A new ad Lays Down the Facts and Smacks Down Mitt’s Lies About the National debt

James Kvaal, the Policy Director for Obama for America, breaks down Mitt Romney’s misleading claims on the national debt in the following newly released ad.  Kvall expresses how President Obama took action to stop this economic free fall which was inherited from the previous administration.

The trend with Republicans is to avoid any mention of the previous administration and the economic devastation the wars caused — not to mention the Bush-era tax cuts, which Republican politicians are willing to protect above the betterment of the economy. Analysis show that the Bush tax cuts did not improve our economy and John Boehner has already stated he is not willing to compromise. Mitt Romney falls in lockstep with other Party First Republicans.


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  • Mitt Romney

    It’s skewed. Trust me. I’m a politician.

  • Googled it.

    A smart, young guy like this knows what he’s saying. AND what he isn’t saying. This didn’t start with Bush. This started with Clinton. Deregulation during his 2-term tenure set up a lot of the housing market’s failures. Bush made it worse, and Obama is hittng the brakes finally. What’s the deal, Dems? Afraid of speaking ill on your own party?