New Obama ad hits Mitt Romney over his fact-free debate performance

Another Obama ad was just released, calling out Mitt Romney’s inconsistencies and lies during the Presidential debate in Denver, Colorado Wednesday night. In fact, one lie in particular was named as the 20110 Lie of the Year by PolitiFact. The ‘zingers’ that Team Romney promised, were actually lies.


We don’t need Mitt Romney, who cannot discern fact from fiction, sitting in the Oval Office.

On a side note: There is no pretending that President Obama rocked the debate last night, although certainly some will feign otherwise. I say this because Romney handed the debate to Obama over and over again by lying through his teeth, but the President did not use that to his/our advantage. Maybe Obama is going for that Rocky moment, pretending to be beaten, only to triumph during the next debate. I can dream can’t I? I don’t know who that was on stage, but it was reminiscent of the President dealing with the obstructionists in Congress. Obama needs to grow a backbone fast. We need him in office.


  • Mitt Romney

    Yes I lied. But republicans love me for it. I win!

  • uhuhuhuhuhbama

    butthurt democrats are amusing for sure! uh uh uh uhuhuhuhbama needs elected bad!

    • That guy

      Great debating skills, bro!

  • BrooklynDame

    Yes, he needs to come out swinging assertively but he has to walk a fine line between being assertive and coming across as ‘aggressive’ – as that will change the dialog entirely. Well, onward to the Biden / Ryan debate…

  • Jim Hubbard

    Some people would prefer the candidate who can lie with a straight face. Fortunately, most people prefer facts and a plan. Mitt Romney had neither facts nor a plan.

  • Gadfly Granny

    Letter #159

    Dear Mr. President,

    Kudos to you Mr. President, the debate last night was one of
    the best-played bluffs in the history of debates. You sucked Gov. Romney into
    your web like dirt up a vacuum, allowing him to repeat his lies over and over
    again. Watching you was like watching the final table at a championship poker
    tournament, with the chip leader giving up just enough to suck his opponent
    into going all in.

    I could see it was nearly killing you to keep your cool… the
    ‘tells’ were easy to spot, like a poker player pulling his hood up when he has
    a really good hand, in hopes that the others won’t see his excitement. Your
    ‘tells’ were nodding in the affirmative like you were agreeing with him,
    encouraging him to continue, pursing your lips at obvious lies, and appearing
    to take notes that you didn’t actually use to refute his continuous lies and

    Of course all of my left leaning, dyed in the wool,
    Democratic friends were imploding all over Facebook. No one could believe how
    poorly you were doing, no pushback, no hitting him with your record, no
    reference to the 47% video… you just let him run off at the mouth, like he
    usually does. Even at the conclusion when Romney’s family all came up on stage,
    you and the First Lady walked quietly offstage leaving the crowd to cheer for

    I think I know why you played your hand this way… 1. Get
    Romney to reveal all of his talking points in the first debate. 2. Gather as
    many lies and inconsistencies to use in new ads. 3. Give Romney the illusion
    that he’s got you on a bad hand, so he goes all in, while you’re already
    holding the straight flush. 4. Send the Vice President into his debate with
    Ryan, with all the ammunition he’ll need to mop the floor with him, and 5. Get
    all of Romney’s million dollar donors back in his game, committing their
    dollars back to him and not the down ticket candidates.

    A very dangerous strategy for anyone in politics, except you
    Mr. President, because you have the brains, the facts, and the confidence to
    pull it all back together in the next debate. However, the next debate has to
    be ‘ALL IN’ for you, you’ve held your cards close, you’ve bluffed long enough
    to give your opponent a sense of false security and confidence, now it’s time
    to put him away… game over.

    When the pundits come to their senses, they’ll realize you
    threw the first hand, and very nearly overplayed it with your terrible
    performance, but those of us who know just how smart you are, and what a great
    chess player you are, weren’t fooled.

    Now it’s time to ante up and bring it home to the American
    people, we deserve the gold bracelet just as much as you do.

    Most Respectfully,

    Marcia Reimers

    The Gadfly Granny

  • Gadfly Granny

    Item #2 in paragraph 4… check

  • On Eagle Wings

    All politicians lie, some are just better at it than others. Apparently your guy is just a better liar. NAW actually there isn’t anything I think your guy is good at, he can’t even debate a known liar, your own news hounds said as much last night. So once again your guy proves himself to be ineffectual. But most of us already knew this. The best he can hope for is to attempt to clear the field of any opposition so he does not have to actually WIN anything. OH and in case you have all forgotten your GUY could not even WIN the last election, Hillary had to put him over the top.