Jon Stewart to the ‘Mayor of Bullshit Mountain’ Bill O’Reilly, “Fox News is the Lupus of News”

The highly anticipated ‘Rumble’ between Bill O’Reilly from Fox News and Jon Stewart from the Daily Show, did not disappoint. At one point, while discussing the nation’s debt and deficit, O’Reilly refused to acknowledge George W. Bush’s complicity but instead went with the “Bush is gone” excuse which is echoed with most of the right wing. That to me, is one of our major issues — for example, Osama bin Laden is killed and suddenly, George W. Bush is applauded by Republicans when he wasn’t in office, yet when he was in office, he is/was not held accountable.

Also worth noting is O’Reilly’s assault on NPR, which he lost to the capable, Jon Stewart who compared what O’Reilly wants to pick and choose out of tax payer dollars, to what Stewart does not want to pay for — war. In comparison, the money allocated to NPR is insignificant.

Ambassador Steven’s murder in Libya which quickly escalated into riots and protests, was quickly (very quickly) blamed on Obama for his supposed inaction — gathering information first is apparently a no-no.  Stewart reminds O’Reilly of the nine embassies attacked during Bush’s time in office.

It’s certainly worth watching; What O’Reilly vocalizes is the same sentiment which permeates throughout the Republican Party and that should scare the hell out of you.

Jon Stewart quote of the day, “Fox News is the Lupus of news.”

  • Bill O’Reilly

    True. True. That was painful for me.


    We’re still affected by what George Washington did. You can’t hide from the colossal series of disasters that were 2000-8. That should’ve put conservatism in the dustbin of history. Too many irrational, belief-based people out there though.

  • BrooklynDame

    Gotta love Jon Stewart! Not one honest Republican could ever truthfully say that they think now is the time for a greedy, under-regulated, shady corporatist like Mitt Romney to ever become president.

  • Jane Adams

    Republicans don’t like to hear that Bush left a pile of shit on the White House steps, and now it’s gone. But Romney wants us to go back to the same type of policies that left it there in the first place. I don’t think so. Obama cleaned the White House steps up, and there is still more cleaning to do, but Obama can do it … And will!!!

    • J. R. Jacobs

      I’m watching this video on MSNBC about voting for revenge, and I do want to vote for revenge on this pircks, these con-artists, R&R. We need revenge on pricks like these. Also, what is the deal with Krystal Ball on MSNBC, that is such a stripper name.

  • kernal_of_truth

    stooges that still think Mitt is the pick are the reason there is the expression, “You can’t fix stupid”