Hypocrisy: If the President’s Family Purchased Voter Machines, the Uproar Would be Deafening

Please note: The following is heavily linked — in bright orange — in order to prove this is not an overstatement, hyperbole, or malicious. It’s simply factual.

The entire Romney-Ryan campaign stinks of trickery. Tagg Romney, the son of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has purchased electronic voting machines that will be used in the 2012 elections in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington and Colorado. Our friends at TruthOut did a great write up on this, also showing ties to Bain Capital.








The Romnney campaign has ties to Nathan Sproul. A GOP staffer has been arrested for destroying Voter Registration forms. He too, has ties to Nathan Sproul. 

Several CEOs are threatening their employees, in carefully chosen words, to vote for Mitt Romney, or else. Everyday, we hear of another partisan CEO, playing politics with their employees’ livelihoods.

Since the President was sworn in, there has been an onslaught of attacks against him questioning his faith. President Obama is a Christian. Their guy, is a Mormon. The hypocrisy from Republicans this election cycle surpasses all others.

Let’s play, What If.

What if:

  • The Obama family bought voter machines in battleground states. Remember, Ohio is crucial. No Republican has won without winning Ohio.
  • Democrat CEOs urged employees to vote for President Obama, or they would be fired.
  • Obama was caught asking independent business owners to apply pressure to their employees to influence their votes.
  • Obama had knowingly invested in a brutal Chinese sweatshop, while campaigning against China.
  • Obama had at least $250,000 in the Bain Capital Asia Fund and as much as $1 million each in Bain Capital Funds IX and X, all Cayman Islands entities used by Bain to make sizable investments in China.
  • A noted war monger supported Obama, publicly. 
  • Obama tried to suppress the Republican vote, while Democrats cheered it on. 
  • Joe Biden swore an oath to cease any effort by the newly minted President, to better the nation. 
  • Obama’s tax plan was disproven time and time again as mathematically incorrect/incoherent, but cheered on by ‘fiscal Democrats’ anyway. 

What if our churches put up signs stating, ‘Get the mormon out of our White House.’ What if. Imagine the uproar.

Saving the best for last: What if, after considering the ramifications of the aforementioned, Obama refused to release his tax returns?

This list could have been much, much longer, but I think you get the point.

Republicans, clean your party up. You are a mess. 

Image: EurWeb. 

  • Mitt Romney


    • Paul Ryan

      I don’t see anything wrong either. We’re patriots.

      • Tax Slave

        Here, Take my money!

        • Paul Ryan

          I picked your pockets too, for freedom and liberty. It’s cool.

  • http://twitter.com/eshowoman Friday Foster-ABWW

    It doesn’t matter to TeaOPers. all they care about is getting the black man out of the white house.

    • Tired of Excuses

      Yeah! You’re so right. I’m glad it couldn’t be that anyone has a problem with his largely socialist agenda, or class warfare based demagoguery of anyone who works hard and is willing to take risks (and deal with the consequences when that risk bites us in the ass without sticking our hand out). And it’s certainly not because in terms of national defense, he’s an even BIGGER pussy than Carter was (sorry, but he didn’t kill OBL, Seal Team Six did. And if that operation had gone south, he would’ve blamed intelligence blunders – Giving the OK was his only option – he knows how Bill Clinton has been blamed for passing up his opportunity to get Bin Laden).

      In fact, I’m sure that ANYTIME someone who isn’t white suffers in this country, it can ultimately be traced back to a white person, even if you have to look back a few hundred years. Congratulations on crowning yourself with that mantle of victim-hood in a country where 95% of the rest of world would LITERALLY give a body part in order to live and have the opportunity that you (probably?) were born into. Make sure you pass that same mentality (if you didn’t/can’t succeed to the level you think others have, it’s gotta be someone else’s fault) to your children so they won’t rise above you and you will have lots of company to make yourself feel better.

      • http://www.facebook.com/toni.gianelli Toni Gianelli

        Every time I have ever heard this rhetoric, you can always just scratch the surface & find the Government assistance with these fanatic mouthpieces.

        • JD

          Just a question…if Obama “didn’t kill OBL”, was just commander in chief of those who did…were we justified in killing OBL at all…I mean…he “only” ordered the attacks of 9/11…

  • Jackieblu


  • artmensor

    None of this surprises me.

    Americans: You get what you vote for.

    It’s pretty clear how far the Replublicans will go to get Obama out of the White House (even nominating one of the least favorite members of the party to present a completely bought & paid for bunch of lies that ignorant Americans hear over and over and believe. And they also believe they are going to win the next lottery…..

  • You guys are nuts

    This is such bullshit. These what if “facts” are so twisted it’s not even funny. Why are the democrats always trying to paint such a bad picture of Romney with crap that is completely false? If you’re going to paint a bad picture then at least do it with things that he’s actually done.

    • Sherry

      You can’t paint trickery or lies..look it up for yourself. Read up on Romney..really read what is the truth on him. If you do not do your homework then it really is true…Americans are so ignorant and they believe the lies that they would follow someone off a cliff over and over again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.shinerock Daniel Shinerock

      Its a fact that Romney has destroyed many lives and business’s to make personal wealth, fact that he hides his money for US taxation, fact that he invests in China,, do some homework, learn what a fool you are. Just because you see it on CNN or Fox you think he’s a good guy you brainless puppet.

  • odo

    Republicans MAKE the laws, but they don’t see any need to OBEY them: they feel they are ABOVE the law.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.shinerock Daniel Shinerock

    It is amazing that anyone at all even takes Mitten’s seriously, us American’s must be getting stupid , this is a no brain er,, and has been all year.