The Two Mitts: “I will be a strong President” then, Obama’s “attacking me”

Mitt Romney told Mitt a crowd of supporters Tuesday that the debates have “supercharged” his campaign and argued that President Obama’s strategy of attacking Romney rather than outlining a second term is backfiring.

But during the debate, Mitt Romney stated, “I will be a strong President” then moments later — and several times during the debate — he said that the President was “attacking” him. Again, it was a debate, where candidates are supposed to…debate. 










If by “supercharged campaign” Romney means the growing enthusiasm for Obama, then he is correct.

PoliticusUSA reports:

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina dropped some devastating numbers on Romney. Messina pointed out that more people are early voting for Obama in 2012 than did in 2008.

Messina laid out what early voting is looking like for the president right now. He said Obama is winning early voting in Ohio, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Ohio early vote turnout is higher for Obama in 2008 than in Republican counties. He said that this election is more diverse. Most new registrants are under 30. 2/3 of those who have early voted are women, African-Americans, and Latinos. Democrats are winning everywhere where there are in person early votes.

(the bold – I ‘built that’)

A Republican has never lost Ohio and won the Presidency and the battleground state isn’t showing favor to Romney after the debate.

The polling numbers for early voting in Ohio also back up what the Obama campaign is saying. A Survey USA poll found that Obama leads by 19 points (57/38) among those who have already. PPP found that Obama leads by 52 points (76%-24%) in Ohio early voting. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found Obama leading Romney, 63%-37% with early voters. Even Republican pollster Rasmussen has Obama leading big in Ohio early voting, 63%-34%.

CBS, CNN and PPP all released post-debate poll numbers showing a significant advantage to Obama, and those polled were uncommitted voters, so it’s not looking good for Romney-Ryan. Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin voters were surveyed.

Imagine Mitt meeting with Putin. “Stop attacking me!” Imagine Mitt if a tea party-type crowd of protesters descended on Washington DC, armed.  Imagine Mitt with an obstructionist Congress to deal with. Imagine if President Obama said, “Stop attacking me!” when Sarah Palin, Fox News, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, the Koch brothers, etc. worked their own campaign against him during a time when the country needed unity.

Yeah, “it’s hard.” We weren’t sure which Mitt Romney would arrive at the debate — to our surprise, the all attended, onstage, front and center. Apparently the years in which Mitt has attacked the President, do not count.
  • genix

    GOP victimhood, if Mitt cannot handle the heat of debate….well….maybe his wife’s concern for his mental health if he were to become President is something worth investigating after all. If he felt picked on at this last debate thicker-skin may help, LOL wait until he’s smacked with being called hourly: a racist, communist, muslim, marxist, socialist, kenyan, do nothing dictator, pal of terrorist, new world order bringer of hellfire, sin and shame, show us your birth certificate, granny killing, life taking nazi sympathizer, constitution freedom hater, american currency destroyer and having each of these tested in court or public eye. Obama description came from watching FoxNews clips from the past 5 years. Mitt can’t handle debate format well buddy the real world is much worse….

    • Ann Romney

      Stop it! It’s hard!

    • Kathy Hasty Rutledge

      Ann’s remarks about Mitt’s mental health should be truly scary — she’s his wife and knows… She made those remarks on more than one occasion – so why didn’t it make a really big splash in the media? We do not need a president whose wife knows he’s balanced on a delicate mental tightrope and could fall off the deep end at any moment.

  • Randall E. Winn

    A President has to be trusted; his word must be good; he has to have a reputation for sticking to what he says.
    I don’t AGREE with everything Obama says or does, but I TRUST that he means it, because 99 times out of 100, if the outcome of something is under his control, it happens as he said.
    No-one can TRUST Mitt to stick to his word. He changed his stand on withdrawing from Afghanistan two weeks before the election. No ally can trust him and no adversary need worry about him.