People Confront Paul Ryan with ‘Labor Day’ Truth

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan gets confronted with the truth during a Labor Day parade walk in 2011.

Listen to Ryan as he tells one person “hope you do better” as the person tells him his policies are wrong for America.

  • Jamie Sanderson

    Have a good time? By watching you ruin our country? Good. I am glad you got confronted. People are fed up.

  • D.w. Skinner

    The Republicans have a new title FCA’s. Future Convicts of America.

  • Robert Comer

    “Ayn” Paul Ryan-is—Mr. Greed-is-Good—–and to hell with the Middle-class and Poor. It’s no wonder the Koch Brothers love the guy and offered Mitt the Twitt $100 Million if he chose Ryan as his V.P. buddy. MITT TOOK IT! Only folks who have O.D.ed on the FOX Kool-aid would vote for Middle-class and Poor enemies like Twitt and Rotten Ryan. That $77,000 tax deduction Mitt got for his dancing horse indicates how Mitt got to be worth at least $250 million. The simple reason Mitt won’t release his tax returns is that he is GUILTY of tax evasion by hiding income in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda banks. Lots of the Ultra-Rich do it, but Twitt is running for Prez.
    Let’s hope Ryan not only doesn’t become V.P., he loses his House seat, too! I wouldn’t trust either Mitt or Ryan to clean out my septic tank. Knowing how they operate, they would probably pump the Sh*t into my water well and laugh about it all the way home.