White House responds to the TSA petition, sticks their fingers in their ears, says, ‘La la la la, we can’t hear you!’

The TSA is draining America’s economy; the entity is funded with an astounding amount of money, not to mention taking our dignity — yet they bear no fruit. A recent petition circulated, gathering more than the necessary signatures, titled, “Abolish the TSA, and use its monstrous budget to fund more sophisticated, less intrusive counter-terrorism intelligence.”

The response was akin to the powers that be, sticking their fingers in their collective ear saying, “la la la la la, we can’t hear you!”

Thank you for participating in the We the People platform, we respect the right of the petitioners to be heard and value the feedback we receive from travelers who share their experiences – good or bad – with us. The men and women of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have a challenging, but critical mission, and they take their jobs very seriously. TSA understands that the terrorist threat remains real and continues to evolve, as evidenced by the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day 2009 and the disrupted air cargo bomb plot last year.

You can read the rest of their lengthy response, which extols the virtues and wonderfulness of the TSA — which in a bipartisan voice, most of us agree that the TSA is fairly useless.

In the past, White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said the government was “desperately” trying to balance privacy and security. In the present, I call bullshit on that. With cheaper and more sound resources, such as the Israelis use, that appears to be discounted. Although some claim that the Israeli method of searching passengers is just as intrusive, they also use dogs to sniff out bombs. If any state has fought terrorism more, it’s Israel.

Funding for the TSA:

As we look to continue to assess and strengthen our operational priorities in FY 2013, we are keenly aware of the economic challenges facing the Nation. TSA’s FY 2013 budget request of $7.6 billion?$7.4 billion in gross discretionary funding and $255 million in mandatory funding?reflects a total decrease of approximately $197 million from the 2012 Enacted level.

The 2013 Homeland Security appropriations bill would also increase fees for passengers traveling one-way from $2.50 to $5 in order to close a budget shortfall at the TSA. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said the $315 million in funding would otherwise come from taxpayers and argued it is better to stick passengers who rely on TSA with the bill — because, you know, travelers rely on the TSA for groping, scanning and watching them snoozing on the job. Terrorist fighting in the combat zone at the airport is gosh darned, hard work. They need their nap time.

The TSA crime-terrorist fighting heroes receive (disclaimer: I may be off a bit on the figure. Sue me, it’s Sunday). $4 billion more than NASA.

Israel, the state whose expertise America chose not to emulate, uses dogs to sniff out bombs. They also search travelers, and typically the lines are very long, but the funding is nothing in comparison to the TSA. So, no dogs. Just added funding for a mostly useless program.

What could we do with this overfunding (after we implement the Dog Program)…

We can all buy shoes, great shoes. And handbags! Wonderful handbags. Orrr…..

Funding for NASA — Despite budget cuts, NASA officials say they’re still doing groundbreaking work, such as the landing on Mars of the rover Curiosity.

NASA’s budget pales in comparison to the TSA’s. I’m having issues embedding a video from NASA which you can view here. 


  • Dale Top

    THis is exactly the attitude most people had right before 9-11-2001. The TSA provides a service we desperately need. However it does have its shortfalls. THat doesn’t mean we should eliminate it. It means we should fix it.

    • shutdowntheTSA

      Dale Top- TSA employee of the month.

      The TSA does not keep us safe. They provide security theater. It is too expensive. Also- the TSA the way it is set up would not have stopped 9/11. The majority of this country do not want the TSA.