Republicans were counting on a bad jobs report: It must suck to be them today

Republicans were geared up, hoping on a bad jobs market report this month in order to give the Romney/Ryan campaign a boost — to spotlight President Obama as a failure. Well, it didn’t work out the way they had hoped. According to the Associated Press, fewer Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, and a private survey showed businesses stepped up hiring in August. The data sketched a brighter outlook for the job market one day before the government reports on August employment.

Sniff. I wanted America to fail.












Weekly applications for unemployment benefits fell by 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 365,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, ticked up to 371,250.

Unemployment benefit applications are a measure of the pace of layoffs. When they consistently fall below 375,000, it suggests that hiring is strong enough to lower the unemployment rate.

Serious optimism is prevailing in the market, showing a significant uptick in signs of improvement in the economy. The expected number of added private-sector jobs in August was surpassed.

Via Reuters:

Private employers added a stronger-than-expected 201,000 jobs in August and new claims for jobless benefits fell last week to the lowest level in a month, upbeat signals for a struggling labor market.

Newt Gingrich previously stated on Meet the Press:

I think the biggest event won’t be his speech Thursday. It’ll be the Friday morning jobs report. If that Friday morning jobs report is bad, it’ll drown his speech. You want to talk about Eastwood? Friday morning jobs report is a lot bigger event next week than Eastwood was this week.

Wanting the country to fail in order to make ‘your guy’ look good, never works in your best interest — or America’s.

  • D.w. Skinner

    There are no more upswings left to the Republicans. hate to dash the
    wishful thinkers but this won’t even be a close race according to Vegas.
    The Republicans will lose by a landslide for several reasons. They are,
    first, on the wrong side of all historical issues. They have
    disenfranchised women, gays, non-christians, all non-whites including
    asians, hispanics, blacks,cubans, mediterraneans, mid-easterners and
    with Paul Ryan all senior citizens. Where do they possibly think they
    are going to get votes when they have alienated three-quarters of the
    voting public in America? If they think their voter ID scams will
    help… it still won’t take the numbers away enough to even give them
    10% of the vote. The media is hyping this as a tight race to keep
    television ratings… but the numbers just don’t add up anywhere… If
    you’re gonna wager.. It’s the Democrats.. across the board.

    • Random comment

      I hope you’re right. We need to get them out of Congress too. That’s where the power is.

      • Bill Bien

        Yeah, and the Jews control the media and 911 was a hoax. Elvis is still alive and so is bin Laden….

    • Cosmic Surfer

      I wish you were right, but as a betting woman, I will take those odds if they are good spread – Obama will win by 1-2% over Romney…a squeak. I doubt it will be “landslide” for multiple reasons.

      1) Obama is still black – sad, angering, but true,. No matter how much WE want to believe differently, fear and hate turned to bigotry are still entrenched in our society
      2) Koch and Adelson are pouring millions into Romney..It is a war of big business vs the people and the people’s voice is coming in second.

      3) We have a willfully ignorant populace afraid of their own shadow and fearing everything pushed by the media as the boogeyman – from “Muslim Terrorists” to the “Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating the WH”; from Socialism to Al Jazeera; from economic collapse to 2012. If FOX, Limbaugh, WND, NewsMax and Breitbart have ANY listeners and readers, then we prove this premise…

      • jt

        I just want to know what you mean when you say “Obama is black…sad, angering???????

        • Cosmic Surfer

          As I went on to say ”
          No matter how much WE want to believe differently, fear and hate turned to bigotry are still entrenched in our society ”

          The fact that he is black is an issue with a lot of people. It is a sad state of the state but it is still a fact that fear leading to bigotry is entrenched in the US. We have never, ever, ever, ever, ever dealt with it. We have covered it up, denied it, made laws against it but never removed the stupidity and fear

      • Bill Bien

        So we all win. Medicare becomes solvent in 2024, people get trained for new jobs, student debt gets managed better, we lead the world in technology and energy independence, you pay less taxes, and we get to see all of this happen because we’ll live longer due to affordable health care. Rich people get richer, but pay their fair share in taxes, and we don’t go bankrupt paying for healthcare!

        • tim

          How are rich people NOT paying their fair share? Would you like them (top 1%) to pay more than the 50% of all revenues that they already pay? How about we go French and give them a 75% tax rate? Why not? I suppose everyone else will pick up the slack then they leave, right? You simply have no clue what you are talking about. Even increasing the top tax rate by 50%, which is insane, would only bring in at most 500 billion more, on top of a 1.2-1.3 trillion/yr deficit. Oh, and it would probably crash the economy, but no worries…

      • Theresa

        what? Are you living in the real world??? Does anyone care O is black? So ? Do you know how many African- Americans are citizens of this great country?
        You go right ahead & *prove* O is a muslim- it is not an fact check or snopes. com- what a bigot.
        Koch bros are rich- super rich & they do want to “buy” our country but ( like the empty chaoir ) it is taken ( by the American citizen- black, white, latino/a, asian, mexican, ………..)

        • Steven Satx

          I don’t think Cosmic Surfer is saying that she personally considers it a bad thing, but that it will have an effect on bigoted voters, of which there still are quite a few.

      • Bob Gage

        And don’t forget the “red shift” effect that has happened each and every time electronic voting machines have been put into use in America. The companies that design the software for those machines have a vested interest in the outcome those machines report.

      • Karel Zala

        I agree with Cosmic Surfer – I still think this is going to be a close race. I talk to many people who HATE President Obama, and they’re not going to change their minds no matter what facts are presented to them. These people will only vote R/R to “get rid of the black guy” or because of what they interpret as “failed economic policies” without reading a word on the subject, merely following as good little sheeple when the party li(n)e gets repeated over and over at Fax Noise, Limbaugh, etc.

    • tim

      I would bet that if Obama were NOT black, he would have lost against McCain.

      Also, where have the republicans “disenfranchised” every minority population in America? You mean illegal immigrants…who arent citizens…and by right cannot vote? Are you still in the 19th century? WTF are you talking about?

  • Chauda Carlson Labbe

    Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the death of the republican’t party as we know it! Tealiban has killed Ronald Reagan’s party! Obama in a landslide!!!

    • This person

      Is it bad that I’m enjoying watching the tea party in their death throes? Oh fuck it. I’m just going to enjoy it regardless.

      • Katrina Kirby

        @This person… “Oh fuck it. I’m just going to enjoy it regardless.”

        Me too! I’m loving it. Woowhoo, to the gallows with you Teatards!! 😉

  • smgess

    This is great news. Now if the unemployment rate goes down, September will be a great month. I think with the collge kids back at school, local hiring will improve too.
    The GOP has nothing but lies. No ideas, no truth, no nothing. Serves them right for allowing the Koch’s Tealiban to take over the party in 2010, and then having them do nothing about jobs for two years. People are not stupid.
    Now if we can just counter the voter suppression and the Diebold cheats in Ohio.

    • Bill Bien

      TEAliban! I love it!

  • CJ

    So now can we go back to talking abot Eastwood Newt? ;p

  • Clifton Nelson

    what is with these guys,hoping for failure for our country just so they can take over again and fail…they are sick

    • Steven Satx

      Hoping? they seemed to be actively working to ensure President Obama couldn’t get jobs bills passed (at least as much as they could without tanking the country completely)

  • oklahoma democrat

    poor Newt he was so sure of him self

  • Bob G

    Bill Clinton slays R&R

  • chaz33

    I absolutely abhor when news commentators is interviewing a
    political party candidate, asks them a question, then, allow the person to 1)
    not answer the question, proceed with a known lie (without challenge), then
    weave a web of nonsense and hooey. This is not journalism, it’s favoritism of
    the worse kind, and by doing so, the commentator willingly wears a dunce cap,
    looking like the idiot he/she has just been played for. We ought not accept
    this, by NEVER letting FOX, CNN, et al forget this even after the elections are
    over!!! Martin Bashir is the ONLY exception I’ve noticed.

    • Katrina Kirby

      Nope, there’s two other ladies out there you forgot about. Soledad O’Brien, & Melissa Harris-Perry. Those 2 ladies have been calling them out & knocking the kooks right out of their seats! Plus, Maddow, Colbert, & Maher don’t do such a bad job either.

  • chaz33

    Very dangerous thing when a man can and will stand
    flatfooted in front of a digital camera, rears back and knowingly lies his A$$
    off. It speaks directly to his beliefs, or lack of it; it says that he wants
    the vice presidency more than God’s will, and that he’s perfectly willing to
    die with a lie on his lips. About the GOP it says that they’re unread, blind, wants
    the worst for the country, or all 3. Mitt has a built-in excuse. My understanding
    that Mormons does not believe lying to non-Mormons is a sin. To expect
    anything, EXCEPT a lying administration is the epitome, very definition, of

  • Phil Addington

    US recessions take an average of five years to recover. Stay the course America, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

  • chaz33

    Can’t tell if Mewt’s are tears of joy, or, if he’s about to bust one of his guts. Okay, this is an easy one: If most of the jobs are for Black kids doing the janitorial thing after school, then, they’re for joy. If on the other hand the jobs are private sector and without regards to race or unlimited pay, then get your pans ready to make hoghead cheese; it’s a gut!

  • Robin Peacock

    Gingrich is a traitor amongst many. The penalty for treason is, painful…

  • James Scheurman

    The good news is if they add enough net jobs, according to CNN, they will break even after four years. What an accomplishment, NOT.

  • Velvet Denney

    It’s got to go down, unemployment sign ups. Everybody’s run out of their benefits.

  • tim

    so….ever quickdraw much? How’s that stellar jobs report looking now? You know, the one where 4 people dropped out of the workforce for every 1 who got a new job. Or the one where 10% of all new jobs in august were utility workers coming back from a strike. Or, to quote your expected stat – growth was over 2x lower than predicted, and previous months were also revised significantly lower.

    But it’s alllll still Bush’s fault…. dont let the stats hit you on the way out.

  • Shirley Zarnick

    Tim do your arithmetic, think you just flunked.. Your figures do not jive :)