Fox Pundit Andrea Tantaros mocked the poor on Thanksgiving eve. I think this deserves a food stamp challenge

November 22, 2012

While sitting at our dining room tables, collecting our thoughts in review of all for which we are thankful, and looking ahead on how much more we can accomplish to better the world in some small way, Fox News pundit Andrea Tantaros declared on the eve of Thanksgiving, that she would “look fabulous” if forced to live on Food stamps. Yes, she went there. She mocked the poor. Mayor Cory Booker recently agreed to live on $133 per month, just as food stamp recipients do, and that was the catalyst for Tantaros’ distasteful diatribe against the poor.

Please help Andrea.


How Tantoros stepped in it.

As reported here, Mayor Booker tweeted, ”An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics” Plutarch ancient Greek historian (c. 46 – 120 CE),” a Twitter battle of sorts began. A couple of Republicans responded by deeming the mayor as a Socialist, so Booker presented one ‘special’ Republican with a challenge: Live on food stamps for an extended period of time, and Booker, will meet the challenge.

The attention garnered did not sit well with the Fox pundit.  After Fox Business panelists speculated whether Booker’s pledge was an effort at “positioning himself for a run for the Presidency as a man of the people,” Tantaros chimed in: “I should try it because, do you know how fabulous I’d look. I’d be so skinny. I mean, the camera adds ten pounds.”

To be sure, with Cory Booker, this was not political posturing, but just another day in his life. The man has saved citizens from burning buildings, fixed traffic lights, dug residents out of snowbound areas after a blizzard, and recently, invited people into his home after they had lost power, to recharge their tech devices, warm up, kick back and watch a movie. After Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath, Booker took to tweeting non-stop with updates on power outages, calming upset constituents and checking up on those in need.

That said, Andrea Tantoros is posturing to keep her job as a propagandist with Fox News while garnering attention by ridiculing the poor — on the air and not even behind closed doors like Mitt Romney did — and needy. But, just in case she’s being genuine (and we know she’s not), let’s present her with the food stamp challenge.

This is a bipartisan effort by FreakOutNation — Tantoros declared her desire to “look FABULOUS” and “skinny” so that she can resemble the millions of people that go hungry in America every day — and we want to help her. We care! Apparently, Andrea’s low self-esteem is worsening. She’s not obese but obviously feels that she is.

We can help you Andrea and you don’t need to be ‘forced’ on the diet! Take the food stamp challenge, but be prepared to eat icky Ramen Noodles daily.

How about it gurlfriend? Don’t make me go all petition on your ass. Put your food stamps where your mouth is — are you a survivor, or just a propagandist? I’m guessing she’s the latter.

As Media Matters notes, “Sean Hannity encouraged those suffering with food insecurity to shun SNAP and instead eat more rice and beans, which he said could be purchased “for relatively negligible amounts of money.” So, we should extend this challenge to Hannity as well. Perhaps next time they think of mocking those less fortunate than they are, they’ll remember those yummy Ramen Noodles, that they had to endure for a month in order to survive.

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  • Preston P. Ward

    $133 in food stamps a month? Where do they get their figures from?? In Missouri, if you’re permanently disabled (as in UNABLE to work, not “lazy moochers” as the Faux News crowd would call them), one only gets $47 a month in food stamps (that’s not a typo — it’s forty-seven), not $133 per month. And that’s for someone receiving the the princely sum of $650.00 in disability, so it’s not like they’d have any other income coming in to supplement their food budget. And some people receive less than that in disability. I’ve heard of people in Oklahoma who only receive $22 a month in food stamps too. Let’s see these Fox Noise blabbermouths try and survive on that. Or let’s see them at least just create an itemized budget on how they’d survive on that.

    What’s especially hypocritical about them too is that they like to call themselves “Christians” and play the victimized Christian role at every opportunity. As if Jesus would ever have said or done anything that anyone on Fixed News says or does! But this is what Fox So-Called News viewers want… they’re wicked, depraved, craven, immoral people, so they actually WANT people starving in the streets if it means it would save them a penny. They simply do not care about other people, period.

  • Travis Burton

    So many of your comments were very misogynistic. Relax, she was making a self deprecative joke. I thought the left was about open minded ness and acceptance. People say that republicans are the angry anti-woman party but you are doing what you condemn! This was really dramatic, the article and the the comments. Please stop the hate and overreaction. All of this was much too dramatic for me, and I’m in high school! Many of you have set a horrible example.

  • Corey

    shes not a white christian, why is she on FOX? THESE people need to be erradicated….wheres a good terminator when u need one? do they even know they are the same kind of folks Hitler loved, and royal families who made common folk pay taxes so they could do whatever they wanted…..just like todays conservative pigs. NEVER in the history of the USA or mankind, has this conservative ideology been good for the majority of people…just the wealthy, who have access to people who make laws to keep them in power and wealthy. WHEN WILL AMERICANS STAND UP AND FIGHT LIKE PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES DO?

    • Travis Burton

      What on earth are you talking about? Hitler and royal families? Conservative ideology is based off of what was liberal ideology in the 18 & 19 century. It’s modern liberal ideology that has hurt Americans.

  • LaiLuAvant

    I’m no Hannity fan, but what he said is actually smart. Rice and beans are one of the least expensive ways to get reasonably balanced proteins, carbs, and some vitamins on a food stamp diet. I know, I’ve done it. Much more healthy and satisfying than processed bleached noodles with high salt high fat chemical broth.

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