On Tagg Romney’s voting machines: “I hope this is true” she wrote, “I hope we steal Ohio”

As reported here, Tagg Romney, the son of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has purchased electronic voting machines that will be used in the 2012 elections in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington and Colorado. And so, the onslaught of justification enters the subject, carried out with extreme prejudice.

After the story broke on several outlets, Republicans dismissed the reality of this being problematic in our election process. It’s fine for them to implement Voter ID laws where no evidence of voter fraud exists, but Nathan Sproul’s nefarious practices of suppressing the Democratic vote come to light and we hear absolutely nothing from them.

From Facebook (and this is not a one off type of posting).









Soon after I tweeted the image above:

@DodgerFan1977 tweets in response: “You should be flattered. We are just taking a page out of the democrat party play book.”

Yeah, cuz of all those voting machines the Obama family owns, right? I have witnessed this type of rhetoric many times since the story broke. Yes, I troll Conservative Facebook pages, so sue me.

No Republican has won the Presidency without winning Ohio. They know this. We know this. When Citizens United was ruled as Constitutional, where ‘Corporations are people, my friend’ by our right leaning SCOTUS, the corruption of our election process began openly and was welcomed with open arms, by Republicans.

This is an ‘anything goes’ election, apparently.

Vote wisely.

Information obtained by FreakOutNation was already made public. 


  • Tom Bales

    That comment by Ms O’donnell is so revealing of the way in which the Republican base embraces any tactic, no matter how sleazy and then seeks to justify it by claiming someone else does it to. if this had been George Soros who bought up voting machines in battleground states, we’d be changing her diapers every five minutes as she wet herself in righteous indignation.

    • Tom Bales

      MY apologies… I meant that for dodgerfan1977. I hate being snarky and screwing it up. But the sentiment… even though misdirected… still stands.

      • PlT

        We understood you; after all, we’re the party with the brains. No one smart would ever be in the GOP!

    • That Guy

      This isn’t a one time instance. The GOP have been strangely silent over the GOP voter registration scandal.

  • Jerry Critter

    Why buy votes when you can buy the machines?

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.s.adkins Justin S Adkins

    http://www.change.org/petitions/attorney-general-eric-holder-investigate-tagg-romney-owning-voting-machines-in-ohio Just a reminder here’s a link to the petition inviting an investigation into Tagg, Mitt, Anne, and G. Scott Romney’s majority ownership of the voting machines in Ohio!

  • It ain’t hard to look

    Have you done NO research on this or are you just perpetuating a lie because it fits your political bias? A 10 second Google search shows this to be a lie. You should to. Do some damned research before you perpetuate untruths.

  • JimmyShine

    Nothing new.
    Crooks & Politics!
    Just one more reason I won’t waste my time voting.