Donald Trump’s ‘Big News’ which will ‘Change the Presidential Race’ is…..absolutely nothing

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is preparing American voters with a “huge” October Surprise regarding President Obama, which he is to release via his Twitter account at 12:00pm EST. Many are speculating that it’s about rumored divorce papers, but the thrice married Trump claims that all rumors are so far false. Perhaps the birther-crazed mogul found the ‘real’ birth certificate, which will likely resemble a badly photoshopped copy?

Or, it could have been another trolling effort for media attention which occurred during the previous October Surprise release by 

While watchers of The Donald’s twitter account speculate,  he has promised that this information will change the course of an extremely close Presidential race.

It’s 12:00 right now.

Let’s check out the information dump on the President.

Here is the not so shocking video:


So, this devastating information, is….nothing — just mountains of Trump-crap. Golly, who knew, besides all of us?


Trump’s Press Release, which also contains nothing.

  • ColeBastch

    He talks about transparency, however we have Mitt Romney who can’t disclose more than 2 years worth of tax returns which were cleaned up for his run for President. If he was serious about it, he would be making the offer to both Obama and Romney. In these economic times, what is more important, your transcripts or how you shield your money from U.S. Taxation laws…

    • Matt Zeltser

      why does it matter if he releases 2 years or 1 year or 10 years? He makes tens of millions of dollars a year, bottom line..made 15mill one year, made 20 mill another year, 10 million another year, what can you extract from that data..that he’s successful? We already know that..
      He pays more money in taxes then most people make..good for him. Dont hate and try to change the topic. Regardless of how much he pays in taxes doesent change the fact that you cant be president without a birth certificate showing you were born in the USA. So if Romney is in a 35% or 10% tax bracket, doesent change the fact that Obama hasent shown a real birth certificate.

      • Ryan S

        That’s not the issue at all, and I suspect you know that already. The issue is that he likely has payed much much (much) less in taxes in the past, you know, those years when he wasn’t running for president. This would show even more clearly that his claims about taxes on “job creators” stifling growth are absolutely fabrications, and reveal the FACT the his focus on lowering those high end taxes is solely for the profit of his fellow uber rich compatriots whom he considers his primary constituency.

        This is apart from the extreme likely hood that he was stashing his overseas profits in foreign accounts, and brought them back under amnesty, avoiding paying a hug he portions of the taxes he owes and only”technically” avoiding felony tax evasion charges.

        But your right, we are probably just being jelouse that he’s so much more successful than us

    • Tim Edward

      on the tax returns, you gotta think the IRS would already show them to Team Obama right? they work for the same boss.

  • Roger D Raybuck

    He has obviously lost more with regards to his head than his hair!!! It would be much more interesting to find out who filed more bankruptcies, Romeny or Trump, costing many employees and suppliers their livelyhoods
    while protecting and even growing their personal wealth Trump or Romney. Also, I wonder who has more money stashed
    away offshore in tax sheltered or even tax avoidance accounts?

  • Marty

    He’s so crazy…..

    • Donald Trump’s Hair

      Tell me about it.

  • Marty

    Did I say he’s a fool….. He’s irrelevant and wants to be back in the news.

  • Marty

    Why does he get any air play? He’s crazy!

    • NOBAMA’S White Mama

      Probably because he’s actually got the real ones! He’s waiting for NOBAMA to roll out one’s that his people make up for him and then he’s going to lay the pipe. BLAMMMM

  • juan

    he really wants to give the check so he can claim it on his taxes. and its so hard to concentrate on what he is saying, his comb over is so distracting lol besides what does this have to do with what obama can do for the country

  • slice

    hey Donald..write the check you greedy fuckswallower.

  • slice

    Oh yea,
    we have an ongoing bet at

    About how much longer folks will pay attention to your filthy rich grumblings

  • Terry Whisenant

    Good god, don’t get the irrational birthers started again. Those bozos are the reason the national IQ average is so low. Please figure out that you’re batshit insane and irrelevant.

  • karlleuba

    What other President’s, Donny? will you wait till after the election? What if his favorite Charity is the DCCC?

  • yaymccheeks

    “What a maroon”

  • Barbara Hardy

    Just another bad hair day for Mr. Blow Hard. Boring….

  • Tim Edward

    Trump loves to blow his own horn. alot. i thought this would be something good. not some kind of scam.