Judge stops Voter Suppression law in Pennsylvania, not to be used during upcoming election

A judge postponed Pennsylvania’s highly controversial Voter ID requirement on Tuesday, and ordered the state not to enforce it in this year’s presidential election but will allow it to go into full effect next year.










Judge Robert Simpson said that even with the streamlined procedures that state officials proposed to make it easier for voters without ID cards to obtain them, “the proposed changes are to occur about five weeks before the general election, and I question whether sufficient time now remains to attain the goal of liberal access” to ID cards.

Simpson continued, “I expected more photo IDs to have been issued by this time. For this reason, I accept Petitioners’ argument that in the remaining five weeks before the general election, the gap between the photo IDs issued and the estimated need will not be closed.”

The Voter ID law has been lambasted by groups as disenfranchising voters, mainly Blacks, Hispanics and the elderly. One particular top Republican lawmaker previously boasted that the Voter ID law would allow GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to beat President Obama in Pennsylvania.

Associated Press reports the decision could be appealed to the state Supreme Court.  The 6-month-old law – now among the nation’s toughest – has sparked a divisive debate over voting rights and become a high-profile political issue.

On a related matter: Just five weeks before the Presidential election and Republicans find themselves tangled in a massive voter registration fraud scandal, headed Nathan Sproul — this deterred Republicans from voter registration efforts in battleground states, after firing the firm associated with the scandal.

Image: Huffington Post.

  • http://twitter.com/kjeroh Kenneth J. Hicks

    For all the talk and all the complaints about voter fraud, it turns out it’s the Republicans who are the ones trying to do commit the fraud. They knowingly hired a firm with an already shady reputation, encouraging them to change the name of the firm so it wouldn’t immediately be linked with existing information.

  • RagingWisdom

    That’s great for PA, but voters in Florida (even ones with ID) might still be screwed. Florida which has a horrific defect in its voter challenge law that is not getting enough attention (See http://www.ragingwisdom.com/?p=1157). If a paranoid poll watcher sees that you have a different haircut than the picture on your ID, they can challenge you. An honest election judge does *NOT* have the power to call bullsh*t: you must vote a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are not “counted” on election night and are not adequately estimated when the media “calls” the election in the state.