Woman registering voters, works for the County Clerk’s office but only registering Romney voters (Updated)

Registration efforts are underway in most states, mainly becoming more significant since Voter ID laws took center stage, in order to disenfranchise minorities, who largely vote for Democrats. In this video, you’ll see a young woman outside of a Safeway grocery store in El Paso County, Colorado, registering voters — unfortunately, a savvy shopper videotaped the meeting. The young lady is only registering Romney voters and she claims she’s paid by the County Clerk’s Office.

“Would you vote for Romney or Obama?,” the young lady asked. After being questioned over who pays her she adds, “We’re working for the county clerk’s office.”

What not to do:  Register one party while discounting other voters.


According the Gazette:

Neither the volunteer on the recording nor the patron could be tracked down Sunday. But some who saw the video were outraged, demanding an investigation of County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams, a Republican.Williams said the woman, though, doesn’t work for his office, which oversees local elections and voter registration. Instead, he said, she’s probably one of the scores of volunteers who are hitting the streets for both political parties to push voter registration ahead of the Nov. 6 election. The last day to register to vote for the presidential election is Oct. 9.

“She’s not our employee and we’re not hiring her,” Williams said. “We will gladly take the registrations from both of the parties, though, and ensure they are entered accurately.”

Vote wisely. Register to Vote. 

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  • KKL

    I think she’s unemployed right about now.

    • Sonic Screwdriver

      Romney probably gave her a raise.

  • CarolynH

    She looks very young and probably does not realize that her actions are legally questionable. Ignorance is bliss and it can get you in a lot of trouble because it is no defense under the law. Shame on Elpaso Colorado county clerks office.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528940071 Fiona Mackenzie

      Her actions are NOT legally questionable. They are federal offenses. In the ALEC states, the law regarding elections has been openly violated during the past year or more, and there appears to be no enforcement.

  • Jack.

    10/10. Would bang.

    • Uncanny

      Hmm…I don’t know if you can do that while she’s in jail. Girl’s in trouble.

    • http://rhinocrisy.org/ saurabh

      Stick to your pillow, Jack. We don’t want to hear about your sexual frustration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RoughAcres Rough Acres

    Always grateful when citizen journalists act in the public’s best interests. THANKS.

  • maggy

    This is illegal!!! Its fraud, and this woman needs to be prosecuted!

  • PrehensilePhallus

    Haha, I love how she attempts to cover the camera after being informed that she’s being filmed. It doesn’t really do anything but confirm that she knows what she is doing is wrong. Then she gives her name.

  • Paladinlost

    This seems like the James O’Keefe school of gotcha journalism…she didn’t seem to remember her she was working for, seemed really nervous and flustered, and this kinda reeks of baloney.

    • EverleighWay

      Yeah, that’s exactly what James O’Keefe did. Except it’s not. At all. The same. In any way shape or form. Just because someone who votes the way you do got caught doesn’t make her the victim of a scripted, purposefully misleading editing.

      • Logan Todd


  • http://twitter.com/WhiskeyT Patrick Hayes

    She is probably working for (and being paid by) the Republican party there. Both parties have people that they pay to register people outside of stores and whatnot but only pay them for the number of registrants for their party. The people doing the registering are supposed to register everyone but of course why waste the time on someone they won’t get paid for.So the Parties don’t explicitly tell them not to register people of the opposing party but they know full well what will happen once those people are out registering. It’s slimy but it is clearly designed to give the parties a scapegoat, like this naive girl here, when they get caught playing dirty pool. I highly doubt she is actually an County Clerk employee, if so that is some bad juju.

    • EverleighWay

      No. No. No. No. You cannot just register one party to vote. It doesn’t matter whether you’re paid or not. It’s illegal.

    • Sandra Gillette

      I have been a volunteer to register voters in front of stores several times for the Democratic Party and we were always given a class and carefully instructed that it was a federal offense to withdraw the offer to register someone if they expressed for another party, and it was illegal to ASK them what party or who they would vote for and we were charged out with lists and had to turn in every list (usually 5 lists) and see that they went to the county clerk’s office. So Patrick, do not try to paint every volunteer with this young girl’s yellow color. I will assume she was not properly instructed.

      • Sally

        Exactly. You do not have to declare a party to register. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust anyone outside a supermarket anyway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikeatle Michael Briggs

    Sounds like the young woman was rather stupid.

  • mercurialrust

    I believe that what she is doing is actually indicative of ALL local Romney street stumpers. I was asked the same question by a Romney worker in Manitou. Simply asked “Are you registered to vote”, and I replied “I most certainly am”, and went about my business.

  • Bestmom626

    Why does this woman still have a job?

    • Sandra Gillette

      I’m betting she was NOT employed by the county clerk’s office. Nobody is that stupid to risk their job to instruct people to cheat for their party. I hope.

  • Peter Gatliff

    Some people would call it was treason.

  • ProChoiceGrandma

    Thank you to the good citizen who questioned the ditzy young lady, took a video, and posted it on YouTube!

  • Lisa Large

    Silly girl, probably has no clue what the repugs want to take away from her, i.e., health care choices/rights, etc..

  • AFV

    So the republican party has been reduced to cheating and they prey on children to do the cheating for them? How can they consider themselves the party of morals when they have no virtues?

    • Sally

      So ACORN, whuch registered everyone, was run out of business by the GOP, yet they encourage their folks to ONLY register Republicans. Nice bit of irony from the party who lays claim to the Constitution.

      • AFV

        I’m registered republican and I’ve become baffled by my fellow republican mindset. Forget what our party did, ACORN did it too! Since you don’t know the facts I’ll inform you. ACORN reported themselves and they are now defunct. The republican party hired a shady firm with a history of cheating and then acted surprised at their actions. You are the perfect example of a party patsy. They could prop up a turd and you’d vote for said turd. You’re a traitor to your country because your party wants you to be. They will continue to abuse you with nonsense and you will follow along in goosestep. You sicken me.