Joe Biden tells crowd, Obama was in office one week & told the country faced a trillion-dollar budget deficit

Vice President Joe Biden while campaigning in Fort Myers, FL, to a group of more than 2,000 people brought up the economy. Biden told the group of Floridians that he and President Obama had been on the job less than a week when a top economic adviser told them the country was facing a trillion-dollar budget deficit. Biden says that Obama replied, “But I haven’t done anything yet.”









Biden then blamed the deficit on the previous Bush administration, adding, “put two wars on a credit card” and gave tax cuts to the wealthy after inheriting a balanced budget and revenue surplus from the Clinton administration.

Biden highlightened Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s comments over his controversial and demeaning remarks regarding 47 percent of Americans.

Two things about George W. Bush. Mitt Romney has been quiet over the previous administration. A new poll shows that Bush posted higher favorability ratings than Romney.

George W. Bush will be a keynote speaker at an investor’s conference summit in the Cayman Islands, just 4 days before election day. The Cayman Islands is where some of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s funds are stashed — however much that is, is anyone’s guess; Mitt Romney has been secretive about his finances.

This trip almost feels intentional, but then it again it is George W. Bush. On the other hand, perhaps Bush is making the journey to visit Mitt’s money for him.

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