Watch Paul Ryan vigorously support economic stimulus under George W. Bush

Warning: The following hypocrisy will hurt your brain. First, Mitt Romney’s vice presidential choice Paul Ryan, claimed that he never supported the stimulus and deemed it as “wasteful spending.”  As letters emerged showing that he actually praised the stimulus, he vigorously backpedaled, stating his office workers sent out the letters. But, his reach of desperation looks dubious — especially now. Ryan supported a stimulus under George W. Bush.


Think Progress reports:

As it turns out, Ryan’s stimulus hypocrisy extends back at least an entire decade. In 2002, Republican President George W. Bush proposed a similar — if less ambitious — stimulus plan to the one President Obama signed in 2009. Like Obama, Bush sought to goose the economy through an influx of public sector cash. His stimulus plan included an extension of unemployment benefits and a plan to mail checks directly to millions of Americans. Ryan took to the House floor to defend this plan, accurately noting that additional government spending would help move the economy out of a recession.

In 2002:

“You have to spend a little to grow a little,” Ryan said. “What we’re trying to do is stimulate that part of the economy that’s on its back.”

Just as other Conservatives have supported a stimulus package during a recession, Paul Ryan praised the concept, until a Democrat is in office.

Why would Paul Ryan undermine the economy….

Daily Kos reports:

 On January 20, 2009 Republican Leaders in Congress literally plotted to sabotage and undermine U.S. Economy during President Obama’s Inauguration.

In Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives” Draper wrote that during a four hour, “invitation only” meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America’s Economy.

Paul Ryan’s name is on that list.


  • Caroline M. Corman

    Creep! Liar!

  • Divad_Yblik

    Paul Ryan is not a fiscal conservative, he only plays one in the media. If you take a close look at his actual actions since he’s been in congress, you’ll find his major purpose is to make the rich a lot richer and to hell with the rest of us. His medicare scheme fits right into that theme. And, as they said about Watergate “Follow the money!”

    If you really want to know more about this faux fiscal conservative, there’s a terrific (with a bit of humor sprinkled in) analysis and take-down of Congressman Ryan in the “Fryin’ Ryan” post at “Grumbles From an Old Grouch” (