Sen Rand Paul Breaks Party lines, states the Constitution protects a right to Birth Control

After this year’s uproar over birth control access for women, some claiming it’s an attack on their religious freedom, Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul in a surprising move, broke with party lines, stating that birth control is a Constitutional right.

It’s Constitutional, bitches.










Think Progress reports:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) broke with Romney’s legal adviser yesterday, stating that the Constitution does indeed protect a right to birth control:

I think some conservatives get this thing wrong. They say, ‘Oh you don’t have a right to privacy because it’s not in the Constitution.’ Well, there’s not a right to private property in the Constitution either,” the libertarian-leaning senator said. . . . “I would say there is a right to privacy. It precedes the Constitution, it pre-exists, it comes, if you believe in God, from your Creator. It comes in a natural way. It’s yours,” Paul said in a speech on Internet freedom at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Paul said he agrees with the landmark Supreme Court case Griswold v. Connecticut, which first declared that the Constitution protects privacy and invalidated a state law banning access to contraceptives.

Mitt Romney adviser Robert Bork, the former federal judge who lost a Supreme Court nomination, serves as co-chair of Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee, described the first Supreme Court case to protect access to contraception asutterly specious” and a “time bomb.” 

The hard right leaning Bork, as well as other hardline Conservatives have made birth control access a major focus. Many states have circumvented the Roe v. Wade ruling by ridding their states of appropriate settings for women — rape victims or not — to obtain a legal abortion. Suddenly, birth control access also became a major issue. It seems to me, that you can’t have it both ways.

Just recently, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) compared the new regulation which requires insurers to provide women birth control without a copay to September 11th or Pearl Harbor. Seriously.

Image: Los Angeles Times

  • Cynthia Phillips ?

    Birth Control has been around forever in the forms of certain teas women drank or roots they consumed or stones placed in the uterus (pre-historic IUDs). Women always kept these things amongst themselves, PRIVATE (secret) from the men-folk. It would seem the only way women will be able to maintain true control over our bodies in America is to start taking care of each other again and not telling the men about it.

  • Mikephilips449

    shit. romney has bork advising him? a bold step back into the medieval ages.

    • Anomaly 100

      Romney is picking his advisers very well.

      • Michael

        I just can’t wait to see who he picks for a running mate.

    • CountNon

      Boldly going where I had really hoped we’d never go again.