Obama’s lead widens in Minnesota by 10 percent, 61 percent of Republicans believe polls are skewed

Public Policy Polling released their latest results of the Presidential race in Minnesota, which finds President Obama expanding his lead to 10 points over Mitt Romney at 53-43. In September PPP found Obama’s advantage to be 7 points at 51-44, so that brings Obama up 2 more points since the debate.

These numbers come in even after Minnesota voters believe that Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney won the debate last week. 64% believe that Romney won the debate, to only 19% who say Obama.









42% of voters have a favorable opinion of Romney,  to 53% with a negative one, which is actually worse than a month ago when he was at 43/51. Worse than before the debate, which Romney won.

Obama has a solid 53/45 approval rating. Voters trust him more than Romney both on the economy (50/44) and on foreign policy (54/41). Obama has a 49/41 lead with independents, has the advantage with both women (56/41) and men (50/45), and has at least a small lead within all four age groups.

In the Senate race Amy Klobuchar has expanded her already wide lead from 19 points to 26 over the last month. She’s at 57% to 31% for opponent Kurt Bills.

An interesting tidbit:-Minnesota voters support federal funding for PBS by a 56/29 margin, including 55/27 with independents. They also give Big Bird a 61/7 favorability rating although there is somewhat of a partisan divide on him with Democrats giving him a 72/5 rating and Republicans just a 48/11 one.

This is how warped the right wing has become:

-30% of voters think the Bureau of Labor Statistics is manipulating the unemployment statistics to help Barack Obama while 53% think it is not and 17% are not sure. Among voters describing themselves as ‘very conservative’ 76% buy into this conspiracy theory to only 10% who don’t. By party Republicans thinks the numbers are skewed by a 61/16 margin while Democrats (9/81) and independents (29/53) don’t think they are.

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When the numbers don’t come out to your liking, adamantly declare that they are ‘skewed.’ It’s curious (not really) that they aren’t complaining now that polls show that Romney has a slight advantage. It’s not just Mitt — there is a huge problem with the Republican Party.

Image: LBprolife. No, really.

  • JDizzLE

    This is a Statistically Insignificant Poll – check the source, only 937 likely voters

    • Sammew

      A sample size of 937 gives a margin of error of just over 3%. Statistical significance is achieved when the margin of error is 5% or less.