Debate: Paul Ryan used PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year, just like Mitt Romney did

A distinct similarity between the first debate, and Thursday night’s debate with Congressman Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden was an egregious lie, a lie so big that it was named by PolitiFact as Lie of the Year. Ryan and Romney have more than one similarity, but this particular lie stood out like a nun at a nude beach.

Biden and Ryan shake hands after the debate. Image: ABC









Mitt Romney suggested during the Presidential debate in Denver, Colorado, the dubious claim of the Affordable Health Care Act being a ‘government takeover of health care.’ That was the 2010 Lie of the Year by PolitiFact. 

Paul Ryan repeated that lie — both are aware that this is false — in his closing statement, saying that President Obama “made his choices,” including “a government takeover of health care.”

The phrase is simply not true. “Government takeover” conjures a European approach where the government owns the hospitals and the doctors are public employees. But Obama’s health care law relies largely on the free market.  We voted “a government takeover of health care” our Lie of the Year for 2010.

Paul Ryan is supposed to be the intellectual star of the Republican Party. With Joe Biden’s gaffe-prone history, the Vice-President was still victorious.

Apparently, Romney and Ryan believe that they can make up their own facts.

Here’s a fact: Mitt Romney dodged the war, but sending our children off to war is no biggie for the Republican Presidential candidate. Romney would send US troops back into Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc. Romney wants to expand the military. ‘Fiscally Conservative’ is obviously codeword for: spendthrift Chickenhawk.

The right wing was fearful, after Sarah Palin’s ‘death panels’ assertion, which was PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year in 2009. “Obama is a Socialist”, Sarah falsely stated. Going to war in several countries doesn’t bother them at all. Think about that for a minute.

While right wing pundits spin the debate, in order to morph Paul Ryan into the winner, Sarah Palin is visibly upset. What Sarah is forgetting is that Joe Biden treated her with kid gloves during their debate four years ago.

Palin blames moderator Martha Raddatz for allowing Vice President Joe Biden to “run roughshod” over Paul Ryan. How dare Biden call out Ryan’s lies. It’s always someone else’s fault. The recession is all Obama’s fault. The plant that Ryan claimed was shuttered during Obama’s term — occurred during Bush’s time in office. Their tactic: Keep blaming Obama and maybe no one will remember who fucked up the economy only four short years ago.

  • BrooklynDame

    Did anyone really expect Ryan to do anything other than lie?

    • Ken Ashe

      I guess not.

  • Jeff Mo

    There is a typo in the second paragraph’s link text. It should be “PolitiFact” and not “PoliFact.”

    • Matt Hooper

      Welp, there went all their credibility.

  • Rick Fernández

    And the last line has a typo too: should read “and maybe no one will remember who it was that ….”

    • FreakOutNation

      Thank you. We’ve had a difficult time trying to get in to edit it due to heavy traffic. Appreciate your help!

      • Wynne

        Second to last paragraph, is Spend supposed to be Spin?

  • That Guy

    Both sides lied, their both hypocrites. The thing that cracks me up is how people expect them to tell the truth. Since when did telling the truth ever make you a good politician?

    • That Guy


    • that other guy


    • Sean Payne

      It’s the size of the lie that matters but you keep living in your bubble. The Democrats not being able to exactly go on the offensive without it being truthful is only due to the Republicans inability to come up with a plan. If they weren’t afraid of being decisive then the Democrats wouldn’t get stuck in their nonsense.

  • Mitchell Gray

    It is most certainly a government take over of health care. Whenever the government starts demanding you provide this or provide that, fining people for NOT obtaining health insurance coverage, or opening it up so that more people can be placed on government funded health insurance it IS a take over of health insurance. It might not be out and out nationalization, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is no “free market” activity going on. You cannot claim that the health insurance market is “free” when it is subject to all manner of government regulations, controls, licensing, taxes, and fees. That is not a “free market.” That is a fascist take over of private market services.

    • Curious

      Where do you get your ‘information’?

      • M3T4L_J3SUS

        Fox news

        • Curious

          I thought so. If the shoe fits, etc.

      • Cosmic Surfer

        Romney’s death panel chairperson

    • Amanda Garrison

      Sooo…is it socialist, communist, or facist? When you Republicans figure out the difference between the three of those we’ll talk. K. Thax. Bye.

    • Obama

      Fascist, socialist… All the same to you huh?

    • jfong86

      Health care should NOT be “free market” where profiteers can take advantage of our health. It should be a right. Just like it is in every other developed country in the world. They all have nationalized healthcare and Obamacare isn’t even doing that!

      • Pegi Tierney

        I am a Canadian and we have universal healthcare, and I can think of very few people who would be willing to give it up, except for those who would profit from the misery and suffering of sick people with no insurance.
        . It is disgusting that ill people are at the mercy of heartless insurance companies.

    • Jason Rahall

      Remember this day: Obama blamed for killing the free market.

    • Matt

      Wait are you one of those guys who drank the kool-aid and now desperately wants to have “free market everything”? Shall we have free-market police and fire services too? Who cares if most of the country burns to the ground in a crime spree if the upper-class neighborhoods stay nice and pretty! How about schools? Shall we go back to only educating children of rich people? Let those stupid poor people stay poor and stupid, we don’t need a middle class, right? You’re either rich or your life’s dream is to see your children become serfs.
      While we’re on this topic, let’s also make the distinction between health CARE and health INSURANCE. Some countries have universal health care, aka socialized medicine where the state owns and operates the hospitals and pharmacies. Others have universal insurance where the actual health industry is privatized and free-market driven, providers can do what they want, but the payment for all care is funneled through the state. The latter is the better option IMHO. By essentially placing all Americans in a single ‘group coverage’ plan, that group will have some clout to at least suggest policy and direction to the pharma and provider industries. Which I might point out are even more obscenely wealthy than they were before “Obamacare”. They’d still get our money, a portion of our tax burden instead of a pre-tax deduction sent straight into their hands. We’d still be paying for our healthcare, just much less. Did you know we currently spend more money than any other country on the planet for health care per capita? And yet we are the only industrialized nation with people DYING for lack of coverage.
      By only hearing the right-wing lie factory, you miss out on important ideas and learning what the rest of the world already knows: putting for-profit get-richer-at-any-cost corporations in between you and your doctor is a bad idea, and there is in fact a much better one out there. All we have to do is get pharma and insurance industries and their truckloads of cash out of our political system, and I’d bet we would see a drastic change of public opinion.

    • Mike

      In following your analogy about “free Market activity”, all of the industry the government subsidizes are government controlled industries. Don’t you think that the oil companies that control our energy prices should be held to the same standard? Actually, don’t you think that this is a bigger issue than a plan to get all Americans insured? If you see this reply, Mitchell Gray, Please respond. I would love to hear your take on this.

  • Dave

    It looks like they are trying to steal this election too. It turns out that in July 2011, Bain capitol (Romney’s company) bought a MAJOR part of the company that owns the company that owns the voting machines that many key states will be using. Then to be sure, placed people he knows on the boards. There needs to be a shakeout of some kind.

  • burnadams

    You really have to be incredibly stupid to believe that the government is NOT trying to take over healthcare. Like OBAMA HIMSELF admitted, this is only the first step.