New ad hits Romney over his claims that he wants more teachers: Rated “Not True”

The ever changing Mitt Romney now claims that he wants more teachers, but previously the Republican Presidential candidate has stated otherwise. I know that comes as a shock. Teachers have been demonized by Republicans since the President was sworn in. Romney has been pandering to the far right, who believe that teachers flaunt their vast wealth in our faces, but of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

For every gaffe, misspeak and hypocritical statement, another ad will come out. Today is no different from others. Obama for America created this ad to hit Romney for  his betrayal of those in the teaching profession.


  • Mitt Romney

    I love teachers. Unemployed teachers.

  • Kathy Hasty Rutledge

    One of the saddest aspects of this campaign is that I don’t even feel comfortable sharing some of these posts I like onto my FB page because I am immediately attacked by (some of) the Republicans with whom I’m connected, and I never realized they could be so vicious and turn a difference of opinion into a personal attack. And, I am really tired of the attitude that because I don’t agree with what they believe, I am stupid or on the “dole” and just looking for free hand-outs.

  • Anomaly 100

    Are you a teacher? If so, it’s a noble profession.