Conservative economist, “We need to raise taxes.” Fox Host, “You’re a Communist.”

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News interviewed Conservative economist Ben Stein yesterday, and when the host didn’t get the answer he wanted, he deemed Stein as a “Communist.”

Congress right now can pass a law which would prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of anyone’s income, but Republicans are obstructing anything that doesn’t protect the wealthiest, so it’s rather telling when one of their own asks a Fox News host, why he would care if taxes went up on the rich. Gutfeld responds that he lives in a basement apartment, obviously inferring that tax cuts for the wealthy would not effect him, but after a two second Google search, it appears that the Fox host is worth $2 million net. That must be one sweet basement flat!


The hosts on Fox News, all millionaires, are the ones perpetuating the myth that tax cuts for higher earners will somehow magically help the economy.

Big thanks to Media Matters. 

  • Larry Riedinger

    Flabba Bloba Blibbidy. That’s all I hear from Fox Fantasies on Parade. No matter what Rupert Murdock – foreign owner/dictator of Faux Nooz – has his minions blather; “flabba bloba blibbidy” is all they really say.

    Sad indictment of our educational system is that so many of those who Fox says “think for themselves” – actually believe “flabba bloba blibbidy” is an intelligable common sense statement!

    • yvette

      larry well said. this country needs to go back to equal time news framework, and any so called entertainment “news” should either be forced to share equal time for their viewpoints with an opposing viewpoint, or be forced to say after each commercial break ” remember we are an entertain ment channel, NOT actual news”

  • Educated Voter

    Greg Gutfield is a babbling idiot who has no place dealing with NEWS.

    • Bill O’Reilly

      What are you saying? The man is pure genius.

      • A Comedian

        I laughed for hours.

        • Sean Hannity

          You hate America; you love the terrorists.

          • Steve from Nebraska

            You’re a great American, Sean.

          • yvette

            in a pigs eye he is. he is a bloviating propagandist.

          • Bill O’Reilly

            You can’t explain that!

          • Arsenio Hall

            We be havin’ a ball! WOOF WOOF WOOF!

          • yvette

            arsenio, you can come up with something relevantly hilarious, i am sure. better than woof. lol

          • yvette

            ben stein knows economics. back in the day when eisenhower had to pay down an astronomical deficit, taxes for the top were 80%. you all should remember some history lessons you had as a child.

          • yvette

            the only terrorists here in the usa are the GOP and tea party, with their propagandizing radio pundits. goebels would be proud of hannity, and oreilly, and retch limpballs. i find all of you hideously grotesquely out of touch with the reality of life in the usa for the people who actually have to crack a sweat when they work

          • Robert Pruitt

            And the only retards here in the USA are all you idiots who think there is actually any real difference between Dems and Pubs. Seriously what has Obama done so far exactly? Spent a shit ton of money that did no good. Bailed out the super rich for their intentional screw ups while ignoring the poor who lost their houses because of the super rich. Oh yeah and help pass new laws etc that restrict our freedoms even more while making it easier for the cops to spy on us without our knowledge or a warrant. He didn’t even need to give cash to the ones losing their homes. All he had to do was mandate that if they took the money then they could not foreclose on anyone for say 5-10 years. But his sorry ass catering to the rich couldn’t even help the poor that elected him that tiny little bit.

            Any of this sounding familiar????

            Pubs and Dems opposite sides of the same coin.

          • pharmer9

            Finally, someone else gets it. The elites pit the public against each other, the Dems did this or Repubs did that. Dems and Pubs all in the same club.
            Wow, Obama is giving $20,000 of his salary back. What about his money in the Caymans? He never talks about how much he has there. Too bad he can’t cut back on the $100 million a year he spends on vacations. Or why doesn’t give the $20k to fund opening the WH? Because just another political game.

          • J

            Hannity, you are a major part of what’s wrong with America. You take your marching orders from an Australian crook, you resort to the “c” and “t” words when someone dare suggest rich people pay their fair share of taxes, and you refuse to accept that the reason Romney lost is because he is a hypocrite asshole like you. You’re an idiot, the country and the world at large sees through your nonsense, and it scares the crap out of you that your brand of hate is grossly out of touch with anyone except the small amount of lunatics you pander to.

          • Alek Bentley

            What the f#?* are you talking about? How does that make sense? That because someone wants to raise taxes on the wealthy they hate America, and therefore they support terrorists? Wasn’t this an economic discussion and not a foreign policy or national security one? How juvenile are you? You Republicans paint the world black and white so much that it’s quite frightening. Are you implying that with the extra revenue from taxes we want that that money to go towards funding of terrorist organizations? You’re such an evil idiot.

          • Alek Bentley

            Did I really just write to Sean Hannity or did someone pretend to be him?

          • Robert Pruitt

            It really makes no sense and makes the people doing this look stupid as hell to the normal among us. Why is it that it’s 99% Dems that like to compare the fringe Pubs to the middle of the road Dems. That’s complete idiocy at its finest. Every party has its retards that shouldn’t be let out in public. But thinking that Dems are so great when you compare them to the extreme of other parties make you feel better about yourself? Dems suck ass just like the Pubs do, Read my previous post.

          • pharmer9

            @alec, another simpleton. The country is not about Democrats and Republicans as some wish. It is about politicians and policies. As Obama said, who got us into this mess? The politicians did.

          • Bigdog327

            Ha, ha, ha! I think you are spot on!

        • Bigdog327

          Still lauging!

      • Bigdog327

        Comedy at it’s best!

    • Dems for Progress


    • Nick Morlock

      Says the babbling idiot who doesn’t know when a joke is told. It doesn’t help that this clip was conveniently edited to make it look like it wasn’t a joke. Watch the whole clip the next time you make yourself look like a fool.

      • Didi

        The communist joke was the least idiotic part of the interview. No one cares about that, The idiotic part was everything else he said before the “communist” comment.

        • Nick Morlock

          I’m sure.. Oh, wait…. except for the fact that this is what the article is based on.

      • Obama


        That’s was the point flying over your head.

        • Nick Morlock

          Apparently yours as well.

      • SKC

        The communist joke portion is exactly the talking point Fox and propagandists have been pushing for years. So yes, it was made to sound like a joke to the sympathizers but only the indoctrinated would think it was merrily zest.

    • John

      This is the same man who insulted the Canadian soldiers who died.

    • Darth Famine

      wouldn’t that be why he is on Fakex news?
      you know
      We Distort and Deride!

      • yvette

        darth you are right. fascism at its best. disguised as a news station? heck. i remember seeing pravda as a kid in european iron curtain country. watching hoax news is like watching communist pravda news. its that distorted. the gop has turned into a fungus eating itself… and should study how it has failed the people. not go running around pointing fingers and blaming people … its out of touch with reality. and hoax news is one of the primary causes of the disinformation propaganda. along with clear channel. i think its time for equal time FCC rules to be reapplied, and to break up the corporate hold on our news sources. too much soviet communist style grip on the information that goes out to “the people”

  • Another Obama loveing Mom

    When I need a good laugh I turn it onto Fox news. TV ended up on Fox News last night after watching Al Sharpton (xoxo Al) so I could have some amusement while cooking dinner. They didn’t fail to deliver last night with Greg filling in for Bill. I cracked up so bad hearing him defend his little paycheck. Wonder if he was hoping to “win” some more money from Ben after being “robbed” of his riches by the Democrats. Happy to see this sillyness made it to at least one site. What a joke, thanks for sharing with those who don’t have the stomach or emotional will to turn it on Fox. I don’t get mad at Fox for their silly news, I keep it as ammo for when I’m debating with those who think Obama won by offering gifts. Good think there is only one channel to keep up with to hear the other sides opinion.

  • Douglas Cave

    Gutfeld is a mouthbreather.

    • J

      I fucking hate mouth breathers.

      • That guy

        They make me sad.

  • henry clarke

    Greg gutfeld is a buffoon, but come on the communist bit at the end was a joke obviously.

    • dan g

      Not to their primary demographics. Seriously, they have no idea what communism or fascism are.

      • Geoff A

        Not to mention where the “REPUBLIC” in republican even comes from.

  • Econ Student

    Ok, I’m not going to go into detail explaining why Mr. Stein is right TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, but here is the whole problem with people understanding this taxation issue: Citizens need to be taxed; some are taxed more than others. Is it fair to tax one group of people while shying away from others? I doubt so. The real problem is that people believe that taxing the rich will support our economy, but what happens when they get fed up with paying such high amounts? They tax dodge, they do tax sheltering in other nations, they hide their true income. Is that surprising? NO. Of course it’s not ethical to do all of this tax dodging, but why would the wealthy want to get taxed more for putting in more or equal effort. The funniest thing is that the rich are the ones who pay the highest percentage of income in terms of taxes(over 30% of their income). Over 20% of US citizens actually get paid by the government instead of paying taxes while some pay exorbitant amounts (asking whether they deserve it or not is questionable). But what this whole thing comes down to is that when individuals get taxed more and more, they feel more compelled to move their money to other places where it will not get touched. Now if some of you do not believe me, economics and mathematics has proven this so through the Laffer curve. It proves that the higher amount you tax individuals (specifically the rich for this situation), the less revenue the government will incur. Still dont believe me? watch this:

    I believe it is a three part explanation, and if you can get through the dryness, I applaud you for at least trying to understand.

    Oh by the way, what was mentioned about how the rich have been getting lower taxes since WWII is true, but the tax percentage on their income was over 75%! Now don’t tell me you would not be interested in investing your money somewhere else…

    • Brad Conklin

      It is fair for those with higher incomes to pay a higher amount than those with lower incomes. Money is continuously being concentrated towards the richest in the country. How long do you think that can last before having some serious consequences?

      • Jason

        i think you mean opposite of fair



      I can tell, you have NO idea

    • yvette

      the fact is when the taxes are high on the wealthy so called “job creators” they use the loopholes and tax write offs available to them by reinvesting in their factories and other infrastructure. they still dont pay anywhere near the actual taxed amount o nthe IRS sheet, they pay next to nothing. but the reinvesting in factories and creating more jobs is certainly far more beneficial than just allowing these people to take so much cash out of our economic circulation system, and if the dough isint in the USA banks, and offshore it just sits there. and so i suggest that IF their dough wasnt all hidden offshore and was in OUR banks, our economy wouldnt be in such a state that it is.

  • Edward Anderson

    Uhhh, satire and sarcasm are completely lost on you…but then, I bet you get the smarmy crap that spew on MSNBC..The basement comment was clearly a joke, if not clear to you then at least BEN got it, and the “Communist” comment was in line with Gutfeld’s humor as well. Instead of warning us all about the sky falling, hows about NOT twisting the facts and simply tell what happened…otherwise to do what YOU just did…puts you in the same category as Fox News, MSNBC and too many other sources that CLAIM to tell “the facts” when they in fact cannot refrain from coloring and editorializing…

    • Nick Morlock

      Thank you. I’m glad someone can see the obvious here.

    • StillNotRetarded

      I seriously cannot comprehend how someone can write a serious paragraph in intelligible English after watching that entire video, and then still believe somehow that the point of this article was the “Communist” joke. Watch again, and then try to explain to me how we’re going to get rid of America’s deficit just by cutting spending. I would seriously love to hear your solution.

  • jurassicpork

    “Buehler? Buehler???”

  • Nick Morlock

    This is pathetic. The whole premise of this article is based on a lie. Nice job with the editing to make it look like Greg Gutfeld was serious. If you actually watched the full clip, you would see that HE WAS CLEARLY JOKING and Ben Stein laughed with him after the comment was made. If you knew anything about Gutfeld, you would know that he never does a completely serious interview and he jokes around all the time. Media Matters has hit a new low and the loser who wrote this article and left his/her real name out of the article should be ashamed of his/her intellectual dishonesty.

    • Jim Nosrati

      Hey, do us a favor and stop talking. No one cares about the terrible joke.

      People are laughing because he doesn’t understand basic economics… or math. If you cut all of the spending most people would say is not needed, you are still sitting with a massive deficit. So when he says “I disagree” to simple math, that is why people are calling him an idiot. The only way to cut spending to eliminate a deficit without raising taxes, would be to let’s say cut the defense spending in half, cut education spending in half, get rid of social security, medicare and medicaid, and eliminate most social safety nets. Just go away, you’re a dolt.

      • Nick Morlock

        “No one cares about the terrible joke.”

        That’s why it’t the headline right? Because they always put the least important part of the story in the headline… right? Oh wait… you fools just have your hand caught in the cookie jar and now you’re trying to over it up. Move along.

        • cjm69

          The “joke” (aka insult) is in the headline because it illustrates the way today’s right wing is eating its own, and viscerally rejecting anything that looks like serious, responsible policymaking. The rest of the content of Gutfeld’s interview simply demonstrates the kind of narrow-minded, short-sighted thinking that underlies that behavior.

          • Nick Morlock

            That’s quite a stretch to justify a misquote.

    • DrFox

      If you watch/believe Fox News, you can’t call anyone out on misleading editing. Remember the hullabaloo about President Obama “claiming” people don’t “build things for themselves”? Yea….. enough said.

      • Nick Morlock

        I watch all of the news networks and the rest are just as bad. This one is particularly egregious. Don’t fool yourself into believing that Fox is the only network that spins things for their own gain.

        • yvette

          i agree nick. we need to go back to the old format of who gets to own a news outlet. four or five major corporations own all the news outlets? might as well be living inOLD communist russia and soviet Pravda news is all we get.

    • NotRetarded

      Do you seriously think that the main point of this article was the tiny “communist” joke at the end? The point was the fact that a conservative economist was explaining to him in very clear, logical terms why taxes simply need to go up on the wealthiest people in this country, and he refused to acknowledge that without any reasoning behind it. Or wait, does “I’m just cynical of taxes” count as a logical rebuttal?

      • Nick Morlock

        “Do you seriously think that the main point of this article was the tiny ‘communist’ joke at the end?”

        So are you trying to tell me that people just choose random titles? Or are you just trying to change the subject to hide the irrefutable fact that this is a misleading article and only fools would just take it as fact?

        • Carter

          Stop being so silly. Everybody who writes anything, anywhere chooses a title to draw readership. The title was chosen to draw readers. It works.

          • Nick Morlock

            There’s a difference between a provocative title and a dishonest and misleading title. This is the latter. They even cut the clip to make it look like Gutfeld was serious and left out the part where they both had big smiles on their face and laughed about it.

    • cjm69

      Watched the full 4+ minutes of it on Media Matters. Stein was clearly trying to have a serious conversation. If Gutfeld, the interviewer, was on the one hand trying to argue with Stein’s serious points, but on the other hand making rude quips and trying to blow them off as “joking,” then that’s not what you call honest discourse. It’s playing by two sets of rules at once. “Don’t look at that hand, look at the other hand!”

  • regeya

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. A FOX News talking head called Ben Stein a Communist.


    You know what, screw it, I’m not going to try to make sense of it.

    • Nick Morlock

      Like a typical liberal. If you actually tried to make sense out of this, you would know that it was a joke. But keep living in your fantasy land.

      • beseriousplease

        The only ‘jokes’ on this page are yourself and the Fox network. It was a serious interview and those were Stein’s real beliefs.

        • Nick Morlock

          Yeah, I’m the joke when it’s you people who are far too eager to just believe whatever is put in front of you if it makes the opposition look bad. Indeed.

      • StiiiillNotRetarded

        The “communist” bit was a joke. The rest of the interview wasn’t. Is it not true that he completely disagreed with all of Stein’s sentiments without a single logical reason for it?

        • Nick Morlock

          A lot of the interview actually was a joke. The point is that this writer and media matters decided to spin it to make it look like something it wasn’t.

          • Preston Bernard McManners

            so, whats your point then? so what if the author of the article gave it a spin, isn’t that what all mainstream media does? parts of the interview were obviously jokes, however your skirting the main issue by not even addressing it. People need to know that all of our news lies to us in a certain way, and that it can’t be avoided because people are always gonna have differing opinions. Whining about how this random internet article writer used a common journalism technique for attracting readers is completely a waste of time.
            Instead of bashing the news, do something useful and think for yourself, find out whats really going on, and tell everyone you can the truth.

      • cjm69

        The thing about jokes? They usually work best when they contain something called “humor.” A conversation-ending cheap-shot insult doesn’t really qualify (nor does anything else Gutfeld said here).

        • Nick Morlock

          Whether you think it’s funny or not is irrelevant. Ben Stein thought it was pretty funny.

  • Potato

    People who believe in whatever Fox News reports are idiots..

    • Nick Morlock

      People who can’t see that this was a joke are idiots.

      • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

        Yeah, it was a joke. Fox is still terrible.

        • Nick Morlock

          What’s your point? Liberals are still dishonest liars.

          • Gert S

            I don’t think you actually know what a liberal is Nick. I bet you are fun at parties though… you’re likely the joke.

          • Nick Morlock

            I can guarantee the writer of this article is a liberal, and it’s pretty obvious that he/she is a liar.

          • drrichardpaul

            Nick, can you prove either of those things?

          • Guest

            Says the moron who supported a presidential candidate who lied right to your face to pander to you. Here’s the simple truth…the GOP is send us assholes to vote on, and only assholes like you like them.

          • Nick Morlock

            Sorry to break it to you but I didn’t vote for Romney. Also, do you really think that Obama didn’t lie and pander right to your face? Are you really that ignorant?

          • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

            Ha, a Faux News supporter calling someone else a liar. Pot, meet kettle.

          • Nick Morlock

            Not a Fox supporter, I’m a supporter of the truth and this article clearly distorts it. How about all you people point your fake outrage where it belongs, hypocrites.

          • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

            Again, you’re missing the point. I’m not outraged, fake or otherwise, I’m simply stating my opinion. My opinion is that Fox News is terrible. The word hypocrite doesn’t apply, as I haven’t made any claims about myself.

          • Nick Morlock

            I didn’t single you out. That was on purpose. This is the reason why everyone hate’s Fox, even when they didn’t do anything wrong other than state a differing opinion on an OPINION show it is blown out of context like this story, and then when they are called out for it, they bash on Fox some more without taking any responsibility for the dishonesty on their side and conveniently forget that liberal news outlets are just as bad, if not worse. But it’s ok because it doesn’t hurt you guys, right?

          • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

            Therein lies the problem: opinions are not the same thing as news. If the channel was called “Fox Opinions” they would have free reign to go on about anything they could possibly dream up. But the word “news” implies that the information being delivered is factual.

          • drrichardpaul

            Nick, can you please provide factual information about “Liberal News Outlets” being just as bad as Fox News? If not, then please move on.

          • drrichardpaul

            Nick, in your ever so wise opinion, where should that be?

          • drrichardpaul

            Nick, can you prove that I am a dishonest liar? You made the statement, implying that all Liberals are dishonest and liars, I would love to see how you make that comparison, especially since you don’t know me.

  • 123

    What the hell is wrong with some capitalists? They are so selfish and greedy.
    Gutfeld: our economy is going to hell and one thing we need is more taxes to fix it
    Fox Host: What? give away my precious money to help my country?

    I thought most american held it high to be patriotic and fight for your country. Well, pay some goddamn taxes then.

    • drrichardpaul

      There is a difference between Capitalism and Fiefdom.

  • Has a brain

    You just can’t use logic around these people.

  • Jack Mehoff

    we all pay taxes beyond income tax. There are taxes on everything. Ben Stein is a joke.

    • beseriousplease

      Hey dumbfuck, running a huge country requires a lot of money; more than we’ve been collecting.

      Maybe if lower class citizens weren’t totally screwed by the debt they incur just trying to live, there would be a larger population of people available to participate in the consumer economy. Better to help them out a little rather than see them end up on the streets not contributing to anything…

  • Kristen

    Greg’s net worth is 2 million dollars..he does NOT live in a basement.

    • Scott Brown

      Net worth does not = income. Get a clue.

      • Jesse Mrasek

        My net worth is roughly $20,000 (I think that I am doing pretty well actually) and I make a little over 40k a year. I do pretty well by myself. I imagine that if I had a net worth (which counts ASSETS) of 2 million then I would be doing (to borrow from the gays) FABULOUS!!

        Scott, I appreciate your sense of correctiveness, but I feel as if this is going over your head as the average american has a net worth of $77,300 as of 2010 ( You cannot tell me that this man is living the life of your average Joe. It’s just not… accurate. So to drop the pretension of friendliness and to move directly into aggressiveness please fuck right off with your absurd statement.

      • Sherlock Holmes

        ‘Get a clue’? Here’s a clue for you: Matt Lauer makes $11 million dollars a year. And you’re trying to argue that this talking head makes less than $250k/year?He’s a news anchor living in NYC. There are dentists in NYC who make 250. Do you think this guy makes less money than a dentist?

        • George Ann Males Burris

          He should

      • yvette

        scott who cares. if your net worth is two million, you sure as heck arent poor. and you arent part of the 98 percent. his poor wee brain doesnt even crack a sweat. the rest of us who work for a living crack a sweat every day. and we dont have two million anywhere. tax the bums like they want to tax us, its only fair that those who made the mess help pay it down. personally its a good thing i am not the president. i would shut down wall street until they agree to new rules and regulations.

  • oasis789

    Conservative, yes. Economist, no.

  • Shut up, Fox

    The Fox News host is an inarticulate and incompetent clown.

  • i9w

    When you realize that every man,woman,and child owns something like $45,000 of the national debt, you’ll realize how raising taxes will do nothing.

    • lumbergh99

      aaaand doing nothing will do what?

    • Preston Bernard McManners

      when your realize WHY every man, woman, and child owns so much national debt you’ll understand why raising taxes on the rich is the LEAST we could do. we should really be sending most of them to jail or better yet Guantanamo Bay.

  • DeNorte

    An undergrad degree in economics doesn’t make anyone an Economist. Stein is at least economically literate.
    But he’s no economist. The communist bit was obviously a throw-away: a joke. But Stein is right, taxes
    need to go up, and not just on the ‘rich’.

  • Some Republican Guy

    This caused me pain to watch.

  • blatherskiter

    Is this serious? Gutfeld is a comedian and Ben Stein has never been considered a conservative.

    • cjm69

      What? Ben Stein has never been considered anything *other* than a conservative. And I know zip about Gutfeld, except that if he’s interviewing someone about fiscal policy on a political commentary program on a network with “News” in its name, attempts at comedy should probably not be at the top of his agenda.

  • Scott Brown

    So you don’t know the difference between yearly income and total net worth?

    What a total moron.

  • Fred Smith

    We need a presidential executive order requiring Faux News to drop the ‘News’ part.

    • Nick Morlock

      CNN, MSNBC, The New York TImes, and every other “news” outlet would be right there with them. The problem is, you seem to confuse the opinion shows with the hard news shows. Maybe because they are one and the same in the lefty outlets.

  • Chris

    “obviously inferring that tax cuts for the wealthy would not effect him” affect, not effect.

  • Rick Finnbold

    It’s pretty counter-productive of Sean Hannity to be taking the time to insult people with differing political views here. The rabid vitriol that dominates so much of what conservative pundits say is seriously undermining public support of the Republican party and conservative views. FOX news is alienating much of its potential base by catering to partisan hate mongering (and not helping to win any elections.) You guys are the sole news provider for many, many Americans, but things wont stay that way forever unless you change with the American audience. You have made some small steps in the right direction with some of your more recent hires, but you need to couple that with the toning down of hatred and insults. If you don’t, your viewership will shrink until it no longer reflects a cross section of society, but rather a group of obsoletes clinging to a fantasy.

  • jason

    lol, what a joke. Communists have very low taxes because they don’t need high taxes. They own the productive value of businesses directly in their nations.

  • Adviser Moppet

    He lives in a basement apartment? At 2 million net worth? Unless it’s the Batcave he’s a lying S.O.B.

  • parkimedes

    LOL, “keep feeding the beast”? How much government does he want to cut instead of raising taxes on millionaires? He is an anarchist! We’d have no government left, assuming he keeps the “Defense” budget unchanged.

  • Come on now

    “Implying,” not “inferring” — he implied, you inferred. And Ben Stein’s a lawyer, ex-speechwriter and pundit, but he’s not an economist.

  • Ben Frank

    Even though Greg Gutfeld’s bit on FOX has a bit of a comedic spin that comment at the end is out of line. Hes a douche though, so none of this has any importance.

  • Thinkyhead

    Now that Ben Stein has rejected supply-side economic dogma can it be long before he realizes the folly of Intelligent Design? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Jack Reynolds

    Gutfeld meant it in jest, the O’Reilly Factor is openly an op-ed show with a conservative bent and not hard journalism intended to own up to Fox’s tagline, and though I happen to agree with Ben Stein here, he’s still an asshole.

  • asdf

    “tax cuts for the wealthy would not AFFECT him”

  • johndot

    “YOU are a communist.” is sometimes code for “I am an a**hole.”

  • darter22

    Letting Greg Gutfeld get near news is like letting a chimp play with a loaded pistol.

  • Overfiend

    No one will win Ben Stein’s money!!

  • Tim Hayes

    Wow, they are turning on their own. Implosion waiting to happen

  • Cindy Savage

    I would like to see how many jobs each Fox News talking head creates with their millions…and, no, jobs for Jose the yard guy and Maria the maid don’t count….

  • R.T. Castleberry

    Greg Gutfeld is an American television personality, political satirist, humorist, magazine editor, and blogger. In other words, a clown.

    • Guest

      A clown, unlike Maher, Colbert, and Stewart, who are what, exactly? Christopher Hayes, Olbermann, Maddow? It’s called tunnel vision.

      • Preston Bernard McManners

        Almost everyone you see on TV fulfills the role of the Fool for society at large. The Fool symbolizes creation out of chaos, knowledge through ignorance, and a general lack of the complete truth or substance. This is not an accident. What differentiates Stewart, Colbert, and Maher from those in mainstream media is that they actually acknowledge this fact.

  • Nicklas Johnson

    Maybe by “basement apartment” he means “S&M dungeon.”

  • disqus_1iBcYQY6Yw

    it was a joke. like saying Obama is not an american, there are takers and makers, women are sluts, America is finished etc etc are jokes. Another conservative “comedian” bravely hiding behind “a joke” . Keith Olbermann tells a lot of jokes too but we all know he is a political commentator with a political viewpoint and even his jokes are political commentary. This is no different. Nothing wrong with saying it with humor but you have to be a moron to think it was just a joke. Own up or remain cowards

    • Gert S

      The point of jokes is they 1.. must be funny and 2.. must be obvious satire… Every one of the points YOU made are believed by MANY a mouth breather. Usually when someone tells a MEAN joke it’s their way of saying what they really think only with an irl lol, jk man!

  • Dam Spahn

    That Fox News hack nets out at 2 million? Wow, propaganda pays. How much is his soul worth these days?

  • tabaqui

    Ben Stein was the darling of Fox News until he admitted that the rich paying more in taxes would help rather than hurt. Now they argue and doubt everything he says when before, every word was treated like a precious jewel. Hypocrisy, they name is Fox News.

    • Guest

      Is Fox hypocritical for being consistent? Is that what you’re saying?

      • tabaqui

        As far as Fox was concerned, Ben Stein was an economics god. Now he’s a ‘communist’ for stating an opinion they don’t like. Yes – they’re hypocrites. They don’t even believe their own heroes unless they’re spouting the party line.

  • yvette

    I dont get what has happened to so called patriotic right. so after we the taxpayers, the 98 percent, the 47% or however you want to call it, have this crushing debt from THEIR rich wall street bankers and gamblers, stockbrokers, real estate investers etc, have been bailed out.. suddenly they dont feel obligated to PAY IT BACK> we the people didnt cause the recession. we the people didnt start fake wars. why would anyone with a brain think that the poor can even begin to pay down the credit card debt the uber rich have run up on our government? they arent broke. they stashed the cash offshore. i think if they dont play ball its time to freeze assets and investigate every offshore account of these people. fraud is there. romney even fraudulently ran up debt on bain and then got reimbursed by the bail outs. ben stein is right. we the people voted for obama, and we know we are right. if congress doesnt play ball, the fur is going to fly. we the poor people didnt cause this THE GOVT officials in cahoots with the corporations and the deep pockets of bankers and wall street did this to our country. raise the effin taxes and shut up or we all gonna vote more of you out. and start pushing for indightlments of fraud for those who created the need for a bail out and arent paying it all back with interest.

  • Ghoulstock

    Ben Stein is SUPER conservative; he fucking made a documentary about how evolution is a “myth”; so for someone to claim he’s a communist is laughable. But why the hell else should I expect from Fox News.

  • KillerKali

    All you rich people whining about tax hikes….Well if we continue down this road, all your money will be WORTHLESS IF WE DON’T FIX THIS SHIT. WAKE UP. THAT’S STEINS POINT MORONS!

  • Tippster

    If we have “plenty of money comming in”, WHY ARE WE SO FAR IN DEBT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • King Howell

    Greg is a fool

  • R Burland Johnson

    It appears that they are destroying their own now that Obama won.

  • Roy Johnson

    Educated Voter> you are correct this man has no place dealing with NEWS…hence his job with fox…fox has nothing to do with the news…they are though, one of the best comedy networks around…..i watch when i need a really good laugh…

  • Ginger

    [ kómmy? nìzz?m ]
    classless political system: the political theory or system in which all property and wealth is owned in a classless society by all the members of that society

    Please learn the definition of these buzz words you keep floating around FOX news!

  • Kate Gallagher

    anyone spouting on fox that is an employee is an idiot

  • jmhrrrrr

    Greg Gutfield didn’t “deem” anything. He was playing to his audience, much in the way Bill Maher might do it. Ben Stein seemed too old, tired, and far too intelligent to be wasting his time with this flea. I worry about his health. Lots of progressives ARE latent communists, in various stages of denial. Not Stein. Obama, maybe.

  • jmhrrrrr

    Progressives are authoritarian liberals or clenched-fist socialists. Just across the street are the loaded-gun Marxists. They’re all neighbors. Now, please, someone tell us how conservatives are really Nazis. It wouldn’t be the internet otherwise.

  • Kenneth Williams

    Greg Gutfield is a clown.

  • Bigdog327

    “You’re a Communist.” Seriously, show me a communist in our Country! What year is it, are we reversing time now it’s 1950 all over again? LMAO

  • pharmer9

    Tax the rich? One of the most pathetic lies Obama has preached to win votes. They already pay plenty. At what point do they say we pay enough and hike it out of here? Step one is get out of Calif or New York. After that the country?
    Point is you can “tax” the rich but never make up for beaucratic waste. Corruptions, waste, govt efficiency, entitlement programs should be the first step. Fix the tax code after that. Tax the rich rhetoric is for the ignorant.