While vilifying Obama in Ohio over China, the Sensata Story is Exploding in Mitt Romney’s Face

While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on Saturday spoke at a rally to college students in the battleground state of Ohio to hit President Barack Obama for supposedly going easy on China over unfair trade practices, a story broke which highlights the Republican Presidential candidate’s hypocrisy.

In addition, this also brings to light why Mitt Romney’s tax returns may have been held back from public scrutiny.



Romney has at least $250,000 in the Bain Capital Asia Fund and as much as $1 million each in Bain Capital Funds IX and X, all Cayman Islands entities used by Bain to make sizable investments in China, according to the 2012 candidate financial disclosures and confidential Bain prospectuses obtained by The Times through a public records request, reports the New York Times. 

Romney refuses to talk to Sensata workers in Freeport, Illinois. Why won’t he talk to American workers, but he’s willing to benefit from his dealings with China, while vilifying the President?  Bain Capital forced American workers to train their own Chinese replacements.

Bain continues to own $2.6 billion worth of Sensata’s shares. Perhaps why Mitt Romney’s tax plan doesn’t add up, is he’s confusing Chinese currency with American.

The Times article is a must read. 

The Huffington Post has a great breakdown. 

  • 5johnhay5

    Placed on Twitter @jollyswagman1
    #AmericanVoters Sickening video of Romney & Bain Capital’s treatment of Sensata workers in sending their jobs to China! with article link.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elizabeth-Stephens/100002431764688 Elizabeth Stephens

    There’s NOTHING Mitt Romney could do that would be as bad as Obama’s policies that are destroying America.

    • Bver

      Okay, shoot. What’s your comparisons?

    • That Guy

      Oh please. Your boy is campaigning on jobs. He’s an outed liar. He has nothing to offer, unless it’s to the Chinese.

    • Uncanny

      Romney is “an American patriot”? He’s being very patriotic to China.

    • PamB1

      Really, Liz? Now how do you explain your Retirement funds up close to 80% since Bush’s Great Recession? Liking the lowest payroll taxes in 30 yrs? Feeling safe now with Bin Laden and 28 Top alQaeda leaders dead? Like how he saved GM and the thousands and thousands of jobs dependent on it? You know your problem, little lady? You watch way too much Faux News and listen to Hate Radio. It makes you brain dead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Pitts-Greer/100000143882107 Jane Pitts-Greer

    destructive policies ? we have separation of powers and checks and balances system- no president has power except to veto pardon and use executive orders –Elizabeth explain to me how under the concept of separtation of powers and checks and balances Obama has a single ” destructive policy” ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elizabeth-Stephens/100002431764688 Elizabeth Stephens

      It is well documented Obama has mis-used Executive Orders to by-pass Congress – you can read a posted list of his Exec Orders online & judge for yourself. He & Hillary are signing treaties with the UN that even if the Senate doesn’t ratify he will by-pass or try and pass in “lame-duck” Congress. Many of his environmental regulations (Green agenda) which are straight from the UN Agenda 21 guidelines, are being implemented though the President’s Rural Council, by-passing Congress….these UN initiatives are being attached to stimulus grant money so that once the funds are accepted the regulations are enforced. And the regulations are harsh and extreme, putting many small farms and store owners out of business. These regulations have cost us many, many jobs as businesses close. I could go on but I’ve looked all this up over the past year and feel anyone truly wanting to protect our country from “fundamental transformation” beyond our traditional values and principles should do the same. None of this is obvious…his actions have been subtle, behind the scenes, completed without coverage by the media…without a word to the American people, but it is all a matter of record. I’ve talked with many others who have also done the research…some who have published articles on their research. But we won’t change each other’s minds here so there’s no use discussing further. It’s up to each individual to do their homework – to do an honest evaluation.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AYULB3XWYO6HF3AWKGF3DWGFHQ Jerry

        Well, at least provide a link of the list of his Exec Orders and studies that prove that it is his orders that have impact many jobs and business. If it is just you assumption that decreasing jobs and businesses are the result of his foreign policy, then you are just ignorant and full of shit

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Pitts-Greer/100000143882107 Jane Pitts-Greer

    Congress role is what?

  • http://twitter.com/LOrion LOrion

    YES See also on KOS two good pieces: Pls Share. UPDATED 2X: The #Sensata Story Could Destroy Romney http://tinyurl.com/8maajtj

    More on Bain Moving Sensata to China http://tinyurl.com/8rlazq7

    • http://twitter.com/LOrion LOrion

      Also under the ‘He can’t do anything about it WHINE on CNN.. I let go with both barrels, saying FIRST it is the workers right to complain to any AMERICAN they want to about this. AND. If he doesn’t have enough pull to get this stopped…then why on earth should we elect him President? They are HIS BUSINESS BUDDIES, CRONIES doing this.

      • http://twitter.com/LOrion LOrion

        but on top of that I want to know why OCCUPY Chicago is not LIVING there and Live Streaming?
        I know they are anarchist/communists but some of them must be American too.

  • http://twitter.com/NBachers Neil Bachers

    This story will overshadow Libya and the garbage avalanche spewing from the republican hate / trash planet.

  • Rebecca W

    Liberals will believe anything. Why would Romney talk to the workers? He has a blind trust in Bain. He owns less than .0123% of the capital investment income. He doesn’t sit on the board. He hasn’t been actively involved in Bain for over 12 years. That Huffpost piece is a pathetic class envy puff piece. He doesn’t even own the Sensata stock anymore since he gave it away as charity, but Obama had stock in Sensata as well. Why aren’t you blaming him?
    The key people running Bain Capital Investors are Joshua Bekenstein, John Connaughton, Paul Edgerly, Mark Nunnelly, Stephen Pagliuca, Jordan Hitch and Matthew Levin. It seems that the majority of these ‘key people’, who make decisions like closing Sensata, are Democrats who support Obama.
    This is just a pathetic attempt to paint Romney as a villain and liberals are naive enough to fall for it. Amazing how Romney is responsible for a company he hasn’t worked at for over 12 years, but Obama isn’t responsible for what happened at a US consulate a month ago. Liberal Logic hard at work!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AYULB3XWYO6HF3AWKGF3DWGFHQ Jerry

      “Liberals will believe anything”I stop reading after this sentence lol. I am not Democrat nor Republican, but the more I follow Romney and the republicans, the more I think Romney and the republicans are so full of shit and liars. Romeny has been lying way before the campaign started and how can you still possibly believe anything he says?