Election Day Book Read: The Republicans are screwing the middle class in 1,001 ways

As if we need more to show us how Republicans are doing their best to wipe out the middle class, I found a very comprehensive book detailing 1,001 ways they are doing it.


1,001 Ways the Republican Party is Screwing the Middle Class is a book dedicated to the hardworking people America and put out by Protecting Democracy from Republicans. I highly recommend either buying this book (if you find a place that carries it) before you vote to have something to read or go online and order a copy so you can see exactly what ways they are accomplishing the destruction of middle class America.

Whether you’re a hardcore left-winger or are still feeling the sting from the Bush Administration, 1,001 Ways the Republican Party is Screwing the Middle Class is a no-holds-barred book that lays down the truths as to why the majority is being shafted by the minority in this country. Every day it becomes harder for someone in the middle class to live comfortably. With raised taxes, a hurt economy, and jobs getting harder and harder to find, our government should be taking it easy on us. But with the pathetic tax cuts for the rich, it’s obvious that the Republicans only care for themselves. They’re consistently ignoring the hard-working people of this country that keep it running and only care to help the “power elite.” 1,001 Ways the Republican Party is Screwing the Middle Class is required reading for everyone who struggles to break even while these millionaires count their cash.

When voting today, please pause and reflect on the policies and stances Republicans have enacted and taken throughout the decades. People are sure in their thinking when they say there are way more than 1,001 ways the GOP are doing this.

This is a start. It’s all in one place, numbered and right to the point. It’s excellent, factual material to read aloud at meetings and share with friends while having coffee.

As I read this book, I became even more annoyed at the fact the middle class falls for the GOP sweet talk. Hopefully, they’ll see this and pick themselves up a copy and see the truth in what the GOP does.


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