Voter Registration

Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Vote Wisely !

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission

The National Mail Voter Registration Form

Registering to Vote

  • NativeSonKY

    I’ve registered to vote and am a yellow dog Dem in the red state of KY. If you use ANY website to register, or confirm you are registered, you do so at your own peril! EVERY STATE has their own website which will tell you EXACTLY what you need to register and WHERE you need to go. I’m sorry, but there have been reports of the well-meaning White House registration to vote form of having given out wrong, non-updated information. The ONLY way to be sure is to take the time to go to your state’s web site and check for yourself. Depending on a “1-click” solution is not only just lazy it could mean that your vote won’t even count! Check DailyKos for more info if you want to learn more about specific cases. I don’t have the links bookmarked.

    • Anomaly

      We’ll check into this. Thank you.

      • NativeSonKY

        Thank you Anomaly – I’d hate for well-meaning people to have their hopes of voting dashed. This needs to be known far and wide too. As always, self-reliance should be exercised at every opportunity. Peace!