Mitt Romney refuses to take questions from children on ‘Kids Pick the President’, Obama participated

Nickelodeon states that Mitt Romney opted out of the chance to take part in a “Kids Pick the President” special that includes his President Obama. The  TV channel for children said Monday that the Republican Presidential candidate declined to be involved in the special, while President Obama participated, the AP reports.










Videotaped questions are included in the program for the candidates from children across America. Afterward, viewers can vote for their pick for president.

The show’s host and producer Linda Ellerbee said that candidates show “respect for kids” by answering their questions and called Romney’s decision disappointing. This isn’t the first time Romney has shunned questions, but it is from children.  I’m going to wager a guess – the disrespect shown, will cost Romney votes with children today for their pick. Perhaps children have more common sense than adults, considering the the number of Romney supporters — some of which did not care for him only months ago. There is something wrong with a politician who cannot take children’s questions, yet feels he can lead the most powerful country on Earth.

The Romney campaign did not immediately respond to phone and email requests for comment.

In the Nickelodeon special, Obama is asked about issues including jobs, immigration and bullying.

It will air on Oct. 15, with no answers from Mitt Romney.

Image: AP. That pic is screaming for a caption by the way.

  • Mitt Romney

    Well children are icky!

  • Maureen Lynch Bocardo

    He’s probably afraid the children are smarter than he. Or, he just doesn’t care as children can’t vote yet. Say adios to the GOP in the future. Children remember and don’t like being treated with disrespect.

    • jokr8790

      That’s what I was going to say. In Robme’s case he is right to fear that the children would be smarter than he is. Whew, everybody’s really doing well today on this post.

  • Judith Levine

    “LOOK! His pants ARE on fire!”

  • Gotcha

    He was probably afraid of questions about Big Bird …

  • Alicia

    Look! His pants ARE on fire!

    • Rarian Rakista

      Also a demon tail.

  • Khaynes

    Caption: Oh my God, I saw his magic underwear!

    • Kid in the pic

      And they have cooties!

  • Janet Withers

    So many say that Romney cares only about himself and his big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. It’s pretty bad when you don’t want to talk to the children. What’s the matter Mitt’s afraid they might ask you a guestion that they know the answer but, you Won’t?

  • Trey Allan Knarr

    Does Romney have any kids? Never see him with any of em if he does.

    • Jim Leher

      During the debate he stated that he has 5 boys, which was his only truthful claim.

  • Michael Jacobs

    He’s right: those kids are part of the 47% who don’t pay taxes and won’t vote for him.

  • Susan Galewick

    Plumber Butt :-)

  • Jim Hubbard

    He’s showing the kids the position he assumes when Sheldon Anderson is in the room.

  • Patrick Pha Q Campbell


  • jackieblu

    Um oh magic….

  • jpk

    Look he does have a tail.

  • DV

    Yeah, kids expect the truth! Obama 2012…

  • Richard

    Put an empty chair there…

  • shirley dailey

    Caption: “Oh, his magic underwear have pink hearts, green clovers, and purple unicorns!”

  • AR

    It says much about his character when Romney refuses questions from children and wages war on Big Bird.

  • Marissa


  • facebook-1575010061

    He’s playing it safe. No more unscripted sound bites that can be used against him, if he can possibly help it.

  • Sally

    1) Nickelodeon is owned by a partisan Democrat.
    2) Linda Ellerbee is a partisan Democrat.
    3) What are the results of the “survey”? Is it a scientifically valid poll, representative of the population, or just a collection of opinions of some kids? (Kids usually are for who their parents favor.)
    4) There are a lot of valid reasons not to participate in particular shows (e.g., Letterman has repeatedly invited Romney on his show, but also calls him a felon – what’s the point of that one?)

    • Everybodhi

      Oh please. Sumner Redstone owns Viacom and was outspoken about voting for G.W. Bush, which contradicts your “partisan democrat” claim. I couldn’t find anything about Linda Ellerbee’s political beliefs, the only political connection I could find for her was she worked for a Republican Senator of Alaska. I can see why you you would think Nick News is influenced by Democrats, it has been called the “smartest news program ever”, by the jurists of the DuPont Columbia awards.
      The point you seem to be missing, Romney won’t show his tax returns because he was granted amnesty for felony tax evasion from GW Bush, with all the other “job creators”. Did you see the recent Forbes report that $21 Trillion is held in secret offshore accounts? It’s not creating jobs there, is it?

      • Sally

        Get your facts straight. Sumner Redstone claims to be a Democrat, and contributes to Democrats. He votes for Democrats – with the sole exception of GWB in 2004. So if Linda Ellerbee calls herself a Democrat, votes for Democrats, and contributes to Democrats – that she’s a Republican? OK, I’ll give an off-point comment like you. Why does Obama not release his college records? Romney has personally created hundreds of thousands of jobs. What about Obama? Crickets…. And why does he throw Hillary under the bus, when she has been carrying out HIS foreign policy? And how can Obama and Biden possibly say they are unaware of the facts coming out of the Congressional investigation into the Benghazi attack — when the American people can easily find out this information from all the news sources?

  • Heather Husband Ruseskas

    Perhaps he should be represented by an empty chair?

  • Tom Pardue

    “Mom and Dad Told me that you talked out of your a**, and they weren’t kidding, were they?”

  • Tom Pardue

    “He’s got a sign that says, ‘Kick me’–should I?”

  • Lambadafan Ed

    Darn, he won’t use children to get votes, just not smart like obama! What a dope!

  • HachiNuu

    Well at least he can say he won one debate.

  • A

    “There is something wrong with a politician who cannot take children’s questions, yet feels he can lead the most powerful country on Earth”

    I think we all need to reflect on how stupid of a statement this is.

    • Randall E. Winn

      If he can’t handle a couple of kids, he can’t handle Putin.

  • bill

    He knows they are not voting for him and he is afraid of tricky questions from the kids making a Ass out of him.

  • delta7757

    The parents of the little girl featured in this suggestive and lewd photo should definitely be speaking 2 an attorney.

  • Tbear

    “Look! He’s showing his smart side”

  • Victoria

    So he won’t talk to the kids, SO WHAT. At least he is not Doubleing the Nations debt like Obama. I think there is more important things to worry about then that. Children should be educated yes, but they are still learning. They do not deserve to have more pressure put upon them making a big decision like this. Kids are already forced upon many tasks for their future because of how the education system is now. I think this is a very little thing to worry about, a great leader is more capable of financing, Budgetting, and has the capability of making things easier. This is just a little flaw. Comparing to Things that CAN BE WORSE, this is just a little thing. Obama is just a Media craver, his wife was on Seasame Street, he is on Nickelodeon, and they are just after fame nothing towards the Nations Benefital factor. Obama has put our Nation in more debt and if he runs again about 700,000 people will be out of work. Look at the bigger issues then just one little mishap.

    • Johnny

      So…how was that? Trying to come up with a valid reason not to answer questions from children? The cognitive dissonance in your brain must be tearing you apart.

    • Randall E. Winn

      Actually, Romney’s plan DOES double the nation debt, and more. Do the math; he cuts taxes and raises expenditures.

  • SpareMe

    EWWWW……..he FARTED!!!

  • Lauren Mayer

    No wonder Romney shunned questions by kids – he can fool adults but kids see right through the obfuscation. If he’s going to start suddenly passing himself off as Moderate Mitt (as opposed to the old ‘severely conservative’), then this middle-aged suburban Jewish is going to turn myself into a teen popstar to sing about the Romney flip-flops (thoroughly embarrassing my teenagers in the process):

  • Kiwi Taniwha

    Mr Romney delights the children while demonstrating the ability that got him this far in the campaign:

    “How much did you ask for? $100? I think I need to squeeze out one more ten…”

  • You will never get it.

    Leave up to the liberals to get kids involve. All
    the parents do is coach the kids what questions to ask.