After the Presidential election, Kentucky teacher writes on chalkboard, “You can’t be a Democrat & go to Heaven.”

Just after the recent Presidential election, a high school teacher in London, Kentucky, took it upon herself to write a politically charged partisan message across her blackboard — apparently straight from the GOP Bible — which read, “You can’t be a Democrat & go to Heaven.” Think about that for a moment. Imagine if a teacher wrote that only Democrats go to heaven. Imagine if you will, the uproar, “They’re indoctrinating our children!”

GOP Bible











A student took a photograph of the partisan statement, then promptly turned it in to the Laurel County Board of Education and the Sentinel-Echo, the latter of which published the story.

The accused teacher, Kendra Baker, violated district policy. According to Superintendent Doug Bennett, a student first uttered the statement as part of class discussion at South Laurel High School. The teacher, Kendra Baker, then wrote it on the white board.

Benett said, “She wrote it on her own, and she wanted to write it on the board.  She realized it was inappropriate.”

The juicy part (aka: crazy):

Baker is in her 17th year in teaching high school, and this is her ninth year teaching at South.  Her courses include psychology, civics, world history, U.S. history, economics, and sociology.  Since the incident, Baker’s statement has spread discord among students and parents via social media.

So, Ms. Republican has been teaching psychology, world history (and we have to wonder how much of it she revises), economics, and she’s still employed at the school after fucking with the kids’ heads, in a psychological way.

But it’s cool, because Ms. Republican was reprimanded. By reprimanded, they mean she apologized to the students. Huh. I’m curious as to how many parents have requested a different, less partisan teacher, so their children can actually be in class to learn — from actual books.

Some people are not taking the results of the election very well. It’s almost as if they’re taking it personally that their candidates got their asses whooped. Ah, sweet Schadenfreude.

Image: Michael in Norfolk. 

  • Jesus Christ

    I am not a politician, and for the record, my Father has never endorsed candidates.

  • Sally

    Had this been a progressive telling students that Republicans are damned, that teacher would be facing death threats, Fox would be talkikng about her nonstop, and she would have been fired. This time, they will be mad because her ‘free speech’ was violated by making her apologize, and this is all just another ploy by those God-hating Democrats to make sure religion is out of our schools. Darn straight! I am a Christian, and never wanted some school teacher telling my skids what to believe. Wonder how the right would feel if a Muslim or Jewish teacher wrote: Christians will never get to heaven on the board? Hypocrites and liars.

  • garak99

    I am glad that was cleared up I thought it was “FOX News viewers can’t go to Heaven”

  • Ann Shideler

    A political party is doomed when it turns itself into a religion. However, I wonder whether the teacher wrote what that student had said on the board in order to discuss it. I’ll forever be grateful for the 47% video but wonder if our ability to take a photo of one second in time improves our ability to think critically.

    • teuast

      That was something I noticed. The article seemed to sort of imply that it was written because the teacher believed it, but it wasn’t really clear whether that was actually the case or not.

      • ComGen

        Alternate sources, see also: ” The class had been debating around Election Day, and Superintendent Doug Bennett says the psychology teacher, who has been identified as Kendra Baker, wrote a student’s comment on the board. “The teacher regrets the incident, and has no intention of doing this again,” said Bennett….The superintendent says the teacher violated district policy, but he couldn’t comment what disciplinary actions were taken. The teacher still has her job. ” / “ She wrote it on her own, and she wanted to write it on the board. She realized it was inappropriate,” Bennett said. –

  • thepermman

    I would write on the board

    “you can’t go to heaven period, its not real, it was made up by cavemen who couldn’t deal with death properly so in their denial they made up this fairy tale land because they didn’t want to believe that when you die you get eaten by bugs and worms, and you bloat up and smell because you’re filled with bacteria, and that eventually all you’re skin disintegrates off and you’re a skeleton.. I personally think being a skeleton forever is kinda awesome”

    • Mabans

      You would be fired for your complete of psychological tact in dispensing said truth. Also, you aren’t a skeleton forever, otherwise we’d would be overwhelmed by every thing that has ever lived. You’re understanding of biology is rudimentary, please represent yourself as an intellectual and make sure when you speak, it’s clear, informed and sensitive. You’ll reach more people. That’s why Neil Tyson is considered understanding and Beloved and Richard Dawkings is seen as an arrogant ass. Both say the same truth. Now if you want deconstruct the comment grammatically, and make fun but you get the message, don’t disregard it because you want to feel “right”

  • Gadfly Granny

    If Baker was a teacher in California she would have been fired, and rightfully so.

    • Richard Manning

      yeah, but this was said in a State that McConnell represents ..remember him ? The Sen who stated NOT that the #1 Goal was the betterment of the USA, but to insure that President Obama was a One Term President..Hey citizens of Kentucky : Please end McConnell’s tenure in the Senate

  • Mabans

    She was wrote a students comment on the board differnet opinions from students, not expressing her own! So all you people piling on, are dumbshits for just buying into it. and shame on this site for not reporting facts. Of course people are gonna freak out over the story, it’s in Kentucky, had it been in CA, MI, or any state not found in the bible belt, it would have gone unnoticed. Shame.. Stupid mother on news too dumb to realize her daughter used this to avoid going to school and be “bullied”. Always good to teach your children that confronting and addressing issues should be handle by retreating into your home.. I’ll admit I was like “Not surpised” but then came around when I realized i was WRONG about the situation and use it to feel good about my political ideology.

    • yes, but…

      Benett said, “She wrote it on her own, and she wanted to write it on the board. She realized it was inappropriate.”


    Was the bitch FIRED ??????

  • Debby White

    Pure intelligence . . . seriously???

  • TestSalad

    Fuck God.

  • Jameson B Godlove

    I live within an hours drive from there. Here in Kentucky it is so backwaters and ignorant that I am sadly not surprised to read this.

  • awaiken

    It’s way easier to debate that Jesus was a liberal than a conservative. So absurd. Away with all this fucking religion. It gets in the way of so much progress.

  • Jason Kenney

    This is news? The far right is trying to tell the rest of us how to live our lives? Seriously? This is comical!

  • David Starkey

    Jesus accepted EVERYONE & never rejected ANYONE! He didn’t like the hypocrisy of organized religion of his day, gave the most to those who had the least & DIDN’T CHARGE FOR HEALTH CARE.
    NOW which party do you think he’d vote for?

  • Nick Knightsoftheround Miller

    I’m also told that you can’t get to heaven in roller-skates. Allegedly, you’ll roll right past the pearly gates.

  • Lisa Bellos

    Um…It says in the article she wrote a comment a student said. I think this is much ado about nothing. Aren’t students allowed to discuss controversial things? Unless theres more to this this doesn’t mean crap.

  • Bigdog327

    You can’t go to Heaven, if you don’t believe there is one! I know where I’m going! It’s not Heaven, or Hell, or that other place in the middle! What a stupid thing to say, especially to kids how mucked up is that?

  • Steve Omand

    I have heard the republicans attribute the Obama win partially to hurricane Sandy. Let’s see, a storm is an “act of God”. So does this mean that God is a Democrat? :)

  • Anita Daniels

    Oh sweet Jesus.

  • Paul Zink

    “Forget it Jake; it’s Kentucky.”