Nine Batshit Crazy Minutes: Fox’s Eric Bolling spinning the Jobs report with Jack Welch

The Labor Department announced this morning that the economy gained 114,000 jobs in September and the jobless rate fell from 8.1% to 7.8%, which could boost the campaign for President Obama. That’s good news, right? Well not for all of us.  Republicans were giddy with delight after the President’s lackluster debate performance, thinking that Mitt Romney’s debating skills would make him a shoe-in for the upcoming election. Facts are a crazy thing —  every sitting President since debates were televised in 1976, have lost the first debate, with the exception of Bill Clinton.  

Pshaw, Republicans say! And then the jobs report came out. According to the right wing, the Bureau Of Labor And Statistics is conspiring to bring down the job numbers to get President Obama reelected. Economists and statisticians have been through the numbers.

In our flailing economy, these numbers are a positive sign, unless you work at Fox News.

Watch the spin. Warning: It will hurt your brain.


The numbers could be better, but so could Congress. The President needs something to work with.

Big thanks to Media Matters. 

  • Sally

    Can’t watch, but saw parts of it. I have never seen a party so determined to ruin this country. Can they not be happy that things are improving, or is the Norquist pledge all-encomapssing…we admit NO Obama success. None. Keep pounding away at his race, his background, his church, his college days, his shady birth, his parents (who’s the real dad?) his speeches, his popularity, his foreign policies, his perceived failures, health care, entitlements, the deficit…they have a jar of topics and someone pulls out a new one when the old one no longer generates tweets. Or something. It is beyond disgusting how Fox has divided this nation with their lies and innuendos and twisting of speeches. They should be ashamed, and be taken of the air, as in Canada.