Gov. Bobby Jindal suggests the court’s ruling on gay marriage could lead to the government taking away guns

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) told anti-gay marriage supporters in Iowa Saturday that “judicial activism” led to the court’s decision on same-sex marriage, then suggested the ruling could lead to Second Amendment rights being taken away. In other words, equality can lead to the government taking away your guns.

Jindal spoke in front of supporters from the National Organization for Marriage and Rick Santorum’s Patriot Voices.


“The reality is today we’re talking about redefining marriage. If the court is allowed to impose and write their own laws and their own views, and overturn those that are done by our duly-elected representatives, what’s to stop today’s [out of audio range]. Tomorrow it may be property rights, maybe it’s Second Amendment rights. We have got to take a stand against judicial activism.”
In Jindal’s mindset, if two people who are in love get married, then guns and property are next. And in the Louisiana Governor’s mind, when a court rules a law as unconstitutional, it has been ‘rewritten.’ Unless of course, the court’s particular ruling supports his partisan views.

H/T: Milt Shook on Sulia. 

  • Sally

    If he’s so worried about property rights, why isn’t he standing up for the people losing their property to TransCAnada and their miserable pipeline?