Why Republicans aren’t serious about less government

It’s the GOP motto…

Less government.

We as a people hear it all the time, in multiple uses. Government is restricting our freedom. Government is on our backs. Government has to get out of the way. Government is evil.

But the funny – and insulting – thing is the Republicans touting less government all want to be part of the same entity they rail against.

Ron Paul, a “Jesus” for libertarians and Republicans alike, basically tells people we don’t need government at all. The truth, however, is he is part of government. He receives benefits from the government. He’s compensated by the government for his legislating.

Tim Scott, who proclaims his less government bull to constituents, enjoys his taxpayer paycheck and pension.

Republicans are not serious about less government – at least in the principle you or I think of. No, they are for less government for people besides them.

Voter ID laws are being pushed by Republicans. Why? They want less governmental participation by the electorate. Simply put, they want to make it harder for people to vote. They want their people voting and others wiped out.

So, I pose this to the Republicans serious about less government…

Starting at the local level, let’s forgo elections for positions like a county auditor, a clerk of court, a probate judge. Let’s use a pro-business approach – since Republicans are all about business – and promote from within those offices. If there’s a qualified person in the auditor’s office, promote them to the position. The same goes for other municipal positions.

If Republicans are so serious about less government, they’d apply a business model for such positions and do away with electing a person for the job.

But that’s the rub.

If Republicans were so serious, they’d give up their power. That’s what it’s about.

Does it matter whether or not your county auditor is Republican or Democratic? What do you think of when you vote for an auditor? Is it Democratic or Republican policy? Not hardly.

Same with a clerk of court. Does it matter whether they are Republican or Democratic? No.

However, it matters to Republicans. The power grab is pretty evident.

So, forget the motto of less government. Republicans are not for it at all. Especially when it comes to them.

If they were serious, they’d lead the charge of less government by applying business-model procedures at the local level – and save taxpayers money with less elected positions.

But, remember, it’s all about power.

And Republicans care only about power.

  • Grovegal

    Paul Ryan’s main source of income has been the government since he was old enough for a full time job. He makes a nice living with his government job. You nailed it.