Mitt wants you to know he didn’t mean what he said, which he previously refused to correct, but now, “It didn’t come out right”

Mitt Romney was busted being himself — he was caught on camera demeaning 47 percent of America’s population while wealthy donors clinked their cocktail glasse in the background. But, those words that we heard which came out of Mitt’s mouth — the words we heard in the videos that went viral — The Republican Presidential candidate now states that he didn’t mean what he said. Romney said during an interview with Sean Hannity, after previously refusing to correct his mistake, “It didn’t come out right.” Such conviction.


  • Mitt Romney

    ‘I meant what I said, whatever it was I said. I stand by it.’

  • Jim Hubbard

    “I said something I didn’t know was being recorded and it went public before my team of lawyers and PR flacks could spin it into something that sounded benign, so I have to spin on the fly.”