Fox: Krauthammer urges GOPers to ‘walk away’ from fiscal cliff talks & threaten to push economy into a recession

On Fox News, Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the ‘fiscal cliff’ debate stating that the deal proposed by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was ‘insulting,’ then went on to urge Republicans to threaten to push the economy into a recession by taking a dive off the fiscal cliff.  Krauthammer is echoing Newt Gingrich and other GOP mouthpieces by declaring that they have leverage. For the record, leverage may not mean what they think it means.

Krauthammer stated that Republicans, “ought to simply walk away.” While Republicans are saying that Democrats are not giving specifics, GOP lawmakers have yet to specify how much, or how they want to cut the programs.

Krauthammer’s ‘specifics’ envelope Paul Ryan’s budget plan which is nothing new. Ryan’s plan has been slammed as being ‘cruel’. Speaking of offering nothing of substance, the Fox talker just offered a cruel budget — the same budget they keep bringing up which has been rejected  by the American people who voted for President Obama, not Romney-Ryan. Obama won the electorate and the popular vote. Obama campaigned on tax revenue. The people have spoken. And that is leverage.

Threatening to push American into a recession is not leverage, at least not for Republicans.


This is a game of chicken and the talkers at Fox News are doing it wrong. So are their GOP counterparts. What’s revealing (but typical) about the words he chose to use on Fox, is that his tactics involve throwing America under the bus in order for the GOP to prevail politically at some point in the future.

In case they haven’t heard the news, if the fiscal cliff  negotiations fail, the GOP will carry the blame. Forty-five percent surveyed in a new CNN/ORC poll said they would blame congressional Republicans if there is no agreement in the negotiations, with 34 percent blaming Obama. About those numbers: The GOP ‘built that.’

Americans have a better memory than what the GOP gives them credit for.

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