fucking it up. Big time.

          • Andrea

            The wealthy currently pay 94% of the federal income tax. More than 50% of US citizens don’t pay any federal income tax. So I have to ask, when have the wealthy contributed enough?

            Also, I disagree on Universal healthcare. I can see the pros, but I can also see how it will affect medical care and costs if run by the government. In addition, I don’t want a government to dictate what medical care I can receive. Had that been the case, my dad would’ve died from cancer, given that the treatment he received was still new (thanks to innovation based on a competitive free market) and wouldn’t have been approved by government plans. The whole idea being being American is freedom of choice and freedom from a large government.

        • phlabbygasteric

          English? Are you English? Because, you sound English. I just say that to point out that if you are English. F.O. because it’s doubtful that you really get what you are talking about. If you are not English my apologies to you and all Englishmen but, still, F.O. “same elitist”, huh? You seem to be talking out your neck and still having the sound come out your rectum. I hate it when the English use colloquialisms like “horse shit”. It’s like if I said you sound dodgy kipper. Or if I said you sound like a cheeky wanker. It’s just not quite right. The criticism: “elitist” is just a lame quasi lightning-rod. Doesn’t mean shit. Or if a Brit were to say it: It doesn’t mean horse shit. You are trying to insult someone for being educated…. blah blah blah. Damned near as stimulating as listening to Rush Limbaugh.

          • jt

            He’s right you know, america is falling apart

    • Webb4biking

      Oh FFS, lots of people take risks and work hard but they, as human beings who are sentient (look it up), give a damn about their fellow human beings and would like to make things better for them. When did being an uncaring asshat become an admirable American value? Oh and the lowest high income tax-rate in 80 years isn’t good enough for you? Quit supporting egocentric, greedy twits.

    • PaulD

      No ones going to take anything away from him. If every person with an income paid 20% income tax… We’d be living in an absolute wonderland. Universal healthcare is THE STANDARD in civilized first-world nations. Attitudes like yours will be the downfall of the USA. You’ll live to see it :)

      • Andrea

        Interesting that people are trying so hard to make us into a European country when for so long America has fought to be it’s own nation and have it’s own identity. Not to mention the fact that most countries are feeling the financial strain of their healthcare programs and lack the innovation that competitive free enterprise creates in the medical field.

        • Mark Weld

          you might wanna read up on the UK, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany etc..they have a stronger economy…their dollar is worth more…they have a higher standard of living…they live longer, they have free healthcare…who’d want THAT, huh!?

          • baffled369

            RIght, the US wasn’t even in the top 10 countries to be born in – it was tied with Germany @ 16th. The majority of those top 10 were socialist, and if they can make socialism work, why can’t we make at least a part of it work over here? Oh, I forgot, greed.

    • Frank

      About Time… Someone is Honest! That is what SUCCESS in America can bring you… ANYTHING you Want! People need to stop worrying about what others have and Find ways to be SUCCESSFUL so they to can Live the Dream!

      • Anjisan1963

        Frank. That’s quite the Utopia you laid out there. Let’s take it to its logical conclusion: Let’s say that EVERYONE in this country worked just as hard as EVERYONE ELSE. Let’s say that EVERYONE had the same opportunities as EVERYONE ELSE. Now we have a level playing field. Would this mean that all these people working just as hard as the next guy will all enjoy fabulous success and enormous wealth? Or, does it still come down to the luck of the draw? Would the people who got to the top FIRST, rig the game, in order to limit the wealth accumulation of the people beneath them trying to grab the same brass ring?

        You’re living an illusion my friend. The truth of the matter is the American Dream is No More. It’s over. It ended decades ago. Now all that is left is the divvying up of the smaller and smaller pieces of wealth into the hands of the 1%. Think I’m wrong.

        When I was in my 20’s, I had a job that didn’t pay all that much, but I was a member of an HMO which provided me with very nice health benefits. I had $5 doctor co-pays, and $2 prescription pill costs. Hospital visits and other amenities were covered by my plan. I’m now in my 50’s. The best I can get is a PPO where I spend close to $500 a month for coverage and I’m now paying hundreds of dollars a month in out of pocket expenses.

        The quality of this coverage is no where near the quality of the coverage I received in my 20’s. It is also now enormously expensive. The medical insurance company ran by rich men like this Papa John character, are reaping even more profits now than they did 30 years ago. CEO pay has skyrocketed through the roof, while us normal American’s have barely seen an inflation-adjusted shift in our overall pay since 1978.

        Truth of the matter is… Low income, middle income Americans are footing more and more of this country’s bill and receiving less and less for our efforts. That American Dream where 40,000 square foot homes and riches beyond our wildest imaginations is a receding dot on the horizon. Although, there are a few breakouts from time to time (Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc…), for the rest of us there’s just not much left anymore.

        • Robert Grayson

          Sshh! Papa Schnatter and his ilk don’t like you speaking like that! You might wake up the sleeping peasants from their American Dream ™!

        • zoombazoo

          Anjisan I agree with you except your criticism of Frank. Methinks he was being sarcastic to Pharacons post, at least that’s the way I read it.

      • James Smith

        The american dream was back in the 50’s and 60s when any able bodied average american could afford to support his family. Then the 1% decided that being 1% wasn’t enough they needed to be .5% so they started with dismantling the manufacturing industry in this country and shipping everything overseas. The GOP has destroyed this nation and there is no coming back from it.

        • Tamara Moxham

          …where any able-bodied WHITE MALE was allowed to try

        • Andrea

          Civilization goes through different booms. The reasons why the manufacturing industry is moving overseas is partially due to unions (you could make $100K+ if you stayed in the same job long enough and were in a union), cheaper labor overseas, price competition and people who would prefer to buy cheap crap than the more expensive quality item. We have become an impatient society that believes we should be living at the same level of comfort while in our 20s that our parents worked hard to achieve by the time that they were in their 50s. This is a large part of the reason for the housing collapse. People lived outside of their means and their debt to income ratio finally caught up with them. People have become very entitled and are lazy, otherwise we would make the sacrifices necessary and put the work in to create our own small businesses. Small business is the real backbone of the American economy. The GOP didn’t destroy our nation. We did.

      • Laurel Fenenga Parker

        Anarchists – that’s what Republicans have become. Do whatever the hell you want, so long as it makes you money. And then what? Emptiness. You try making MORE money to assauge the emptiness. Resulting in greater emptiness. So then you focus on what else you can take away from people. Basic human rights. Emptiness. again. What will you try next? Taxing people with literal bits of flesh? It doesn’t matter. You’ll always end up feeling empty. Try experiencing kindness and giving for a change. That is how you get filled up, not through greed and anarchy.

    • Phlabbygasteric

      Unending lie of the upper-class: I sacrifice. Maybe. But doesn’t mean you deserve more than the Moms who sacrifice every day. Here’s a stepladder. Now climb down.

      • Andrea

        I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous comment. You need to get over yourself. We all make sacrifices and take risks. Some pay off, some don’t. We’re not all going to have the same results, and quite honestly, we don’t all deserve the same results.

    • owassobb

      The word of GOD dose talk about GREED I am not say the man is greedy I am just saying

    • Laurel Fenenga Parker

      No one gets there by themselves. This man would have absolutely nothing, if it were not for the hard work of tens of thousands of employees. Since when did fairness become such a dirty word?

  • Sglooney

    I don’t like his pizza anyway. I don’t buy it. There is a shame on him. He is another greedy corporate pig.

  • Champ

    what a piece of shit

  • John Streets

    None of these pizza companys pay their employees shit.

    • Andrea

      It’s not like working for a pizza company requires a lot of skills, education or experience. In fact, many of the employees are students. Please explain why they should pay more.

      • Roseanna Ondra

        is what I thought Andrea. 6.41/hr, plus an average of an additional $5-$10/hour in tips, ( I worked @Dominoies in HS) = is at least $16.41/hour for at least a half-shift. Perfect for a student or partner supporting an income. If you’d like to make more than this per hour, go to vocational school or college, it’s what I did. Papa John can buy whatever the heck size house he wants-he earned it.

        • GassyMcFathead

          Sure wish I made that kinda cheese in the area I deliver in. There’s a reason nobody has company cars anymore. It’s a failing effort. If I factor in insurance, gas, high maintenance, wear and tear, major repairs, brakes, tires, oil changes once a month, and nevermind a car payment (if you’re lucky enough to be able to fit THAT in the budget), I probably take home just a hair over minimum wage. That’s factoring in that I have a spotless driving record and relatively low insurance rates. And for all of you who say find a better job – I say quit yours today and see how well you fare finding another one. I’m not saying my job is difficult or that it requires any special skills, but it’s been my observation (every day) that most people can’t drive worth a damn on a good day and probably shouldn’t be allowed to do so. That is a talent in itself. Top this all off with the idea that tips are great (they aren’t) and you have a bad idea all over. I wish I could be the cute little waitress that makes 15 bucks an hour. Never gonna happen. What I can’t believe is that people can’t seem to figure out the difference between a delivery charge and a TIP. Even when they can, I’m just dying to ask them what I would have to pay THEM to come pick it up. Some folks couldn’t get it to save their lives, but they either tip poorly or not at all. I can’t really complain though, as it is up to the customer to make that choice, but I wish I had a way to relay this matter politely.

          Oh, and by the way, I’ve been to college and have two different certifications on top of that, and still can’t find squat. Glad you blew somebody who could get you a job in your field of choice.

  • AdBlaze

    Why worry about what he says. Go put in some work and get something for yourself.

  • ShittySchnatter

    You dolt. That’s the normal rate for delivery drivers, its a tip-based system. Waitresses make as little as $4 an hour, and delivery drivers have to do far less than other employees. He’s a rat bastard and we all know it, but don’t pretend like you understand everyone’s pay rates innately.

    • Thomas Tilly

      So what your saying is that employees could be under paid as long as they beg for a tip from the customer?

      • None

        Welcome to America!

        • Frank

          If you know of a Better Place… Feel Free to Leave AMERICA!

          • Mac

            Or, how about we try to make America better?

          • Robert Grayson

            Stop making those kinds of suggestions, you’re interrupting his patriotic narrative!

      • Ray Reynolds

        When I worked at Pizza Hut we were paid $1.95 when minimum was about $5. It was all about tips and how you can get pizza buyers pay your salary.

        • left-wing pinko

          That’s it. Employers think that because you make tips and if they pay you a salary, you can make more than them – since not all tips are declared in taxes. The rich man is always terrified that the poor man is gonna make more than him. It also makes you resentful towards the people you serve, because many believe that you recieve a salary.

      • Thugnificent1

        lol sound like a good system not to mention thew wear and tear on there rides maintenance and insurance

      • Thugnificent1

        lol they going to make u do a dance at the door for a nickle

    • GassyMcFathead

      I so wish that were true. Please get your waitress to try to fix her car around once a month or so on average ( oh wait, she doesn’t usually need to drive a car to do her job), pay commercial car insurance, keep the driving record spotless, do monthly oil changes, pay for monster wear and tear, new tires, alignments, etc…. Oh, yeah, and explain that she doesn’t do anyone a favor by bringing them their food that they couldn’t get by themselves to save their lives, or at least ask them how much she’d have to pay them to come get it themselves. Maybe even explain that a delivery charge is not a tip. We only get a portion of that just to cover gas (which it no longer does), and we don’t even make minimum wage either unless they tip reasonably well. Keep thinking like that and nobody will deliver you a thing without charging you an arm and a leg up front. And for those who think that we do less than a waitress, you’re right. We’re usually guys, and we don’t fill out a low neck sweater as well. Other than that, we bust our butts in the store just like everybody else, except that we do it at a good bit less than minimum wage. Stick that dolt in your pipe and suck on it.

    • GassyMcFathead

      And in case I forgot to mention it, your average waitress doesn’t get held up at gun point and/ or shot for $20 on a regular basis. I’ve been held up at gun point three times now. Sawed off shotgun, 9mm semi-automatic, and 5 shot magnum revolver. Not shot yet, but I can always hope for that lucky day to get shot and killed over a pizza and $20. :/

  • Sandy from Great Fallls

    You know nothing of the slim margins restaurants operate in and I doubt you’ve ever been self-employed. Schnatter built an empire from modest beginnings–he took the risks, he paid the start up costs, and he employs thousands people. That’s not enough for you? What exactly does he owes the middle class?

    Furthermore, he didn’t say he opposes company-sponsored health insurance, he said he opposes Obamacare–that bloated, sweating, earmark-dump of a bill that raises employer costs, limits choice and diminish the standards of care that many workers currently enjoy under employer-sponsored plans.

    Cry me a river, Anomaly.

    • Deserai

      Not only does it raise costs, but it does not allow anyone to sign up for new plans under private healthcare after it has been implimented. Well, that’s at least what it said when I read it, you know, the version that passed one but not the other? They did say they’d alter it after it was passed (unconstitutional) and come up with a version both sides would agree on, so it might not still be accurate, but whatever…

  • Dfronzak

    You’re right. I should pay your electric bill while I’m at it. Lemme just write off your health insurance premiums.

    • Ian Abbott

      Hi Danny!

      • Dfronzak

        Hi Ian! On the topic of the exchange above, I blame the parents.

    • PaulD

      In Canada and the rest of the civilized planet, universal healthcare is NEVER even questioned. Everyone loves it. And you know what potatohead, I guaran-fucking-tee the first time something bad happens to you or your wife or one of your children YOU aren’t going to be able to hack it. Everyone deserves the right to healthcare, even ignorant punks like you.

      • Dfronzak

        OMG. You really just called me a potato head. I’m not even gonna go into the fact that its historically proven that Universal healthcare has worked GREAT in some places and shitty in others based on the differences in social demographics and national economies (whoops! there goes your NEVER questioned guaran-fucking-tee!) or the fact that myself and every other person I have blanketed under MY health insurance is covered in the case of an emergency in addition to an emergency fund I garnered from a little bit of fiscal responsibility should costs get abnormal because I planned ahead (so I’m deeply moved by your concern for my well being in addition to that of my family but would appreciate if you’d kindly cease and desist in attempting to spoon feed me socialized medicine based on hollow facts and weak personal points of view). I simply am flabbergasted that you had the NERVE, sir of calling me a punk potatohead. Had your insults taken a different path, its entirely possible my opinion of socialized healthcare may have changed completely. But alas…..

      • ivorybill

        Whoa horse, WHOA!……….Pardon me Sir!….,As this tall/short stranger looks down from his short, but high horse. Say there Bud!….is this the here canadian town the one they call HatesVille?

      • Deserai

        You’re a pleasant person… Did you know, Paul, that the last time I took a look at Canada’s taxes wasn’t that long ago. I saw something I didn’t like: 50% of every paycheck was removed at start to pay income taxes ONLY. I sure as HELL don’t want that in the USA, but that, and other enormous taxes, is what it takes to pay for universal healthcare.

        • Jake J.

          Canada pays nearly the same income tax rates as the United States (source). It seems Canada pays just a bit less, though.

          So, basically, Canada gets a far superior and much cheaper healthcare system while Americans pay a lot more for a lot less. In EVERY country that has a universal healthcare system, people pay less, receive better service, and they live longer. Face it, Deserai: our healthcare system fuckings sucks.

  • Bobitis1

    I’d still rather be living in that apartment in Manhattan than the mansion in KY.

  • Gordon

    “Anomoly” sure can dish it out but I doubt that it is willing to give away all the money in its bank account to pay for someone else’s healthcare. If “Anomoly” cares so much why isn’t it taking out a bank loan to pay for someone else’s healthcare. I don’t think “Anomoly” has really thought through what it wants other to do because it is completely ignoring great opportunities to give away everything it owns to pay for someone else’s healthcare. “Anomoly” sucks.

    • Andrsjake

      Gordon… Look we live in a country that has favored corporate business formula for the last 40 years. Let’s turn it around here. Why do we taxpayers pay for corporations heathcare, intrastructure, risk and social responsibility. Our nation has promoted this capitalist vision to enrich the few while selling out the the rest of us.

      Sure restrurant business is ferice. But this is not what PapaJohn Inc is about. It sells franchises to other that carry all the risk of a restrarant business. This little shit of a man is greedy. His money came so fast he’s has no identity. Now he’s trying to buy his identity as a player with the old money crowd. It’s pitiful…

    • Rjtedrow

      That is cute how the Pizza guy is so rich and young :) Please explain it to me old guy :)

  • Rixar13

    Note to self: No Papa John’s Pizza…

    • bellesouth

      That just means the drivers making minimum wage are gonna get fewer tips.

      • jennye

        Or the drivers can go work for the competing delivery business we buy from instead and whose profits grow because of it.

      • Nicholas Ernst

        Then they should find a better job. It should never, ever be the consumer’s responsibility to support a shitty business(everything about Papa Johns sucks) just to support the people that work there.

    • Ron Serina

      Spread that good common approach around would you ….if you think the man does business unfairly do not support him

  • nosedigger

    Shitty pizza. Shitty Politics. Papa Johns.

  • TurboKitty

    Poor Papa John … he doesn’t care if his employees live or die cause he’s got his house and his business … his employees have their tips … #FAIL

  • Ray Reynolds

    God for 15 cents per pizza he could give healthcare to his employees-what an ass.

    • denied_fair_coverage

      EXACTLY!! Im willing to pay it.. (it not even coming out of his pocket? poor thing…WOW!)
      I was tricked out of my COBRA coverage at the time due to unethical, deceiving billing practices and have been denied health coverage for 7 yrs now mainly due to cancer (and relatively MINOR care ) just had a stress induced heart attack ( ironically at a horribly abusive job I kept mainly to access health coverage which had yet to kick in) and received up with 48K hospital bill for 2 days and minor exploratory surgery. but her is nothing wrong with our system?
      and who do these bozos think is going to pay that bill now? Even though Im paid fairly well when I can work, and dont shirk my financial or other duties, I sure cant pay that bill! but esp now w/o a job and a weakened heart. and I dont know very many that could?
      So the cycle continues. had I had access to affordable care and not gotten the “pre-existing shaft” I wouldnt have stayed there and been subjected to that crap and wouldnt now be forever changed and currently scrambling to pay any bill, much less this ludicrous medical biils. (so ultimately we ALL pay anyway!) Preventative is ALWAYS better and that is all Obama care is trying to do. convoluted I’Il grant ya that.. but it needs SERIOUS fixing!

  • James Trivett

    Well I will be protesting that,asshole papa johns!!!!!!!

    • Pjdoboy

      It’s amazing how much you people forget about that is actually causing all of the price increases that you will all see. It’s not just one product but will be just about everything you currently purchase. Educate yourself on what is really happening today in our world. Oil companies making billions of dollars profit on speculation. Insurance companies making billions on collecting premiums that increase but pay out at a lower percentage. Drug companies making billions off of 1 type of drug then being fined by the government for improperly stating what that drug really does. Phizer made 10 billion off one drug then to be fined by the government 3.5 billion. All went to the government. Health reform in current state will cost all Americans extra in taxes. When they eliminate bush tax cuts all Americans will receive tax increase. The middle class will be hardest hit. The current administration does not care who actually pays as long as they can hire 16,000 new tax agents. And guess what those new agents will not be going after the top 1 percent. They will be coming after you. Wake the hell up. Pay attention and understand what this election is really all about. It’s about your pocket and how to protect it

  • labman57

    Mantra of the fiscally conservative 1%er:
    “I’ve got mine, to hell with everyone else”

    • javajoe

      Not quite.
      The mantra is. “I’ve got mine and….I want yours.”

      • starskeptic

        watch out for that union guy – he wants your cookie…

      • Brandy Mcdonald

        Nope. Its the 21st century. It has upgraded to… Fu*k you, its MINE!

    • Christie Restore America

      How about I’ve earned my wealth and giving it away to lazy hand-out grabbing individuals is not only irresponsible it promotes dependency. Instead of complaining you’re mediocre, go back to school, open a business, or at least better prepare your children. Republican = I’ve earned vs. Democrats = I deserve.

      • mikess314

        Republican = 300 Million individuals out for themselves vs Democrats = 1 Nation

      • Compulsive Collector

        This isn’t about giving anything away to “lazy, hand-out [sic] grabbing individuals.” This is about people who WORK for a living having access to health care. A clueless, functionally illiterate fellow such as yourself has no business suggesting anyone else should go back to school.

      • Laura

        I see your point, but these arent just handouts to people who dont deserve it, they are his own employees. I understand that handouts toward lazy people is frustrating for conservatives, but these are not lazy people. Again, they work for this man. In this situation, I’m sure you can see that he is clearly not doing the right thing. He is simply punishing them out of his own political frustration and it’s very unfair to the employees.

      • Wow123

        I’m not a democrat but we are not able to make our millions without our customers and our staff and just because I am wealthy now I remember when I wasn’t and I wasn’t lazy or expected handouts but everyone starts somewhere and just because someone isn’t in our tax bracke doesn’t mean we should say “F” them all its ridiculous divided we will fall as a country if we don’t find a balance.

        • EmmyEm

          I applaud your comment, Wow123. I have a Master’s degree and work in an incredibly taxing field every day. I don’t expect handouts, I just want to get by

      • leigh

        You’re incredibly unknowledgeable. This is pertaining to his employees. They’re making min wage, handling your food, & not able to afford to see a Dr. when they’re sick, yet working through their shifts…SO, makes sense, if you have any to actually comprehend the big picture. & If he’s not supporting his employee’s whom have helped build his great empire, then the govn’t most likely will. Quit being bitter & get over it.

      • Richard Casey

        Not really what this article is about. There’s a difference between people thinking they deserve something, and people getting fucked over by someone with more money than they’ll ever need just to try and make the politician he doesn’t like look bad. These aren’t hand-out grabbing individuals, jackass, these are hard working people who’re not only getting under paid, but now losing their jobs because some selfish arsehole wants to try and prove a point to make sure he keeps making more money than he’ll ever use.

      • Cheddar Pants

        Earned? Those profits came from the hard work of people living paycheck to paycheck, and doing without basic necessities. If a corporation generates enough profit to the point that the CEO is able to live like that, every single person who works for that corporation definitely has a reasonable expectation to be paid a living wage.

      • Mary Ann Brizzolara

        “Giving it away to lazy hand-out grabbing individuals” … Providing a decent wage and health insurance for your employees who help you make your millions is “Giving it away to lazy hand-out grabbing individuals?” You are a prime example of what is wrong with the GOP.

        • Win1

          Absolutely! I have no idea how he can comfortably sleep anywhere in that 40, 000 square foot mansion knowing that he only pays his employees not even enough to get by. And healtcare, well Mr. Schnatter is worth and makes enough on the backs of his employees to at the least pay for their healthcare.

      • Laurel Fenenga Parker

        What does paying employees fairly for their work have to do with hand outs? It’s pretty obvious this is the irresponsible grabber.

        You’ve twisted it ( as usual). The difference between the parties is Republicans = takers, Democrats = givers. You’re predatory. And BTW, I’ve owned a successful business. I treated my employees well, and recieved loyalty in return. They offered to cater my wedding as a thankyou. This rat’s ass will never experience that kind of relationship.

      • Tamara Moxham

        Those who start businesses don’t do it in a vacuum. Unless you are a business of one you have workers. Don’t act like everyone can do this. We are not a species that can operate in isolation. Providing decent healthcare if nothing else makes sure your wage-slaves can keep working and you don’t have to break a new horse. Does THAT make sense to your cold heart?

      • secular1

        So labman57 what is the name of the successful business you started?

      • Christophla

        Christie – you’re fired.

      • Restore This

        I see that you only value people who contribute to society by leading/starting businesses. I also value those contributions because product innovations improve quality of life and create jobs. But I realize all that’s only possible with the contributions of others. Have fun fixing your own car, growing and cooking your own food, tailoring your own clothes, building your own house and picking up everything you buy from the factory, asshole.

      • Mark Weld

        yeah..people who have a job that doesn’t provide healthcare are lazy…….keep drinking the Rupert Kool Aid

      • dragon lady

        Not everyone can be a millionaire. Not everyone can be a business owner. Someone has to pick up the garbage, protect them and teach their kids. Businesses that treat their employees well, tend to do even better. Happy employees make for happy customers willing to come to your business. I’ve had my last PJ’s Pizza.

  • Barry Gumbert

    Amazing how much money you can make by selling crap. I have no sympathy for Business owners who have to cheat their employees so they can have their 22 car garage.

  • ivorybill

    Why be jealous of such fake show for purposes in life. Facsimile to what? Not Nature, for it has no such arrogance, no such disgust, yet humans adorn their being with jewels of passions, and possessions. No symbiont reality within such adolescent Darwinian metamorphasis thus far. Health care, don’t joke around in folloy, like him this article depicts, for why do we deserve health care at all, for our descending natures, and complete derelictions to common sense. Most Americans are obese, and why?….They are complacent enough to remain ignorant, and yet contained in that fat, the adacity to complain. Health, the health of Nature goes to Hell for the whims of us all. We know not how to be stewards of simple, yet necessive life forms, and all the other life, it;s diversity, which emaciates a little more each day, while we resolve only human differences.

  • Ftbrown44

    I”ve Not eaten Papa’s in 5 years, Repubs, all same don’t want their peon workers to have the health care, that they have.!

    • Roseanna Ondra

      oh yea, that’s me, that’s what i want, mooo-hahaha, evil repub. how bout do what i did: work full time, go to school full time, buy my health ins, make money, get educated, stay healthy. then, when you’re all grown up, just like my parents, you are educated and make better money.

  • Emberstar321

    Ahh…America, where millionaires can extort, lie, cheat and step on fragile souls to become billionaires!

    • Oleg Yazvin

      People do it everywhere. In America, however, we’re raised with a sense of entitlement where effort is rewarded (Here’s a trophy for trying), so we get pissed when we’re adults and effort isn’t worth shit. Everywhere else, only success is rewarded. Kids know right from the beginning that effort doesn’t matter as much as success, so when the kids grow up and they do fail, they don’t complain because they knew from day one that success was more important than effort. Instead, the applaud those who succeed, or at worst are indifferent.

      • Andrea

        Thanks for that, Oleg. As I read all of these comments, I realize how ridiculous people can be, and how little they understand about business. The comments made about people who make minimum wage (I noticed that the writer of the article didn’t point out that drivers’ wages are supplemented with tips and receive more than waitresses) are ridiculous. A lot of the employees are high school and college kids, who work in a position that doesn’t require experience or education. A lot of them are covered under their parents’ plans for healthcare, but Papa Johns will still have to fulfill Obamacare requirements. I am tired of hearing entitled, whiny people villianizing the successful in our country. Seriously. Get over it. There is more opportunity in the US than any other country. That’s why people still immigrate to America from all over the world. Like Oleg said, we are rewarded for our risks, talents and efforts. OH, and this IS the American Dream, the ability to move up in the world based on our efforts, not our station (or caste) in life. Anyone who assumes that the American dream doesn’t exist simply because we don’t all start on the same playing ground doesn’t understand what the dream is. They are too busy trying to bring others down to their level to take responsibility for themselves.

        Also, don’t automatically assume that because someone is wealthy that they cheated the “little people” to get there. Business owners accept the risk of running a company, and invest more time and money than their employees. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes the owner loses everything. Employees merely move on the next job. When it comes down to it, businesses are going to have to be able to deal with the effects of Obamacare. It’s going to hurt a lot of companies financially. Papa Johns has to make up the difference and hurt their bottom line, increase prices or get rid of some overhead. Also, the profit doesn’t go just to Papa John. It’s a publicly traded company. Papa John just receives a salary at this point. And if you want to be fair, the writer of this article never mentions what the CEO salary is, the specifics on how the initial money was made or the difference in profits/salary from the time that the house was built until now.

        • Clay Dreslough

          For the most part, Mr. Schnatter didn’t “build” his business. He stole it from thousands of small business owners and millions of taxpayers. He spends millions on lawyers and accountants so that he can pay LESS THAN HALF THE TAX RATE than I do.

          I run a business that offers real jobs that provide great health to my employees and their families. Good news: I’m not going to hell. More good news: I don’t have to live in a 22,000 square foot limestone mansion, feeling like a total dick every day I wake up.

  • owassobb

    Say what not popa John he is an Obama hater to ,I like the pizza but not any more,I vote with my wallet

    • Andrea

      If you want to boycott a company based on a poorly written and biased article that leaves out the majority of the facts…Go right ahead. That is your right.

  • StanChaz

    Mitt’s TRUE faith is MoreMon-eyism for the 1%.
    Romney’s new attack ad prominently pictures the late Pope John Paul II, saying “Be not Afraid”. Mitt is obviously -and crassly- trying to garner some “posthumous” political endorsements. But the Pope was actually quoting Jesus Christ -who ALSO said things like: “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” and “whatsoever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”. Mitt, since you’re the proud proud poster-boy for ”I’m-not-concerned-about-the-very-poor”-Vulture-Capitalism, if I were you I’d be VERY afraid…for your soul.
    Or what’s left of it.

  • bellesouth

    I don’t mind paying 11 more cents for pizza if it means the driver gets to go to the doctor when he’s sick.

    • Thugnificent1

      blanco they just gonna put that in there pocket its goes to papa john himself dummy

    • Laurel Fenenga Parker

      He’s got no intention of spending that 11 cents on his employees. They woudn’t have helathcare if he raised the pizza’s 35.00 because he doesn’t believe in taking care of his own. It’s just a protest against the US’s democratic system. The man’s a rat who pees in his own water, and should be encouraged to move to a country that isn’t about democracy, because he doesn’t believe in citizens having a voice in politics.

    • Organic Marketing

      EXACTLY!! Im willing to pay it.. (it not even coming out of his pocket? poor thing…WOW!)

      I was tricked out of my COBRA coverage at the time due to unethical, deceiving billing practices and have been denied health coverage for 7 yrs now mainly due to cancer (and relatively MINOR care ) just had a stress induced heart attack ( ironically at a horribly abusive job I kept mainly to access health coverage which had yet to kick in) and received up with 48K hospital bill for 2 days and minor exploratory surgery. but her is nothing wrong with our system?

      and who do these bozos think is going to pay that bill now? Even though Im paid fairly well when I can work, and dont shirk my financial or other duties, I sure cant pay that bill! but esp now w/o a job and a weakened heart. and I dont know very many that could?

      So the cycle continues. had I had access to affordable care and not gotten the “pre-existing shaft” I wouldnt have stayed there and been subjected to that crap and wouldnt now be forever changed and currently scrambling to pay any bill, much less this ludicrous medical biils. (so ultimately we ALL pay anyway!) Preventative is ALWAYS better and that is all Obama care is trying to do. convoluted I’Il grant ya that.. but it needs SERIOUS fixing!

  • Deacon Robert W. Henry

    Like I said, there is more to the story than people and businesses talking about President Obama wanting America to have healthcare. Since this Pizza guy said he was going up on the purchase of his pizza, don’t buy them; make or buy frozen ones…you will be better off. With his 40sf home, 22 car parking building underneath…he can afford to pay his employees $12.00 per hours and still provide them with healthcare. Greed kills those who remain greedy!

    • Clay Dreslough

      Better yet: don’t eat pizza. It’s white flour covered in “cheese” and the fattiest meat that they can find on the slaughterhouse floor. Papa John would do more for American health care if he just stopped selling pizza altogether.

  • Tomas lucas

    what a piece of pizza crap
    pizza mekes you fat fat and unhealthy
    mr papa johns pay better and give health care
    or go cry to youre castle

  • Yolie A Calderon-o

    Yes another greedy pizza jerk

  • DunFooo

    Typical corporate America. Those at the top get filthy rich while kicking their employees in the nuts. If they could figure out a way to farm the work out to the 8 cent an hour chinese kids like Apple et. al, they would.

  • Julie

    I would gladly pay more for my pizza if it meant the employees would have health care. I’m not going to support any business owned by someone so heartless, greedy and exploitative as Schnatter has proven himself to be.

  • mrsprig

    Better Ingredients, Better Shit-Pie, From The “JOHN”

  • Anti-Republican

    The common man needs to show a few of the assholes like the almightly Papa John that it was the middleclass that helped build his empire, and it is the middleclass who can boycott this assholes’ pizza business to bring it down. Don’t buy Papa John’s Pizza. Spread the word.

  • Will Staples

    Petty, privileged bastard.

  • DragonLady58

    Ya’All are trashing him? But other companies have been doing it longer and cheating their employers more. What about those companies? oh right because it is the god almighty Walmart it is OK. Double standards people, double standards. Do any of you own a company?? Do you know the costs involved in a decision like this?? No??

  • RitaMarieM

    I don’t think I’ve ever eaten there. Aren’t they take and bake pizzas? Might as well get rising crust at the grocery store.

  • chashas

    Oh yes i forgot you build something great make money and its bad thing… you entitled fucks. go get some hand outs!

  • Steven Gauck

    “Who would’ve imagined pizza could build this. This is really something. Don’t you love this country? What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course…. This is a real tribute to America, to entrepreneurship.” – Mitt Romney

    That’s right. In Romney World, the tribute to America are over the top mansions for CEOs — not employees who have access to health care.

  • Dustin Muhfukin Isaacs

    You people are so stupid I can’t even fathom the thoughts that form inside your head. I’m ordering some Papa Johns right now because of you butthurt liberals that do not understand a business. You do understand how a business works right? Besides, the guy has publicly stated that he neither supports nor disapproves of Obamacare. He even said it is great that everyone will have healthcare. But you people haven’t actually researched have you? Did you know that he also took part in raising 1 million dollars for Sandy victims? What have you done today? Get a life and do something positive with it instead of complaining about some business guys success, and bitching about how he doesn’t spend his money the way you think he should. Now vote down losers. Even though my post actually includes logic. You all are so cool.

    • Roseanna Ondra

      wtg Dustin

  • vols

    This man has worked hard at building his business. With 3400
    restaurants around the world he didn’t get there by sitting on the couch eating
    Cheetos collecting a welfare check. So, with that being said he earned his
    money and he can live in any home he chooses and spend it however he wants, that’s his freedom. Just like someone collecting
    money from the government every month makes a choice on how they want to spend
    their money. The article stated he under
    paid his employees. No one forces anyone to work at Papa Johns. Either way, the
    government has set regulations of what employees can be paid… so he is not
    outside of any guidelines there. If you have a problem with what the wages are
    maybe you should take that up with your president, Mr. Obama. Plus they are not
    taking into account any tips that these employees may make. As far as insurance goes, Papa John is not
    the only increase you will see from Obama Care. You will see increases across
    the board. It should be easy for you to
    see that when running a business when you add in an expense such as providing
    healthcare for all employees, there would have to be an increase in the cost of
    the product. Papa Johns can’t get the increase by borrowing from China or
    printing more money, he has to raise the cost of your pizza. The price gets
    raised to keep things going the same way they were before and to keep the
    economy going. By selling pizza and investing money in the stock market and opening
    more franchises in different areas. Why should he take a cut each year from his
    hard earned money because the government is making him provide healthcare in a
    job that health care was not an option before?
    If you want healthcare better yourself and get a better job. No one in this article mentions how much he donates
    to charity or gives back to the community.
    This past year they rewarded their customers by giving away 2 million
    pizzas. That’s 22 million in revenue and probably 10 million in inventory… but
    that’s just pocket change right?

    • Overwhelmingryan

      And yet he would rather fire employees than take a little hit to his profit.

    • Aestro

      His employees often work hard as well, and they DON’T have mansions or a quarter-billion dollars. It’s very easy to work hard in this world and not be wealthy. Providing healthcare for those that help build his business is a small price to pay.

  • You are a leech on society

    You are an idiot – you have no idea how policy affects his business and has nothing to do with how big his house is. He built his company from the ground up and surprisingly enough, he actually doesnt get to keep all the money he makes! Can you believe that? See, there are things called operating costs and some companies actually operate to make money and not just offer pizza for free. So what if drivers make $6 an hour? Go get another job if you dont like it. You are delivering pizza not curing cancer. You should be lucky to even make that. What would be a fair wage for that job, $10, $20, $30 per hour? I think you should start a pizza company and see how that works out.

  • jbwilde

    ACTUALLY! I have the truth right here! On this little, piece of paper! But I will never just show you! I shall swallow the paper, and keep this little secret all to myself! =j

  • LolaS

    I haven’t had a Papa John’s Pizza in years. The quality has gone way down, despite their claim of only fresh ingredients. But, his insistence on cutting employees because he refuses to take a little pay cut to do the right thing only keeps me from paying one penny into this guy’s million dollar bank account. Luckily, I make a pretty darn good pizza in my own kitchen.

  • Maja Smith

    Papa John’s is a FRANCHISE and therefore John Schnatter has nothing to do with wages or healthcare except at any corporate run locations (are there any?)

  • Derrick and the dominos

    I hate papa john. He always has a tan like he has been out on a yacht.

    • Roseanna Ondra

      yachts are sweet. wish i had one

  • Chris Colgan

    Because GOD FORBID that he live in a house that ISN’T on property with double-digit acreage…..

    I swear, sometimes I wonder how these greedy corporate pigs can live with themselves, when the very people that helped make them as rich as they are don’t seem to be worth anything to them. It’s despicable.

    • Roseanna Ondra

      “helped them”? you mean work for them while earning $. sounds like you’re jealous of his acreage

  • Farmer Waltz

    If you don’t like it, boycott it. There are plenty of other shitty pizza franchises to choose from, or better yet, spend your money at a privately-owned local pizza shop. Don’t support jackass corporations when you could support businesses in your community.

  • Paul Macias

    I was wondering, did he start the business, build it up, and take all the risk? I know everyone deserves health care, and he should provide it, even if it raises the prices, but why do people have to bash someone who succeeds? It seems so petty to hate someone who makes it. Before I start getting slapped with hate comments, I am a high school teacher, and love my job, and want all my students to succeed like Schnatter if they can. We expect so little of each other, and it’s sad.

    • Aestro

      Because we live in a country in which healthcare is typically provided by the employer. I imagine he opposes universal healthcare just as well, and his employees don’t make enough money to be insured privately. His success isn’t his alone – all of those working for his company contribute to it. It is unfortunate that he is forced into business decisions such as these, but far more unfortunate that he HAS to be forced into them.

  • Phil

    Never another pizza. He and Romney are two peas in a pod! The rich never have enough!

  • fairlite

    dropped 23 mil more on these condos in Utah for “friends and family

  • Cheri

    The last line says it all. What a sad world we live in.

  • Tracey

    Okay go ahead and stop buying Papa John’s (as a side note – I don’t eat it or any pizza because it is unhealthy). Do you think Schnatter will lose his home or his $240 mil in wealth. Heck no. However, all of the unskilled teens employed to deliver and make pizza will be out of a job. These lower pay, unskilled jobs allow teens to gain work experience and build their resume. Sounds like the mentality that has led us to the unemployment rate that young adults are currently facing. Just saying…

  • Stevan Grimes

    Remember when Healthcare was Affordable by all employers to provide for all employees (or at least pay for half)?No, you must not remember, because you elected the same President to further the Problem and deepen the debt that all average Americans will be in after another 4 years !!!

  • Joey Tranchina

    This is the most expensive advertising you’ll ever get for “Papa John’s Pizza” you moron…

  • Pizza Lover

    You want great pizza…Go to @BigGspizza in Chicago

  • John Galt

    Most of you are pathetic, sniveling unachievers. A business and its owners(s) are distinct entities in principal and (almost always) in law. The business should be managed to optimize its profit and value irrespective of the financial situation of its owner(s) while the owner(s) are free to use segregated private funds to light cigars with $100 dollar bills or as toilet paper. A privately-held business should be viewed no differently than one that’s publicly traded. General Electric will adapt its budget to more costly regulations which could adversely impact the enterprise’s value as reflected by the stock price, but GE shareholders aren’t going to get letters asking them to contribute a bit to an employee betterment fund based upon each shareholder’s wealth and means. Put another way, John Schattner has taken a lot of money off the table since he sat down to play his first hand and has zero obligation to put those hard-earned proceeds back at risk in the game for any reason let alone a change in rules.

  • Rubbersoul

    The man is a pig!

  • PJ employee

    All of this bs is all fine and dandy, but number one : Most Papa Johns restaurants are franchise restaurants. Yes he gets a cut of the profits but only a small percentage, and the top dogs of all the companies come together once a year for a huge celebration that he throws and rewards them all. He also helps put his employees through college and has a number of charities that he gives to along with his stores that give to many charitable causes. My store alone sends out anywhere from 10 to 50 pizzas a week for anything from a school donation to the red cross or womens shelter. So saying you don’t support papa johns means that you don’t support how much we actually try to give back to the communities we live in. Along with that, not supporting papa johns means that the ones that do work for PJ lose their jobs and have to start at the bottom at some other company and work themselves back up from minimum wage and hope to god they dont get laid off. So, don’t support papa johns if you feel that is best, but just remember your job is just as easy to lose if you are boycotted too.

  • C.H.

    We just cancelled 3 corporate accounts with them..disgusting business people do not deserve anyone’s business.

  • nopride

    What is it with Pizza Guys????

  • Laurel Fenenga Parker

    This level of greed is not success. It’s pathetic. Studies show the greatest source of joy is being of service/caring about others. These pigs aren’t happy. They’re trying to placate themselves by buying more and more and more ‘stuff’. Look at any child who gets all the toys and clothes they want, instead of healthy human contact. it’s the same thing. That’s not success; that’s misery.

  • Laurel Fenenga Parker

    This guy, Romney, and their ilk have turned the American Dream into the American Nightmare. They’re a cancer – preying on the people who made them rich and who keep them alive.



  • Shane Skwarek

    I love how people continuously bash anyone who has worked their ass off to build an empire. He wasn’t always this wealthy. He put in countless hours to get to where he is and he’s probably also the reason many of you on here bashing him have jobs.

    Instead of asking for handouts and bashing people who work hard to get these luxuries, stop being lazy and do something with your life.

    • Aestro

      Healthcare from an employer isn’t a “handout” in a country where healthcare is typically covered by the employer. No one’s asking John to cover homeless people.

      He is no doubt very wealthy for his countless hours and will continue to be wealthy once his employees don’t have to worry about being bankrupted if they get sick or injured.

  • Egads

    John Schattner may say he will cut employees hours because of Obama Care, but the truth is, he won’t. Not for that reason at least. Do you think he currently has employees just sitting around doing nothing so he can generously pay them more? Of course not. He will have just as many employees working just as many hours as he needs to get the job done. This is all blow hard politics. He is pissed that the election didn’t go the way he envisioned and this is his retort. He will pass on costs, the people that are still willing to buy his pizzas will pay 10 cents more (but actually he’ll probably raise the costs 20 cents because he will have accountants to pay you know) and he will remain one of the wealthiest people in the country.

  • Michael Amurgis

    How much does one expect to be paid making/delivering pizzas? His rates are comparable to every other pizza shop. When his employees took the job they didn’t get a profit share clause, they got a job that pays what their peers get paid.

    • Aestro

      And like their peers, his employees will have insurance.

  • Michael Amurgis

    That isnt to say a hissy fit was the right move on his part, but mentioning his wages like its something so awful is a bunch of crap.

  • Johnny Realtime

    It costs PAPA a few bucks to play peyton mannings slide flute. Ain’t much left over for the job doers heath care. Give me a Buono Pizza anyday on Saint Pete Beach, FL; best NY pizza anywhere, not that Papa Junk crap. Sauce to die for and cheese you can wrap around the equator, Dough just enough to hold up the stuffins. Stick up you castle Papa Junk

  • Michael Seidman

    One more thought: the man claims to be a Christian with all that entails. I must have missed the chapter and verse where it is said that dumping on your employees while smiling somehow leads to the gates of heaven. I do remember the line about the camel and the needle, though

  • kathie

    He built that company with the help of the workers, the oven makers, the canned tomato sauce makes, the delivery guys, the building builders, the road builders his delivery guys drive on, etc etc. . SO WITHOUT ALL OF THEM HE IS IN HIS KITCHEN TURNING OUT A FEW MEDIOCRE PIZZAs. We will remember this when it comes time to order a pie or two.

  • Kathie

    Unions are the answer.

  • Dexter Black

    No one is forced to work for Papa Johns or any other company they don’t want to in America. If you don’t like the wages, find another job. Simple. Does everyone think that it’s easy to own 3400 restaurants? That it just happened by itself? No, John is one smart pizza pie guy!

  • Mike

    You libtards make me sick. The guy worked hard for what he has. You don’t like it? You don’t have to work at Papa Johns for 6.41 an hour. Quit your shitty job, and go do what he did. Stop looking for sympathy every step of the way and go make something of your lazy handout loving selves

  • Jameson

    Get over your hate of successful people loser and face the facts about Obamacare. Most companies are going to pass their higher cost of health care on to the public.

  • Mo Zo

    awful writer ,many missed facts and biased reporting whoever Anomaly is

  • ricky kanter

    Gratitude is a simple concept. People like to make you believe “they did it on their own”, but that is rarely the case. A man like this is nihilistic, like most corporate heads. The same way someone/ or some entity probably went out on a limb for him, he should do the same for his own employees. He is clearly a manager, not a leader- and although they have success now, managers without referent power always lose in the end…

  • pronstarr

    I hope you all realize that franchises are independently owned and operated.
    Franchise owners pay their employees, “Papa John” doesn’t employ these people, and “Papa John” doesn’t own the franshises.

  • Slotruck

    Hey douche, the people that work there chose too, and the people who choose live in a crappy NY apartment chose that too. Sorry you dont make millions on our little Left wing soap box here. I’ll take my pizza now and tip the driver for not bitching that he has a job. Good job papa johns for speaking your mind. Doubt he will go out of business any time soon.

  • ConsrvativeBilly

    So wut’s the problem?? The man started with nothing and now has something. He did it with his own sweat equity (um, not yours). So wut’s the problem, jealous lib?

    • Cory Albrecht

      Yes, because obviously those people chose to work there without health care or enough wages to afford their own health insurance instead of accepting the many, many million dollar jobs they were offered elsewhere. It couldn’t possibly be because they were legitimately disadvantaged, like maybe getting laid off from another job run into the ground by multi-millionaire CEOs who get golden parachutes but the little guys now have to do pizza delivery in a down economy just to make sure their child has a dry place to sleep and food on the table.

      Because clearly every person who grew up poor and had to leave high school early to get a job to help mom pay rent is just too fucking lazy to become a millionaire on their own.

      P.S. Right-wingers like you disgust me. Where you sense of empathy and sympathy for others?

  • Flex

    If you don’t like his wages, don’t work there. If you don’t like his pizza don’t buy it. Free country (last time I checked).

  • hazelnutmegan

    The mantra is “I earned it, NOW GO EARN YOURS!” He came up with the idea, with the financial plan, with the recipe for the food, and with the ability to pay his employees for the work they willingly do. The government shouldn’t have a RIGHT TO STEAL what HE HAS EARNED.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Shame shame for the man who works hard and becomes prosperous. The wealthy have become the modern day “nigger”….Meaning….we are beginning to think again…as a nation…. that we should all prosper on the backs of the minority (the wealthy)… rob them of their God given rights to indulge in the fruit of their own labors, and beat them into submission if they so much as dare to to defend themselves.

    • Cory Albrecht

      Hey, the wealthy profit on the backs of the poor by not paying decent wages, not providing health insurance, etc… The rich %1 aren’t the victims here. The victims getting beaten into submission are the poor.

      Maybe it’s time for some karma, eh?

  • AztecAbe

    You republicans want to talk about hand outs. How about if us Californians were to stop sending all combined forms of taxes to Washington DC, then all those broke red states with their pre-civil war minded folks wouldn’t be able to beg for any money for them to get by with, like all the pork barrel money that their republican politicians have to beg for like a ‘HANDOUT!!!!!!’.

  • AztecAbe

    The one thing I am very happy about is the fact that the entire ignorant republican party, all the ignorant financial backers, it’s ignorant constituency, it’s ignorant message have altogether lost the election.hip hip hooray!!!!!! for our President, Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!! Power to the people, GOD’s chosen leader.

  • AztecAbe


  • AztecAbe

    Republicans are losing the House in the next election cycle of 2014.

  • AztecAbe

    This John Schnatter character & Mitt Romney will most assuredly never be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Their greed will weigh them down to hell.

  • waterflaws

    I don’t buy food from human-pigs; I don’t trust them! But he must be a good person because he’s rich, Right?
    “The meek shall inherit the earth – as soon as The Rich are finished with it.” And here we are, serf’ing the net!

  • Clay Dreslough

    For the most part, Mr. Schnatter didn’t “build” his business. He stole it from thousands of small business owners and millions of taxpayers. He spends millions on lawyers and accountants so that he can pay LESS THAN HALF THE TAX RATE that I do.

    I run a business that offers real jobs that provide great health care to my employees and their entire families.

    On the bright side: I’m not going to hell.

    Also on the bright side: I don’t have to live in a 40,000 square foot limestone mansion, feeling like a total dick every day I wake up.