Fox Nation’s jaw dropping, mind-boggling, pathetic headline over Obama’s call to Libyan President

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the crazy train has just jumped the shark (again). Well, the crazier shark. Four American officials are dead, as well as ten Libyans and compassion seems to be lacking, as well as diplomacy.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney appallingly politicized the events, before any clarification as to what actually occurred. (That’s that thing president’s do). Piling in to have Mitt’s back, are a hoard of right wing politicians and Romney surrogates such as Sarah Palin, Todd Akin, Michelle Malkin, et al, including pundits appearing on Fox News.

Fox Nation felt compelled to add fuel to the fire — and Fox Nation links to Gateway Pundit.

Two screenshots were grabbed.




















To be clear, since clarification appears to be necessary, running with the “Obama is apologizing” bullshit is not credible, to anyone except the far right wing fringe base. reports:

Mitt Romney claims the Obama administration issued an “apology for American values” after U.S. embassies were attacked. Not true. Romney refers to a statement issued before mobs attacked either in Egypt or Libya, and faults U.S. diplomats for failing to condemn actions that hadn’t yet happened.

Furthermore, the word “sorry” or “apologize” doesn’t appear in the statement. Under the headline, “U.S. Embassy Condemns Religious Incitement,” the embassy in Cairo said, “Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy.”

Romney has falsely accused Obama of “apologizing for America” many times before. The line has been a dependable applause-getter with conservative audiences. But we found no basis for this claim in Obama’s previous speeches and remarks. And other fact-checkers came to similar conclusions.

Do these people actually expect the President of the most powerful country on Earth, to take Sarah Palin’s advice of “growing  a big stick” only to commence swinging wildly into the crowd of protesters? As it turns out — and I really want to call these people mother fuckers but that wouldn’t be journalist-like of me so I digress — their was no spontaneous protest in Libya. This was a staged event.

H/T: @MattOrtega with thanks.

  • BrooklynDame

    *Sigh*…It’s incredible….but not surprising. AT ALL. As for those who watch (when it’s for a reason other than comedy or to bring up bile on purpose)? They’re dumber than a bag of hammers but tend to be less useful.

  • aek2013

    I don’t watch Fox. What does the “Fired Up” box in red next to the Fox logo signify? Does it link to inflammatory propaganda? Isn’t this blatantly illegal?

  • smgess

    And I bet there was Koch money behind it.

  • smgess

    And just to be clear. The origianl message Mitt blasted did NOT come from DC, but from the Egyptian embassy before there were any attacks. They were trying to diffuse the situation…you know, Mitt, that’s where you talk to people and try to work with them..BEFORE you bomb them? No, I guess that is beyond your puny mean brainpower.

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  • Renee Proctor-Wills
    • Renee Proctor-Wills

      Sorry, forgot to add description of video :)
      Finally The Truth: Muslim Protests About NATO Drone Strikes, Backing Saudi JihadistsByAlexander HigginsSep 14, 201211,660 views81 likes, 14 dislikesThis excellent interview tells the truth about the reasons for the Muslim protests – Its about NATO bombing and the backing of Saudi Jihadists.

      RT finally asks the question the western media won’t – If these are anti-American protests why are UK and Germany embassies being targeted.

      The answer is quite simple – Its because their involvement with NATO, the backing of Saudi Salafist Jihadists and the bombing of Muslims around the the world.

      In this interview the flash point for the violence is specifically identified as Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihadists condemning a NATO drone assassination.

      It was the direct condemnation of a NATO drone assassination by a Salafi religious leader who used the assassination to rally his extremist followers and led directly to the US Ambassador being lynched.

      The interview below starts off with the historical roots of the animosity and then goes into the present-day political context that sparked and continues to fuel the riots.

      License: Creative Commons