Too close for Comfort: Obama leading Romney 49 percent to 46 percent

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll was released Monday morning, showing President Obama leading Mitt Romney 49 percent to 46 percent among likely voters.

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Likely voters in the new poll split 49 percent for Obama to 46 percent for Romney, basically unmoved from the poll two weeks ago, just before the two candidates met in Denver for their first debate. On topic after topic, the survey portrays an electorate that remains deeply divided along partisan lines and locked in its views.

Nearly two-thirds say they do not need any more information before Election Day, and barely one in eight is undecided or says there is a chance he could change his vote. Even as voters overwhelmingly perceive that Romney won the first debate, the vast majority say their opinion of the president did not shift as a result.

The poll shows fewer of the Republican candidate’s supporters anxious over a Romney administration, and the number of his backers saying they support him “very enthusiastically” jumped by double digits.

Enthusiasm for President Obama is also higher despite his lackluster debate performance (aka: not calling out Romney on his lies).

On a side note: This speaks volumes of our highly partisan political climate, where one side wants to win by any means necessary:

Obama gets some credit — but little from Republicans — for one recent sign of improvement in the economy: the drop in the unemployment rate to 7.8 percent in September, breaking a record 43-month stretch above 8 percent. A slim majority of voters give him at least some credit for the decline, but less than one in four says he should get “a lot” of credit for it. Most Republicans, however, give him no credit at all for this, reflecting the big partisan divide on all matters.

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Nothing has changed since the debate as to which candidate would favor the wealthy or the middle class; 58 percent of all voters say Romney’s policies would probably favor the wealthy. Most say Obama’s policies favor the middle class — not the wealthy.

Writer’s note: This amazes me. We have one candidate with a clear lack of conviction — Romney lacks substance. The Republican candidate changes his views in a New York minute. With that, Romney picked Paul Ryan, one of our most divisive politicians in Congress. There will be no bipartisanship in a Romney administration.

Most voters have already made up their minds, still yet, much hinges on the next debate Tuesday night. Enthusiasm is peaking after Biden’s debate performance, and it will after Obama’s if he actually debates, and doesn’t appear to be counting the change in his pocket instead.

What the poll concludes is, voter turnout is highly important.

Vote wisely. If you live in NYC and can’t get to the polls — because you’re elderly or disabled — on election day, let us know.

  • Sally

    I am not amazed at all. The media supposedly in the tank for Obama claimed he lost by not tearing Mitt’s greasy hair out until he confessed to being a serial liar. They claim that Biden’s reactions to Ryan’s lies were ‘inappropriate.’ What is a voter to think? If they are not political wonks, they don’t know UNLESS THE MEDIA TELLS THEM, that Mitt and Ryan plan to turn this country over to preachers and corporations. And what they heard from those ‘journalists included nothing of the lack of substance from the GOP (hell, I don’t think Ryan answered one question not on his memorized list of points) and all about the responses of the incumbants. What kind of journalism is that? The kind that might turn this nation in a third world dictarship.