New ad: Bill Clinton’s stunning DNC speech now a Gold Mine for Ads for Democrats

Bill Clinton was recently crowned the ‘Secretary of Explaining stuff’ by President Obama due to his stunning speech at the Democratic National Convention in Tampa, Florida, where lie after lie was publicly highlighted over its shameless attempt to for one, distort the truth about Medicare. And the new Secretary of Explanations deserves the title.

Clinton’s words will echo through time, providing fodder for numerous ads such as this:

ANNOUNCER: See this lie Ben Lange’s friends are telling about Bruce Braley? It’s not new.

CLINTON: Governor Romney attacked the president for allegedly robbing Medicare of $716 billion. But it’s not true. What the president did was cut unwarranted subsidies to insurance companies. There were no cuts to benefits at all, none. President Obama and Democrats didn’t weaken Medicare, they strengthened Medicare.

BRALEY: I’m Bruce Braley and I approve this message.

The fact is, that Ryan himself endorsed the same cuts to Medicare in his signature budget plan – the same plan Romney has said he would sign as president if it reached his desk — yet the duo are propagating the blatant lie that Obama will change Medicare as we know it – while the two endorse replacing Medicare with a Voucher program.

Bruce Bradley recently announced his reelection campaign for Congress in Iowa.

Clinton will be in Florida today and tomorrow, campaigning in support of President Obama, where much of the Medicare disinformation from Romney and Ryan took place.

  • Bigdog327

    President Clinton sure has a way to talk to people, and make them understand the facts. I don’t know anyone who is better than Bill, to deliver such a strong message as he did at the DNC..

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      He is a great orator and will always be known as that. He is rapidly becoming the “real deal” for Dems. The president to whom one compares every other, much like FDR

      • Bigdog327

        I could not agree more. I certainly hope Hillary will run in 2016. Bill will be even greater than, if that’s possible.

        • Anomaly 100

          I wouldn’t mind either. She deserves it.

          • Bigdog327

            Yes, she certainly does.

  • Guest

    I am a conservative christian voting for Gary Johnson. Romney is neither conservative nor Christian. Romneycare provided taxpayer funded abortifacients. He also believes that Joseph Smith is higher in the heavenly heirarchy than Jesus Christ. No thanks, Mitt.